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Kitchen retractable systems: design features (23 photos)


The kitchen is considered one of the few household spaces where it is important to ensure the organic coexistence of certain factors, which include:

  • ease of use;
  • ergonomics;
  • uniform style.

In the usual type of apartments, kitchen areas have a small area, but they also have to accommodate kitchen cabinets and household appliances.



To ensure maximum comfort in the kitchen, you must have a large number of kitchen utensils, various electronic devices and appliances. Of course, so that the room does not seem too cluttered up, the whole set of tools should be put somewhere. Of course, you can take advantage of several small wall cabinets, where the plates, mixers, saucepans and the like will be folded. However, such a system is not always convenient enough.



Device of kitchen sliding systems

The current retractable storage system allows you to use almost every millimeter of kitchen space.

Retractable systems for the kitchen make it possible to immediately hold a large number of objects in the furniture, while not creating additional space for cabinets.

The space is not cluttered, providing the owner completely free movement. This approach is simply an excellent option in order to save kitchen space.



These capacities are pulled out of the locker entirely, which does not make you strain too much in order to get the object you need. Things from such boxes cannot fall out, as they are equipped with special elements of fasteners, designed for any mass. The box is able to hold almost any number of items that it put.



Retractable System Features

Sliding systems for the kitchen come in different sizes and designs. They can be equipped with special partitions or internal sections designed to store small items, as well as kitchen appliances.



When plowing doors in many designs, all the boxes that occupy different levels roll out simultaneously. Such a model opens the look of the contents of each individual container.

Arrange the location of such cabinets is necessary according to their purpose. Not far from the stove large sections should be placed so that large dishes could be placed there: pans, cutting boards, various pots and so on. The lower part of the tabletop should be occupied by multi-level small drawer systems, which will store tablespoons and teaspoons, forks, knives of various sizes, as well as other small kitchen accessories.

The kitchen room is perfect to equip it not only with spacious drawers where kitchen utensils are stored, but also with convenient gadgets to make the cooking process faster and more comfortable. We will try to consider the most interesting proposals for the ergonomic use of space for the kitchen.

Sliding boards with retractable design

Such cutting boards are recommended to be placed under the kitchen table top, since the installation will occupy the most optimal height and will not prevent the opening of other cabinets.