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Fireplace decor: interesting ideas (30 photos)


The established view of the fireplace as a symbol of a beautiful life makes it the subject of dreams and the goal of many. Not so long ago, he was really not available to everyone. Today, afford this attribute of security is not so difficult. The most diverse decor of the fireplace is available: for any budget and request. Consider the main types of home decoration "stove".




For everyone - his

Models for open space, home or false fireplaces are made with different materials. But in any case, it should be borne in mind that during the heating of the fireplace the walls are heated, therefore refractory components and installation are required according to all the rules. Otherwise, the furnace can not only lose its visual appeal, but also collapse.



Most often portals of fireplaces are framed with wood, brick, marble, metal, ceramic tiles, tiles, and plaster. When planning the decor of the fireplace with your own hands, it is advisable to take into account its conformity with the general style of the interior, to consider the design of the shelf in order to eliminate discrepancies in the objects placed on it.

Outdoor fireplace

Decorated with stone (natural or artificial), brick, marble, mosaic. It is advisable to make a sketch and a precise mosaic drawing. Pieces of marble or mosaic are placed on cement mortar, other materials require special glue. If you like wood more, you need to process all the fragments with a fire mixture.



Bio Fireplace

When constructing a biofireplace, safety rules must be observed, as the cast iron firebox requires a chimney. It is better to entrust the technical side of the matter to a specialist, the design is chosen independently: either according to the size of the burner.

A rock

Material number one. In addition to external attractiveness, it keeps warm well, which is important when using a fireplace as a heat source. May be natural or artificial. The first status is marble, granite, onyx, limestone, shell rock and others. The second is cheaper, but in appearance does not differ from the natural. Can imitate a brick.


First, a special casing is made (it is fastened to the fireplace with screws), and panels are glued to it. It is better to process the stain, which, when heated, does not emit toxic fumes, like varnish.


Popular material with excellent thermal conductivity, resistance to impact, wear and heat. The range is endless in color, surface (gloss or matte, embossed or smooth). The main types are as follows:

  • ceramic granite;
  • a natural stone;
  • fake diamond;
  • heat resistant terracotta.

Regular tile is not suitable, since the coefficient of thermal expansion is greater in comparison with brick. Consequently, the adhesion of the tile to the base will weaken over time and the facing layer will disappear.

Tiles and mosaics are mounted on a cement base. Excess mortar is removed no later than fifteen minutes after completion of the work, otherwise damage during scraping cannot be avoided.



Cons - exorbitant price and limited applicability due to solid weight:

  • only to created objects: it is impossible to decorate the finished oven in this way.
  • only for wood fireplace decor.

Installation is complicated, it is better to instruct the specialists.

Strict lines of a fireplace can be softened, having issued it in the same style. The first required attribute is a wood grater, a poker, tongs, a scoop, a brush. It is better to buy with one set to avoid discrepancy in brands. It is good to provide a special stand or niche. If funds allow, real forging is acquired, blacksmith art is always a reason for pride of the owners.



For electric and eco-fires in a city apartment, it is necessary to pre-fabricate a framework that is sheathed with gypsum plasterboard, primed, painted or decorated with plaster and other materials. You can use imitation thread or stucco polyurethane. This is a fireplace decor in the budget version, but the inspiration combined with the variety of colors and shades creates a real exclusive.



A more expensive, but luxurious solution - a portal with natural or any other color carving on wood.


A place for cute things, souvenirs, a collection of small plastic, decorative plates or the like. Special moods are created by special mantel clocks or framed photos.

If the fireplace is made in a classic style, the objects are arranged symmetrically; twin items are welcome. Mirrors over the fireplace are rarely appropriate, it is better to prefer the picture.

Fashionable common accessory. Can be single, in candelabra, candlesticks, decorative and classic. On a mantelpiece, small specimens in a glass flask are appropriate, larger ones directly in the firebox as an alternative to firewood. In the false fireplace open candles are never used to avoid fire.


Motto: discreet nobility. Strict portal without frills, stone or wood. Materials are only natural and expensive: granite, marble, Venetian plaster, tiles, precious woods. Nadkamynny decor is also traditional: paintings, lights. It is possible to paste over the fireplace wall with wallpaper different from the rest. Suitable for homes that have dining rooms, cabinets, smoking rooms or special fireplace rooms.



High classics

White stone carved portals with semi-columns or pilasters. They require the same design for the whole wall: gilded stucco or light-colored, original in form; well thought out light.




More relaxed version, suggesting tradition as the basis of the fireplace and the modern look of the walls or furniture. Allowed frescoes, painting, drywall niches. This style is suitable for an electric fireplace (unlike the first two).