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Wine cabinet in the interior: stylish storage (22 photos)


Wine cooler is equipment for high-quality storage of wine in optimal conditions with the ability to showcase a collection of wines.



Creating the right conditions is especially important for long-term storage. Many factors can affect the taste and quality of wine, the main of them is the optimum temperature. Typically, the label indicates the temperature at which the beverage should be stored. Cooling wine can improve its taste and extend shelf life.



Wine cabinet models

There are many models of wine coolers:

  • thermoelectric and compressor cabinets;
  • dual-zone appliances and cabinets with a single cooling zone;
  • with an air circulation system inside the storage chamber;
  • built-in and separate;
  • with air cleaning system.

To choose a wine cabinet for the home, you need to take into account many factors affecting the functioning of the device at home, as well as personal preferences of the owner.



Thermoelectric and compressor cabinets

The principle of operation of a thermoelectric cabinet uses the Peltier effect. The thermoelectric phenomenon works most efficiently when cooling a small volume. In addition, these devices can not be built in, and the temperature difference between the ambient air and inside the cabinet is a maximum of 15 ° C. Advantages of a thermoelectric cabinet:

  • lower price;
  • silent work, lack of vibration;
  • simplicity, reliability of the device.



Advantages of the case working on compressor cooling:

  • high performance when cooling large volumes;
  • It is possible to build such a cabinet under the condition of cooling the compressor.

At the same time, the compressor produces noise, as well as vibration, which negatively affects the quality of the wine.

Red and white wines are stored at different temperatures, for their simultaneous content is dual-zone wine cabinet.

Modern cabinets are equipped with electronic control panel. The temperature in the lower and upper zones is regulated by various buttons on the panel. The maintained temperature in each of the zones is constantly displayed on the panel. A special button is designed to turn on the internal LED backlight.

A small dual-zone wine cabinet can be thermoelectric, a large-volume cabinet necessarily has a compressor type of cooling.

The design of the wine cabinet can be different: from the style of high-tech to vintage, trimmed with fine wood.

The smallest thermoelectric wine coolers, designed for 6 bottles, are installed on the table or tabletop. The built-in wine cabinet under the tabletop must necessarily be a compressor, up to 90 cm high, it is necessary to take into account when installing all the gaps for cooling the device.

Such cabinets are used where long-term storage of wine is not required, for example, in a bar or a shop. Wooden racks for wine bottles can reach significant sizes. Corner wine cabinet, custom made of wood, will decorate the interior of home cooking or bar.

The horizontal position of the bottle in such a cabinet ensures the optimal condition of the cork, so that the wine can be kept for some time at room temperature.