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Crafts made from pasta and cereals: available and extraordinary (21 photos)


Those who see unlimited means for creativity in any thing, as well as those who do not know what a fascinating activity to come up with a child, should try to make crafts from cereals and pasta. You will see for yourself how banal and accessible materials can turn into real masterpieces of applied art. Your collection will be replenished with a textured panel or picture, an exclusive statuette and even a "precious" box. You can make any thing out of pasta, the main thing is a little diligence and fantasy.

Of course, the main material is pasta and cereals. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of pasta of various shapes and sizes. Asterisks, leaflets, spirals, shells, hearts and bows seem to be created for the manufacture of various handicrafts. Quality and price are absolutely irrelevant. With the assortment of cereals there will be no problems either - on the shelves of any grocery store you can find buckwheat, rice, peas, wheat and barley porridge. The more types of cereals are used, the more finished and textured the texture will be.

Pasta for crafts - the material is simple and versatile. They are easily glued to each other and to any surface, good for dyeing and long stored.

For the manufacture of hand-made pasta, except for the base material, you will need: glue, brushes, a base (if you plan to make a picture), paints (spray or acrylic) and other elements for decoration. Virtually all of the above items are in every home, so the manufacturing process will not be too financially costly.



Creativity with children

Co-creation very much brings together an adult and a child. Crafts made from pasta for children - this process is so exciting and fun that they charge their positive all around. If you do not have time to fully participate in the process, then you can help and advise. Choose a technically simple product for your child. He may be near in the kitchen, and you will only occasionally monitor the correctness of actions.

It is incredibly fascinating to make crafts from pasta, because it is a storehouse of the most incredible ideas and solutions. From this material small statuettes, whole pictures and themed home decor are perfectly obtained.

The original and beautiful decoration in the form of small angels for the New Year's beauty is made quite simply. For this you need:

  • pasta in the form of a large tube, wheel, bow, horns, small stars and tubular pasta;
  • small wooden ball (for the head);
  • glue gun;
  • a paint of the corresponding color (the combination of gold and silver is perfectly overwhelmed)

Glue the big tube with a wheel and a wooden ball. Then glue the bow, it will imitate the wings. The hands of an angel make of horns. Gently fix the small tubular pasta on the head in the form of curly hair. We decorate the collar of the angel (wheel) and the hem of the mantle with small stars.

Girls start to pay attention to beautiful things at a very early age. And how nice to make a fashionable decoration with your own hands. The usual monophonic bezel can be changed beyond recognition. Glue some pasta in the shape of leaflets or asterisks onto the rim surface. Parts must be pre-painted with spray paint. Combining large and small parts, you can make a real tiara for the princess.

Using cereals and pasta, you can create a panel and write these pictures. Simple in design, which the child can easily make, and more complex products that require imagination to create. A delicate sense of taste and certain skills.

Panels can be made on canvas for embroidery with printed pattern. Pick up pasta of the same size and fit to the picture. Paint them and let them dry. Then glue to canvas using a glue gun or white glue. Paint over missing elements with a brush and paints.

If you do not have a ready-made scheme, then you can put the picture on the canvas yourself. Children's drawings are always interesting and original. Their vivid imagination and spontaneity give an extraordinary result.



In a similar technique and made pictures of pasta and cereals. First, the elements of the future picture are drawn, and then the prepared material is laid out on them.

If you have already mastered how to make pasta out of pasta in the simplest technique, then it's time to get down to more complex products. They will occupy a worthy place in the home interior, emphasize the style of the room, the ability of the owners to select details and the skill to create masterpieces from simple things.

This decor element is very popular lately. Topiary is made from almost any material and pasta is no exception. Unusual texture and original design, accessibility and originality are the main advantages of pasta topiary.




Incredibly beautiful jewelry boxes can be made using pasta. Pick a box of the right size and decorate it with pasta and cereal. It is only necessary to carefully plan the patterns of the future product.