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How to choose curtains for the bedroom: fixtures, materials, colors and styles (25 photos)


When the repair is finished (or when you want to refresh the old interior) it is time to select accessories. You can put a carpet on the floor, hang an intricate chandelier on the ceiling. And you can decorate the window with curtains that can perform several functions at once:

  • Blackout. Dense curtains easily cope with the sunlight and, being drawn, easily leave a pleasant dusk in the room.
  • Soundproofing. Of course, it will not be absolute, but blackout curtains for the bedroom will be able to muffle the sound and make it almost invisible.
  • Dust filtration. If the windows overlook the road, this is important, although the fabric will have to be washed more often in this case.
  • Design. Making the curtains in the bedroom is an important aspect that allows you to add new notes to the interior, make it cozier or warmer, complete or shade the rest of the design.

In addition to curtains, you can also hang blinds, but among professional designers this is considered bad form. Only high-tech style allows you to fit them organically. In other cases, modern curtains for the bedroom - the best solution.



Criteria for choosing curtains for the bedroom

The design of curtains for the bedroom is the most diverse, because you need to select them wisely so that they fit well into the interior. Has the meaning:

  • color - it should be in harmony with the main tones of the interior;
  • mounts - they should be easy to use and look advantageous;
  • material - it must be sufficiently dense and convenient to use;
  • design - there are different styles of curtains for the bedroom, and they must fit the basic style.

In addition, there are basic rules of combination, you need to know how to hang the curtains, whether to use tulle.

Types of curtains for the bedroom are very numerous. There are certain styles, each of which has its own name and its scope of application.

Classic curtains

The simplest way to use them in the bedroom is the simplicity and variability of the design allows the most daring experiments. Such curtains consist of dense curtains, light tulle and pelmet (an additional layer of fabric that covers the upper part of the curtains and performs decorative functions). Can easily open and close, be contrast or monophonic. With their help it is easy to hide any shortcomings of the window. If you want curtains with lambrequin in the bedroom, the classic will be a great solution.

Asking the question "how to pick up the curtains in the bedroom?", You need to remember that it depends on the material what the curtains will look like in the end.

Dense fabrics do not let in light and create better sound insulation, but you can hope not for lush, light folds. Lightweight fabrics, on the contrary, can be arranged very picturesquely, but they will be worse protected from the sun and noise.



For the manufacture of curtains (Roman curtains in the bedroom is the curtains for the bedroom, the Provence is not so important) are usually used:


The most ancient and very practical material. It is easy to wash off, well suppresses the sun's rays, does not cause allergies, will go well in order to make beautiful curtains in the bedroom, especially if they are classic.


Does not fade in the sun, does not set during washing and is easy to clean.


Very light, elegant material from which you can form beautiful folds, but which at the same time easily misses the sun's rays and fade with time. The idea of ​​hanging it in a room on the sunny side is doomed to failure.


It always keeps its original brightness - even white curtains from it will last a very long time without changing the color.


It has similar properties to flax, but is also more resistant to fire. Good for making roman blinds in the bedroom.


Heavy fabric, which will look great in combination with the classic style, but which is hard to wash and on which dust easily accumulates.

The choice of fabric is always the main problem is to find a middle ground between the quality of appearance and the complexity of care.

Asking the question "how to choose the curtains in the bedroom?", It should be remembered that it is not only the style and material that are important. It is also important what they will be mounted on: eyelets or rings, loops or accordion. From this depends on ease of use and appearance. There are many options:

  • On ties. This option is well suited for the bedroom of a teenager, where the curtains are made of light tulle fabric and which make a nice touch of playfulness and light. Their design is simple: cords or ribbons are tied through special holes in the fabric, which are tied at the eaves in a knot or bow. The result is frivolous and fun especially with the appropriate design.
  • On the loops. Akin to the previous version, only here the loops are ready, they do not need to be tied. They can be "closed", that is, tightly stitched, can be "open", that is, on the clasps. Allow you to easily remove the curtains from the eaves, pushing them apart and pushing them with a soft rustle.
  • Eyelets. In this case, special metal or wooden rings are sewn into the curtains. If necessary, it is easy to make it so that it is unnoticeable that the curtain rests on the grommets. Or if the design allows, you can select them separately as an interesting accessory.
  • On the wings. In this case, in the upper part of the curtains there is a special pocket through which the eaves are passed. There are no annoying metallic sounds - this construction compares favorably with noiselessness on the grommet.
  • On tape. A lace is sewn into the upper part of the curtains, pulling which you can collect the fabric into even frequent folds. The result looks magnificent, what you will not get from the curtains on the grommet.
  • On the rings. In this case, in the upper part of the curtains, special small holes are made, through which the rings are passed - metal or wooden, through which the cornice is passed.

The choice of attachment is important - it should focus on your own ideas about the permissible noise level and how the folds should be formed. With the help of proper fastening, any curtain can be turned into a work of art.



Variety of colors and shades

The basic rule by which you should choose the color of curtains for the bedroom - it must be in harmony with the color of the rest of the interior. So in a room made in dark colors of cold shades light curtains of warm shades will be absolutely inappropriate, as well as dark curtains of cold shades will not fit the warm light interior.

White curtains in the interior of the bedroom are only relevant if they are double curtains for the bedroom and they combine white with a different color. Despite the fact that it visually expands the space, by itself it is boring and in most cases associated with hospitals.

Pink curtains will fit perfectly into the bedroom, especially if it is the bedroom of a romantically-minded young woman or little girl. The main thing that the shade of pink was not flashy. Best suited soft pastel colors, creating a feeling of comfort.

Green curtains in the bedroom are also quite suitable - being closed, they will create a pleasant twilight, reminiscent of the forest often. The main thing - the shade should not be unpleasant, swamp shade, for example.



Turquoise curtains in the bedroom can look very good, especially if you choose not the most flashy shade, or if everything in the room reminds of the sea. They will be especially beautiful if you draw them in, creating a blue mysterious twilight. The main thing is to choose not the darkest shades, so as not to create a feeling of gloominess.

Lilac curtains in the bedroom are close to pink. Lilac shade may be perfect for a girl.



Purple curtains in the bedroom can be dark and unpleasant, but if the shade is matched well can be very pleasant and soothing.

Black curtains are rarely used in the interior. Using them, it is very easy to get the feeling of a crypt and instead of a cozy twilight gray darkness. However, the situation changes if black curtains are used in combination curtains.

Black color is perfect for contrast, it combines well with almost any color. In certain styles, even black and white curtains for the bedroom will look appropriate and beautiful.

Gray curtains in the interior can create a feeling of dust and stuffiness, but they can also perfectly complement the interior made in restrained colors.




Combined curtains or plain, curtains in the bedroom with a balcony or curtains in a small room - everywhere they can be an excellent accessory that will distract from the shortcomings, attract advantages and create the right impression.

The main thing is before you finally decide on the choice of curtains, make a small sketch and see on it whether the curtains for the bedroom (with or without a balcony, are large or not) fit in general. Only accuracy, good taste and planning will help to create a whole impression of the bedroom.