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Photowall-paper for kitchen: modern approach to bright life (25 photos)


Same wallpaper in flower? Last century! Modern approach to repair - style, harmony, originality. Photowall-paper for kitchen became the real find, computer technologies work wonders: lively graphics, mouth-watering images, rich colors - even artists cannot do this.




Benefits of photo wallpapers:

  • focusing attention;
  • expansion, increasing the space of a small kitchen;
  • resistance to moisture, grease spray, various odors, washable options;
  • the ability to tolerate temperature extremes;
  • You can make a reproduction from your own photo archive;
  • 3d effect, able to stifle the look behind the picture;
  • originality and uniqueness.

Small kitchen - great opportunities

A small kitchen area (less than 10 square meters) requires an expansion of space. In a visual way, you can increase the walls or change the height of the ceiling. Here are suitable light colors with a gentle calm pattern, or paintings that can lead the eye away, as if divided into several accents. The foreground is slightly blurred and faded, and the back is bright, attracting attention.



For a small kitchen, themes of roads leading to the city, bridges connecting the shores, paths leading into the depths of the forest are suitable. Like guides, they move a person from home to the big world of adventure. A common technique is the expansion of space with 3d wallpaper, which shows columns, arches, vaults.



Volumetric drawings with flower buds, macro-shot leaves, as well as photos of animals in a small kitchen space have no place. They will steal it, visually squeeze. Small elements for the walls will create a sense of confusion.



Geometric lines require wallpaper for the kitchen with low ceiling vaults. These lines should be directed upwards. It is necessary to remove the horizons and parallel stripes. Here the Eiffel Tower, the skyscrapers of New York, the coniferous forests of Russia are needed. They carry thoughts to the sky, let them fly up like a butterfly.

Geometrical figures will look original. The color scheme is diverse, but if you choose classic black and white stripes, then it is desirable to leave the central space of the room in bright colors (for example, a table or a tablecloth - white, and napkins and dishes - black).

Photowall-paper in an interior of a kitchen with a narrow space should be stretched by pictures with horizontal stripes. A great solution would be the nautical style with gentle waves and a romantic sunset. The gradient of dark stripes, which gradually changes to the ceiling with light and white tones, will not distract attention from kitchen furniture, but will visually expand the room.



Ideas for a large kitchen space

For the walls of a large room wall mural, you can choose different colors and colors. It can be black, dark, bright shades. With proper geometry, you can combine two types of wall covering. It is necessary to highlight the accents in the working area, dining room, bar. Macro objects (for example, murals with daisies), as well as paintings with numerous small elements - a great option for a wide space.



Expert advice

  • For a small kitchen, wallpaper on the whole wall is desirable, creating a depth of space, immersion in it.
  • 3d wallpaper can be used on walls, doors, individual elements of the room.
  • The interior of the kitchen is to repeat the color scheme of the walls. So the room will look stylish and modern. A glut of colors will cause disharmony and discomfort.
  • Extend the space will be wallpaper with windows or doors. This design is interesting and original.
  • For rooms with large square meters are ideally suited symmetrically arranged pictures.
  • In the "wet zone" it is not necessary to glue the wallpaper without additional impregnation and coating of the material.
  • In the catalogs of shops there are several sizes of the same image. Quality manufacturers number all rolls, if the picture consists of many elements. Panoramas have small joints that are not visible with a perfectly flat wall. If there are errors, then it is worth looking for wallpaper without unnecessary seams. Most often, these works are conducted by experts.

Every person has his own dream. One dreams to go live in the village and inhale the air after the rain, the other to live by the sea and enjoy the light breath of the breeze, the third is to go to interesting places and watch the huge megapolis put out the lights. So why, choosing the style of the kitchen, do not try to at least partially realize your dream? Wall murals in the kitchen will be transferred to the beach, to the park, to the forest, to the huge city and every evening will help to restore strength, give an incentive to the realization of desires.

Photowall-paper in an interior of kitchen can be created by own hands. So any good quality photo can be printed on the wall.

The quality of photographs should correspond to the size of the picture. Approximately 1 pixel is 1 centimeter of wallpaper. Do not forget about the color scheme. Cold, blue, black shades discourage appetite, but the juicy, rich, green kitchen will awaken the desire to ask for supplements.

Since the room where the wallpaper will be located has a number of features, you should pay attention to the quality of the product. A large accumulation of fats, changes in temperature, humidity - all this will eventually bring down paper and textiles. Consequently, the materials must be dense, washable.

Vinyl and flizelin with a special coating on top of the first layer can withstand all adverse factors. They will last a long life, the colors will remain saturated, it is difficult to damage them mechanically.

Icon on the documents means safe use for rooms with children and animals, and also they are not affected by environmental factors.



Kitchen design with high-tech photo wallpapers

Increasingly, modern city dwellers use high-tech style in their apartments. This is a mixture of the city, geometric shapes, strange animals, space plants. It looks unusual, volumetric, massive. In such an interior, you can peer for hours and find something special. Imitation of natural coatings looks beautiful: brick, wood, tile. You can fill the desktop apron with stripes of photo wallpapers with images of natural textures.



Provence in the interior causes nostalgia for a small homeland. Such a wall will be filled with romance and pleasant memories. Wall murals for kitchen walls in this style may contain rough edges, such as rough plaster, aged wooden boards. Part of France should be in all the furniture and utensils. The palette of colors opens in pastel warm colors: brown, beige, green.



So, wallpaper in the kitchen near the table - this is the perfect way to liven up the space. Successful placement of optical illusions will make it harmonious and interesting. The concept of the room is thought out in advance, taking into account the space, set, kitchen utensils. It should take care of a single style. Classic elements with warm neutral tones look natural in the kitchen interior and improve mood.