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LED night light - the magic in the house (20 photos)


The LED night light is an original luminaire that is distinguished by its low cost if done with your own hands. Today the market has a large selection of both children's and adult lamps. All of them are suitable for placement in residential, non-residential premises and even on the streets.



LED night light is a lamp that works on LEDs. A LED is a special device that converts electrical current into light. The more current passes through it, the brighter it shines. LEDs began to be used in the late 80s. Currently, LEDs are widely distributed in the advertising business, in show programs, in design, in the automotive industry.

Until today, there are disputes about the harmfulness of LEDs. Some scientists believe that they negatively affect the human psyche, as they are a relatively new and unusual phenomenon for people. They also claim that white LED light damages the vision. However, this applies to low-quality LED lamps and nightlights. To date, the harm of LEDs is not proven, and some experts who conducted the tests, argue that only a low-quality product can harm. Yes, and he will not serve for long.

It should be noted that LED lamps can be placed in any room. At the workplace, at home, in the country, on the street, in large non-residential premises. They can not only bring a lot of light into the room or office, but also decorate them. For this purpose, LED lamps are better suited.



Their advantages are as follows: they are produced in various forms, with different colors and in various configurations. In addition, they do not dry the air and consume little electricity. When choosing such lamps should pay attention to the technical characteristics of the lamps. Also it is worth considering that cheap LED lamps can quickly fail.

LED night light has a number of advantages. Its first advantage is that LEDs use little energy, unlike a fluorescent lamp and an incandescent lamp. They can also give a different color, not just white. Another advantage: for the nightlights have developed a whole LED strip, there are several LEDs on it. LED lamp is divided into two types:

  • Those that connect to the network.
  • Standalone battery powered models.

Also, they are usually divided into a children's lamp, night lamps for adults, a night lamp with a motion sensor. Classification by model also occurs.

Before you buy a LED lamp you should consider some points. Quality is determined by brand. In addition to brands, there is a considerable number of models of these types of night lights. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of a night lamp with a motion sensor. Before buying, you need to decide on the type of light source, degree of protection, instrument power. You also need to consider the number of emitters and additional features.

How to make a LED night light do it yourself?

Most people think that it’s impossible to make a LED night light with their own hands. This statement is erroneous. Moreover, it will take a little time and simple materials to make such a lamp.



You must purchase the following:

  • diodes;
  • resistor;
  • non-working fumigator;
  • 2 pieces capacitors;
  • You will also need two superbright white LEDs.

Now you can begin to build.



LED nightlights are not only beautiful, but also economical. Such lamps are mostly mobile, they consume little energy, serve for a long time and reliably. Night lights are inexpensive, moreover, they can be made personally.