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Countertop tiles: stylish options for any kitchen (23 photos)


If you want to create a countertop from reliable materials that will serve you for many years, the tile will be the best solution. With it, you can create a unique design that no one else will have, because the tile worktop perfectly creates the effect of an expensive and elegant stone surface. Such surfaces were in the old luxury homes.



Characteristics of tile countertops

Usually, ceramic or stone tiles are used for facing kitchen countertops, but which option is better? For the right decision you need to know the nuances of each material.

Laying tiles on the countertop is quite simple and does not require special knowledge or skills. The reverse side of the tile is covered with a thin layer of the prepared mortar, and then the tile is applied to the surface and glued to the countertop. Everything is very simple. In addition, this tile can be used to create an apron.

It has many serious advantages. The first and most important is durability. Renovation in the kitchen is usually done infrequently and costs a lot of money, so it is important that the table top and furniture are of high quality and do not deteriorate during operation.



Also, if you have chosen a tile countertop, then you have a unique opportunity to create its own design. You can do exactly what you want, and your kitchen will be individual and special, because it is very pleasant to use what you have created on your own.

Countertops, lined with tiles, resistant to scratches and small mechanical stress. However, do not be too evasive to treat boards and other kitchen attributes. With their help, you can keep the product as long as possible in its original form.

Countertop tiles refers to an environmentally friendly material and does not emit substances harmful to your health.

Are there any drawbacks to the tile countertop?

It seems that this material is perfect in everything, and practically it is. The only drawback can be considered that the seams between the tiles is quite difficult to clean, more precisely, this process takes a considerable amount of time. In order that this question does not disturb you during operation, it is necessary to make tight joints during installation and use high-quality grout. Then the cleaning process will not cause you inconvenience. The rest is a reliable and safe option for the kitchen.

One of the most important points that you need to pay attention when laying tiles on the countertop, is the choice of tile and grout for it. When choosing a solution, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the cost and brand, but also to the distinctive characteristics. The solution must be resistant to bacteria, as well as to cleaning agents.

Naturally, when choosing a material, you should immediately pay attention to the features of its care. Since you use the kitchen constantly, it is important that cleaning the surface does not bring any difficulties and negative emotions. The kitchen countertops do not need special care and are quite unpretentious. Just daily after working in the kitchen, wipe its surface with a damp cloth. If the pollution is strong, then you can use soap, then the stain will quickly go away.

If the installation used a grout that reacts to chemicals, then you should be careful about cleaning and not apply aggressive detergents, because of them you can spoil the surface of the countertop, lined with ceramic tiles.

How many years will it serve?

For the production of ceramic tiles, recycled materials are used, for example, refractory clay, so these countertops are completely harmless to both humans and the environment. If the surface of the tile properly and gently care, it will serve you for more than one year and not even 10 years.

Glazed ceramics is a good option. She is not only beautiful, but also resistant to high temperatures and pollution. It is easy to clean and does not absorb moisture. A kitchen countertop made of ceramic tiles of this type will complement the design of your interior and will delight you with the perfect appearance. However, the material has a low cost compared to the versatility.

A mosaic worktop will look very beautiful and elegant. This tabletop will allow you to create your own individual and original design. You can mix shades and build your own patterns.



Where is tile worktop used?

Ceramic tile is an excellent and reliable material, which is why tabletops from it are used in various fields. It is ideal not only for the working surface of the kitchen, but also for the bathroom, dining table or window sill. Decorating in the bathroom and the kitchen is often done from the same tile.