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Decorative fountains for gardening - country aesthetics (29 photos)


Such elements of landscape design as fountains of the summer garden, located near the house, give a special style of the territory, increase humidity and create a unique atmosphere next to the recreation area.

Closeness to nature helps to gain physical strength and tranquility. You can decorate the dacha with an artificial pond. And even better - to make a fountain in the country with their own hands, which will be the subject of your pride.





Before you build, you need to decide on the model and size, the appearance of the structure and method of supplying water. The fountain in the garden should be in harmony with the design of the site. It is desirable that it fits into the overall style, including buildings, footpaths and flower beds.




The next important step is to determine the installation area. It is advisable that the fountain at the dacha was always in sight, pleased its owners and their guests. At the same time it is practical to place it near the place for rest. A decorative fountain for the garden will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort, and the sound of flowing water will help you to relax and forget about the bustle of everyday life.



It is better to choose a place to place a fountain in the shade; under the influence of the sun, water “blooms” due to the development of microscopic algae. It is not recommended to install fountains under the trees - leaves and debris can crumble into the pond.

Designers prefer simpler forms of minimal technical complexity. For the garden plot of such parameters is enough. As a rule, a powerful and high spouting street waterfall is suitable for a large fountain complex. In the country you can also do without a pump, if you do not need a powerful water lift.

Almost all designs of garden fountains are simple in form and principle of operation. An open fountain will work by creating a pressure drop in the fluid. This will require a large container filled with water.

When using the distribution of water without a pump in a circular style, it is not enough to install a suitable nozzle; a whole list of parts is needed to create circulation. It is important to note that the device can work quite stably without human intervention. Water from the lower level supplied to the nozzle forms a continuous closed circular system. Each time it is thrown through the nozzle and is collected in the tank. After passing through the drain hole, it enters the channel. After the coarse and fine cleaning stage, the fluid is pumped back through the pump and sent to a new cycle.

The principle of operation is simple. Water that is discharged through a nozzle is collected in a tank, a thicket, or drained into a reservoir. Then it enters the funnel, where it is cleaned during movement and enters the pipeline, after which it is distributed and sprayed with the help of a pump.

Pumps can be surface and underwater. The first is used for large structures, as they can provide a strong water pressure.

Having finished installing and connecting the pump, pipes and distribution nozzles, you need to make sure that the system is working. And just by checking that everything functions correctly as planned, you can begin to decorate the pump and the bowl.

The device will work correctly with accurate and correct assembly, proper connection of the electric pump. The main impression is made not so much by the design of the structure as by the appearance of rising jets, sparkling and running streams.

If the bowl where the water will fall is made of plastic, the size of the pit should be slightly larger. It is necessary to provide a distance to trim the edges of the product to hide the material.

A well-maintained artificial pond and fountain decorate any territory. And to build this beauty is not so difficult. Of course, if you have the necessary materials, golden hands and an inquiring mind. Even an intricately beautiful fountain can be assembled in the country with your own hands without hired professionals. Personal water festival will require less cost and bring more joy.