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Empowering the bedroom: which shelves above the bed are particularly good? (27 pictures)


The shelves above the bed are an actual detail in the arrangement of the modern bedroom. The functional is a creative alternative to the bedside table: it is convenient to install a lamp, put a book or other accessories for comfortable rest and sleep. Often the design is used exclusively for decorative purposes. In this case, graceful figurines or vases, panels, paintings or family photos in a frame are placed on it.




Wall shelves in the sleeping area: stylish storage system

Particularly popular hanging options shelves. Moreover, single surfaces are widespread across the entire width of the headboard. Depending on the purpose, the shelves above the bed are installed at the level of an outstretched hand lying or at some distance from the bed surface. It is advisable to equip the structure with a limiter in the form of a strip along the outer perimeter. Particular attention is paid to fasteners.

In the design of narrow bedrooms, designers recommend installing shelves above the headboard to the full width of the wall. So visually expands the area of ​​the room, at the same time, equipped with a place to store things needed in the bedroom area.

If you decorate the space above the bed with two levels of the hanging surface, then the bottom shelf is comfortable to use for storing mobile accessories, and the top one - for a collection of souvenirs or author panels.




Hanging shelf above the bed in the bedroom can be made of wood, metal, glass and polymers. Products have the following advantages:

  • availability of offers. Prices vary depending on the material of the base and features of fastening systems;
  • exhaustive selection range. It is easy to choose a model for the interior with any stylistic concept;
  • color solutions without restrictions;
  • easy to install and remove, if necessary;
  • it is easy to independently update product design using decoupage technique, interior paint or wallpaper on a self-adhesive basis;
  • if you periodically change the composition of the decorative composition on the shelf, it also gives the effect of novelty in the interior.



To ensure the reliability of the design, be sure to conduct test activities. Download self-installed shelf books and magazines, unbreakable household items and leave in this state for a day. Next, remove the load and check the quality of work: if all the details have retained the correct position, then you can use the design for its intended purpose, without fear of unpleasant consequences.



Niche as space for a full shelf above the headboard

If there is a niche on the wall above the sleeping place, then on its basis it is easy to build a shelf. Decorate the groove on the wall surface with wall mural or painting, use color lighting. If the design features allow, install a multi-tier shelf in the niche, it’s better to leave the lower cavity open and equip the upper tiers with sliding doors.



The advantages of shelves in a niche above the bed:

  • comfort of operation: there is no risk of hitting your head when you carelessly climb out of bed;
  • even heavy objects can be placed on the surface of the niche, which is not recommended in the case of hanging shelves.




You can construct a niche of rectangular shape or square, round, oval, or give it a different geometry. In the process of work, the lighting of the original niche, the shelf above the bed, is also performed. It is noteworthy that on such a surface it is convenient to put a vase with flowers, a laptop, and a collection of exquisite figurines or memorable souvenirs.



Modular shelves in the interior of the bedroom

Such a variant of equipping the sleep zone is attractive because it is easy to assemble the design of the necessary dimensions from finished parts. Here the shelves above the bed are installed in a suspended way or in the form of a floor structure above the head of the bed. If desired, you can combine installation techniques.



If necessary, the wall space above the bedroom area is drawn from the floor to the ceiling. In such a roomy structure there is a place for decorative accents, and personal items for daily use. With the help of LED lighting, some parts of the structure are emphasized. Lamps are installed on the surface of the headboard.

Another option shelves above the bed - shelving. Due to its size, such a construction is used exclusively in a spacious bedroom. The function of the bookcase is assigned to the upper tiers, and the lower ones are used as a system for storing interior items.



Bed with shelves at the head: functional luxury

Furniture manufacturers provide an interesting assortment of beds with a shelving system at the head. According to experts, this is the best option for arranging a bedroom with compact parameters. This format of furniture includes:

  • maximum amount of storage space, including decorative and functional interior details;
  • no need to attach shelves to the wall or install bedside tables;
  • ease of selection of the desired design with the design for the style of the interior being equipped.