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Beds from the array: the convenience of natural forms (24 photos)


Ecology of an apartment or a residential house directly depends on the interior decoration of rooms and furniture. More precisely, not the furniture itself (chair, sofa or table), but the material from which it is made. All synthetic materials emit toxic substances to a greater or lesser extent. Modern technologies allow you to create reliable, durable, beautiful panels that imitate natural wood. They repeat the structure of different wood species, its unique pattern and natural color. However, they cannot be called completely harmless, since they include resins, formaldehydes, solvents and other chemical elements.



Useful information

Particularly relevant is the problem of safe space in the bedroom, where we spend a third of our lives.



The best is for children!

A good baby bed from an array can be with a lifting mechanism that allows you to easily change the position of the bed or the classic, antique, on four legs. It is important that it does not release harmful substances. Choose high-quality fittings and decorative items made from harmless materials. The quality and composition of children's furniture must be confirmed by certificates of conformity.



For example, a children's bed (an array) with drawers should be completely made of natural material, and not a combined construction: the walls are birch, and the drawers should be a wooden chipboard (DVP) pasted over with special textured paper. Do not trust the child's health to unscrupulous manufacturers.

The beauty of the wooden coating has been used for many centuries. Combining different breeds, the masters create an amazing mosaic in harmony of colors: walnut, chocolate, terracotta and ocher tones are ideal for each other. When buying a bed made of solid oak, pay attention to the solid structure and smoothness of the material. Oak is a hardwood. Easily tolerates the humidity of the premises and is not subject to mechanical damage, if the manufacturer did not violate the technology of drying and processing wood, making a bed of solid wood.



Continuing the conversation about the properties, we note the qualitative characteristics of beds made of solid birch. It is inferior to oak in value, but consumer properties have a little lower:

  • antifungal properties;
  • bactericidal properties;
  • reliability and durability;
  • dense and light wood with a unique pattern.

The last parameter is determined by the ratio of the volume and mass of the tree.

Pine - a great material for the manufacture of furniture, easily machinable and paintwork.



A healthy microclimate and a slight smell of pine needles in the bedroom will provide a bunk bed made of pine. Shades from yellow-beige to light golden with pinkish divorces will decorate any interior from classic to ultrafashionable antique.

This is a budget option for a nursery (for example, a bunk bed made of solid pine), a kitchen and utility rooms. It is well tolerated by moisture, because it contains a sufficient amount of fragrant resin in fibers that have water-repellent properties. Wide double and soft single beds from solid pine - such options buyers often choose for summer houses and country houses, replacing the once fashionable sofas.



Ash is another valuable, hard wood. It has excellent decorative qualities. Distinct contrast texture does not change color when varnishing and coating with oil formulations. It tolerates whitening and dyeing well: the paint is applied evenly after a single application. Ideal for decorating antique furniture, withstanding grinding and carving. The latter often adorns the backs and armrests of armchairs, sofas. Therefore, a bed made of solid ash with a lifting mechanism can please even the most demanding buyer. High, in comparison with products from birch and pine, the cost pays off a long service life, impeccable appearance.



Caring properly

A high-quality solid wood bed has good, smooth and durable wood. It can be treated with wax, varnish or water-based paint. But the wooden bed from the array of mechanical damage is not insured: children's pranks, pets, rearrangement of furniture leave traces on the furniture. Scratches, scuffs and the return of the original beauty of the sofa or bed are easily solved by using our tips.



The most important thing - any furniture made from natural materials, whether it be a single bed made of solid oak or a bunk bed made of solid pine, needs regular care.