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Heated carpet: give the family warm for a reasonable price (20 photos)


Sometimes in order for the apartment to remain cozy and warm, many owners turn to modern technology and buy heated carpet. It can be both inexpensive, high-quality and functional. This is an economical heating for a separate part of the house or room.




Of course, everyone is familiar and pleasant feeling when you get on the warm floor, and not on a cold tile or linoleum. Now it is available at no extra cost, for example, as laying expensive floor heating or unplanned repairs. Buying a heated carpet is much more efficient and easier. Placing it on the couch, you will feel comfortable no matter how low the temperature of the place of residence.




Pros of buying a heated carpet

This product is portable, so it will be able to warm each family member with its pleasant infrared heat. You can arrange it in any part of your home. It can be a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, and even a warmed balcony, which many have begun to use as a workplace or simply for recreation. Such heating has many advantages over other types.

  • Safe to touch (maximum operating temperature +45 degrees, which does not burn the feet).
  • European quality at an affordable price.
  • Environmentally friendly for use in people and animals.
  • It does not dry the air and does not burn out oxygen from it.
  • Heats the person, and not the environment.
  • Beneficial effect on health, improving cellular activity and blood circulation.
  • Preserves the pleasant natural atmosphere of your habitat.
  • Energy savings - 200 watts, despite the impressive size.
  • Infrared radiation has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • A variety of colors, which is an additional advantage in favor of the purchase.
  • Certification and warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Comfort for you and your loved ones.
  • Easy to use.

Heated carpet can be your best purchase to date, considering all the advantages of products. From the heat of a person is always a good state of health, which is expressed in a surge of strength.



Device design

Infrared heated carpet has a built-in heater with carbon fiber, which is packed in silicone insulation. From above there is a covering from a carpet and a laminate. The edges must be processed using overlock.

The carpet is light enough, therefore, it is mobile and easy to carry. You can easily move it to different rooms, if you wish. Many manufacturers offer custom size production.




Where can I apply a heated carpet?

Such a product is necessary wherever there are significant problems with heating. These can be apartments, private houses and summer cottages. It can be used simply to dry the shoes in the hallway. In agriculture, the carpet is useful in order to provide warmth for pets, including birds and chickens. This heat protects against increased mortality and accelerates growth. It can also be used near terrariums, aquariums, dog kennels and other things. If you wish, sit on it horizontally and heat the whole body locally.



In addition, it is often used in the following areas:

  • retail space;
  • offices;
  • massage parlors;
  • children's organizations;
  • physiotherapy rooms.



For example, you spend a lot of time at your home computer, which replaced your work. In cold seasons, you have to invent different ways to heat your legs. After all, as you know, if the feet are warm, then it is good for the whole body as well. Previously, warm terry socks, slippers, blankets, electric heaters, etc. were used for this. With the help of heated carpet, the task is simplified, because now the space will not be cluttered with unnecessary fixtures. A rug on the floor takes up very little space and will give you comfort within a few minutes after switching on. It can be put near the bed, and near the chair, in general, wherever you may need extra warmth.



There are also housewives who use such a device in the kitchen for drying vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals and other things. Many features for one price. The only condition for his work - the ability to connect to a common power supply. Well and, accordingly, avoid getting plenty of water on this appliance.