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Design of a narrow bedroom: principles, tricks, tips (52 photos)


In many old-style apartments, the bedroom looks more like a closet - a narrow room stretched in length, which creates an unpleasant feeling of tightness. To completely rebuild it is beyond the power of any owner, but it is quite possible to arrange it in such a way that the minuses do not catch the eye. The main thing is to consistently and carefully design the design of a narrow bedroom, based on the time-tested recommendations.







There are recognized basic principles by which design should be selected for such rooms:

  • the abundance of furniture is contraindicated in a small bedroom, therefore one should strive for minimalism;
  • visual effects sometimes mean more than the actual state of affairs;
  • everything should be aimed at expanding the space - correctly positioned mirrors and correctly directed light will help.









Zoning secrets

Before you do the most pleasant part - the arrangement of furniture - you need to think about the overall design of a narrow bedroom in Khrushchev. The first thing to take care of is planning, which has two options:

  • If the room is very long and elongated, and the total number of rooms in the apartment is small, you can divide it into two zones. In one place the desk, computer, books and tools (or if a child dwells in the room, arrange the toys), in the other - put a bed. You can divide the zones by painting the walls and the floor in different colors, putting a screen, hanging a curtain or a wardrobe. The only disadvantage of such a decision is that a small room with a bed will be deprived of natural light.
  • If the room is just narrow or the workplace is already in the apartment, you can leave everything as it is, hiding the flaws of the room with the help of simple tricks.

If everything is clear with the first option, then in the second case, there are questions how to hide these very flaws, without losing the coveted square meters. To cope with this simple task will help you competent wall decoration, which, with the right approach, visually expand the space.




Method one

Paint the floor in a dark color, the ceiling and walls, on the contrary, paint in light. This will create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness, especially if all colors are in harmony with each other.

Second way

If the ceilings in the room are high, you can paint them, as well as the floor in a dark color, while the walls are left light. This will reduce the height somewhat visually, but will greatly expand the room as a whole. Especially if you do not take too dark and pressing shades.














Not exactly worth it:

  • use dark colors - they visually greatly reduce the space;
  • to allocate long side walls from the rest - this will make the room even narrower;
  • to paint the walls with dark colors against the light of the ceiling and the floor - this creates the effect of a well that does not look in a long narrow room;
  • to paint the ceiling in a dark color - this will make the room not only narrow, but low.

If it becomes clear that you will not be able to decorate the walls yourself, it is better to turn to the masters than to continue the attempts.




The design of a narrow bedroom really can not do without a single piece of furniture - without a bed. Everything else is optional and can be moved to other rooms, to the pantry or to the balcony.

When placing the bed should be guided by some rules.




It is necessary to put a bed by the headboard to the end wall so that on both sides there is not less than 70 cm for walkways. If the distance is smaller and the room is too narrow, you can resolve the situation in several ways:

  • You can put a bed in the middle of a long wall, but then to get to the other side of it, you will have to walk around it for a long time, besides, it will be easy to stumble over it in the dark without a habit;
  • You can put a bed in a corner, but then if it is double, you have to climb on it sequentially or by climbing each other.

If the room has very little space, you can choose a high bed and place under it a drawer for clothes. Although it is not the most convenient way, but the most economical in terms of space.

When the furniture is placed, you can do the decoration and listen to the simplest advice. So for a bedroom of 12 square meters will be useful:

  • Decorate it with mirrors. You can place one mirror on the wall above the bed, you can place it on one of the long walls, you can even hang it on the ceiling. The main thing is to avoid two major mistakes. Do not place a mirror in front of the bed. At night, the reflection can frighten you unaccustomed, and in the morning it is unpleasant to see yourself disheveled. And do not have a mirror opposite each other, otherwise you will end up with an endless mirror corridor, appropriate, perhaps, with fortune telling.
  • Decorate the bedroom with a picture. The feeling of space in the figure will visually expand the room, attract attention, distract from the general shortcomings of the room.
  • Find the right striped veil. So if the bed is at the end wall, the strips on the bedspread should be horizontal and, conversely, vertical if the bed is at the long one.
  • Find the right curtains. It is best to make them plain, light, but not tulle. If possible, the window as a whole is worth the increase.