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Clock decor in the interior - time management (22 photos)


Clock is an essential attribute of any room. They fit perfectly into a small kitchen, where sometimes there is no place for a small flower pot or a vase. And for large rooms, the clock can be one of the elements of the visual zoning of the room (to emphasize the working area) or a bright detail in the decoration of the room.



The decor of the clock allows you to update the old products, gives the new things individuality and originality.



Decoration Techniques: Techniques and Materials

Ways to decorate accessories are varied: painting, decoupage, artificial aging (craquelure). A wide choice of materials, on the one hand, helps to embody bold and unexpected ideas, and on the other hand, it causes confusion among inexperienced beginners who like manual labor. A brief overview of several techniques will help to get some insight into how to decorate a wall clock.




Crackle - a method of artificially aging things through the formation of cracks in the layers of varnish or paint. Very current direction in the decoration of watches. It happens to be one-step (through the cracked layer of paint, the shade of the base can be seen) and is carried out by applying a self-brushing compound to the plane. Or two-step (mesh of small cracks of lacquer), which looks interesting over pictures and patterns. This decor looks attractive on wooden textures.





The painting is the most fantasy technique.



Available materials (acrylic paints), a lot of patterns allow you to create a juicy and bright decor dial. An interesting experience and stylish result - dot and stained glass painting of glass dials. In work stained glass paints, contours on glass are used. After the paint dries, the pattern is necessarily fixed with varnish in several layers.

If it is difficult to immediately determine the option of decor or materials, you can watch workshops on the Internet or sign up for full-time education in an art workshop.



Interior accessories: the nuances of choice

The decor of watches today is a complete lack of boundaries in creativity. In the course are any materials: leather, knitted fabric, fabric. When selecting wall accessories, follow the rule: what is good for a classic interior is not always appropriate for high-tech style.

  • classic - elegant simplicity. If there is a desire to try new technology, then a great option to start with is to decorate the clock in the kitchen with the help of decoupage. In order not to be mistaken with the motif of the application, it would be ideal to display the ornament of tableware on the dial. Clocks from the living room can be intricately painted with dotted patterns;
  • Scandinavian interior is distinguished by the use of light pastel shades in the decoration. Bright accessories add color to the cozy brevity of the premises. A clock with a dial under a light wood accentuates the style of the room. In this case, interesting techniques of decorating will be craquelure techniques or the drawing of Scandinavian ornaments;
  • High-tech or loft styles will organically complement the watch with shiny metallic surfaces. To make the wall accessories individuality, you can use the technique of stained glass. In the patterns, it is desirable to use geometric shapes, and choose the color range of suitable shades. Silvery surfaces harmonize with white, black shades, adding red / blue elements. Golden metallic can be beaten technique craquelure with brown paint.

The clock plays a significant role in the design of the room. Therefore, when choosing a decor, not only the style of the room is taken into account, but also its overall color.



Updating accessories in the interior is a great way to quickly refresh it. The clock decor with your own hands in this case turns out to be an interesting solution to give the familiar thing a fashionable look. And most importantly, this hobby develops artistic taste, brings a touch of positive and cheerful diversity in ordinary life.