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Chrome faucet - the best option for decorating the bathroom and kitchen (22 photos)


For the production of mixers used several materials. Brass (an alloy of copper with zinc, tin) is considered the most reliable and durable, resistant to moisture. The classic coating for the design is chrome. Its advantages: antibacterial properties, an ideal match to many interiors, gives the products an elegant look, improves the anti-corrosion quality of the base.

The chrome finish can have a shiny look or a matte finish. Non-standard and stylish look products with a color coating - white or black. A layer of chromium is applied by electroplating, and its thickness is about 3 microns.



Chrome kitchen faucet

Basic requirements for plumbing equipment: wear resistance, convenient use, simple maintenance, appropriate design, so when choosing a faucet you should pay attention to certain characteristics.

Product design

Manufacturers offer several types of kitchen faucets: single lever, double valve, contactless.

Single lever models are the most popular and are available with a ball element or cartridge. Main advantages: ease of management (one movement can change the temperature and pressure of water), durability, a wide range of models. The disadvantages include: the need to install a coarse filter, ball faucets for washing are sensitive to limescale.

Two-valve can be considered a classic, and they bribe an exquisite look. The advantages include low price, ease of replacement gaskets. Among the shortcomings can be identified: the process of setting up the jet (temperature and pressure) takes some time, a modest lifetime of the gasket.

Contactless mixers can be easily identified by their appearance - there are no levers or valves on its case. A jet of water appears when the arms move near the mixer. Powered equipment from the network or batteries. To regulate the temperature and pressure of the water, you need to twist a special screw located under the body, but some models allow you to change the temperature of the water in motion - just move your hand under the stream of water up or down.




Chrome bathroom faucets

Plumbing devices can be classified according to several criteria. Moreover, the requirements for bath taps and washbasin differ.

Bathtub faucets

Depending on the pipe layout, the taps are subdivided into vertical and horizontal.

By the way of fixing the mixers are grouped into floor, wall and mortise (bath).

Wall mounting is hidden (the main unit of the mixer is installed in the wall) and outdoor. The first version of the mixer installation looks more impressive, which looks especially stylish in minimalist and high-tech interiors. However, this installation is not suitable for old brick houses.

Floor installation is advisable to use in spacious rooms, where the bath is located in the center or slightly shifted towards the wall. Such installation requires a lot of experience and it is better to entrust the professionals.

When installing the mixer on board an acrylic bath, you must first make a corresponding hole in its surface. The body of the mixer is located under the bowl. A stunning effect is obtained if you install a white chrome-plated mixer for a cascade-type bathtub, when a stream of pouring water resembles a waterfall. Thus, devices on a jacuzzi are most often mounted.

If a bath and a washbasin are located nearby, then it is advisable to install a universal model - with a long spout (about 30 cm). Thanks to this faucet, it will be comfortable to use both the wash basin and the bathroom.




Chrome sink faucets

Before you install the sink and choose a faucet, you must clearly understand what procedures are planned to be carried out in the sink. If the bowl is intended only for washing hands, then you can only be puzzled by its design. And if it is supposed to wash shoes in the sink, to wash small things, then attention should be paid to the choice of a washbasin mixer.

Manufacturers offer to install models with a different method of control: single lever, two valve, thermostats. The first two models have the same principle of operation as the kitchen or bathroom. An additional comfort to the adoption of water procedures will be given by a thermostatic chrome-plated mixer, because the preset water temperature will remain and only the jet head will need to be adjusted.

When choosing a mixer, the spout parameters are very important. Conventionally, there are three heights of spout position: low (from 12 to 15 cm), medium (from 16 to 25 cm) and high - from 25 cm. To quickly rinse hands / brush your teeth or wash, it is enough to set a low spout. In other cases, it is necessary to build on the needs of the owner and choose the model individually.

You can install the sink faucet on the wall or on the side of the bowl. The most common is the second method of installation, and in the first case it is important to take into account the angle of water falling from the mixer spout - this will determine the installation location of the plumbing equipment. Typically, the angle of incidence is 110-140˚.

In order not to bother much with the choice of the sink and the installation of the mixer, it is better to buy sanitary equipment in the kit (faucet + washbasin).




Chrome bidet blender

Manufacturers offer products with traditional control systems: single-lever, two-valve and non-contact. It is more rational to install the latest models, so this will ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

A special feature of the chrome-colored bidet mixer is the presence of an aerator with a ball joint. Thanks to this element, you can change the direction of the jet of water.

Such plumbing fixtures are also made of brass, but they differ from taps for washbasins, because they have special functions and individual shape. Also designs can be added with special replaceable tips.

If there is no bidet, and the toilet is installed next to the sink or bathtub, then it makes sense to use a special bidet faucet with a hygienic shower. In this case, the role of a bidet performs the usual toilet, and the chrome-plated faucet is connected to the sink or shower.



Sooner or later, all the owners are faced with the appearance on the surface of chrome-plated mixers of lime scale and various stains. Such problems arise from expensive and cheap models. In order for plumbing appliances to serve for a long time, it is advisable to adhere to some rules for caring for products.

The daily procedure is to wipe the surface of the device after each water treatment or shower.

An excellent option for constant maintenance of mixers is wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth. First, rinse the tap with water, then wipe it with a wet cloth and polish it with a dry cloth.




For deep cleaning of the surface used special tools that do not contain abrasives.

Many manufacturers produce special formulations that, after cleaning, cover the surface of the mixer with a water-repellent layer to create additional protection. Washing and caring compositions are available in the form of gels or sprays.

When choosing faucets do not hurry. To make the product last a long time and efficiently, it is better to choose mixers of famous manufacturers. Plumbing equipment must support the style of the room. If in a bathroom installation of several cranes is supposed, then it is desirable to get products of one series.