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Ash laminate: beautiful and practical (25 photos)


Laminate - one of the most popular types of flooring. In this segment, a coating with imitation for ash is distinguished by an exquisite light scale. What kinds it is where it is used? Consider more.



Laminate for ash: description, types

Manufacturers offer laminate color ash with a large pattern in the form of clearly traced fibers. They most accurately reproduce the structure of wood for cutting. Even at close range, such decor is difficult to distinguish from a carefully laid solid wood board.

Ash is a tree with a light heart, so most brands in this segment have a similarly pronounced shade: beige, gray, bleached, yellowish. The full range includes all colors up to black.

The pure white version - snow ash - is especially aesthetic, and its structure is such that it conceals minor impurities.



Domestic manufacturers offer laminate ash mountain. His board is single sided with a brown tint.

Traditional European technologies provide for the structure of a laminate panel (lamella) of four layers:

  • The top one is melamine resin, to which some manufacturers add improvers. The layer determines the degree of wear resistance and, accordingly, the class of a particular brand of coating.
  • Decorative - specially treated paper with an applied ash wood pattern. The drawing is performed with special UV-resistant paints. Clarity is maintained with many years of intensive use of the coating.
  • The main one is a super dense HDF plate. Accumulates basic technical properties, including moisture resistance.
  • Lower - stabilization. Protects laminate ash from moisture penetration from below, balancing the state of the panels during operation. Without such load balancing, coverage would not last long.

All layers are pressed tightly, forming an aesthetic, high-strength, dense structure.

To these four required layers, some manufacturers add more heat or sound insulation. They are more than compensate for a little more than the standard thickness. Such lamella offers, for example, Norway.




Practical advantages

There are several of them both operational and decorative:

  • reliability: resilient, resistant ash delivered these properties to a material valued for its durability and strength;
  • universality: equally well is suitable for inhabited, commercial, public places; urban and country;
  • wide color range from white to black, satisfies any request and taste;
  • simple installation: the lock joint allows you to perform it with the necessary experience on your own;
  • You can use the new coating immediately, without waiting for shrinkage.

Lamellae of any kind, for example, Stockholm ash-tree, possess these qualities.




Favorite material designers

Laminated ash in the interior is considered to be neutral and versatile - it goes well with almost any other color, suitable for any style of decor in any kind of room. To its operation was optimal, it is worth considering a few more points.



In low-lit hallways, corridors, as well as a bedroom, a study, a dark scale is more appropriate. For example, Norwegian ash with a warm brown tint and exquisite texture. Bright especially advantageously looks in rooms with good lighting (artificial or natural).



The floor under the ash of Stockholm visually increases the space, and in combination with the same light walls and ceiling looks even better, making the room almost airy. This is valuable for most small apartments or offices.



Ash laminated snow is ideal for rooms with windows to the west or north. The effect of the reflection of light with such a coating is enhanced when using floor or desktop light sources. The light floor is traditionally considered to be a brand, requiring special care, but the laminate of this type, on the contrary, masks the pollution.



Laminated ash light harmoniously fit into a country cottage or house, especially wooden. Large ash areas: halls, reception rooms, meeting rooms, light ash will add sophistication. For commercial establishments with a small frequency of visits (hotel rooms, boutiques, offices), Stockholm ash is ideal.



Different load areas require laminate with the appropriate class: residential - 31 or 32, public or commercial - 33 or 34.