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Lace in interior design - ease of interweaving (33 photos)


Ah, lace! At the mention of this material in the head and strive to penetrate the thought of the wedding. For someone the openwork is something from antiquity: a veil, a yoke-cap, a lace fan. However, modern designers have given this material a second life. Now openwork is not only an element of a wedding dress, but also an ordinary interior. In this article we will look at the lace in the interior.




Beauty in the pattern

Lace - it is always romantic, and the decor of this material looks at home cozy. With the lace you can select separate zones in the room or just decorate flower pots or lamp shade.



Appearing 5 centuries ago in the flourishing at that time Europe to Russia, lace reached only in the 17th century. Technician to create such a great variety of fabrics: from a simple machine imitation to the present openwork, the so-called "tatting". Of course, in modern design imitation of lace is used.



In the interior, this material is valuable because it adds complexity and riddles to simple things. The openwork in the old days was something well-to-do, because then it was the place to be only real frivolite, for the manufacture of which craftswomen spent a lot of time.



Much depends on what color you use, and also on which substrate it imposes. So, white lace in pastel colors looks very gentle, while a contrasting combination will give the interior a more stylish look.

Lacy interior is best suited for bedrooms and kitchens.



Bedroom in lace

The cradle of azhura is believed to be Belgium. It was the Belgian nobility who first began to decorate their clothes with such fabric. In Russia, the openwork wore a more rustic simple character.



Depending on what style you want to give to the bedroom with the help of openwork, you should choose its ornament. Rustic bedroom design is now in trend, and if you want to design a bedroom in the Provence style, then choose material with large viscous and cellular patterns. In order to, conversely, give the bedroom romance, look at the delicate tulle ornaments.



What interior can be decorated with openwork in the bedroom? Anything you want! So, for decoration with openwork fit:

  • furniture (bed, bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers);
  • bed linen (bedspread, sheets, pillows);
  • interior items (lamp shade, lamp, pots).

Of course, the most common way to apply openwork in the bedroom is a lace coverlet. It will give your bedroom a special country or retro-zest, depending on the material used. A perfect addition to the lace coverlet will be cushions with perimeter lace or lace inserts, as well as delicate bed linen.



For those who are crazy about the very idea that you can make something with your hands, there is the option of overlaying the openwork on pieces of furniture, making special patterned inserts. This idea is still fresh and creative, so it is perfect for all those who follow the fashion in the interior design.



Another common way to decorate furniture with openwork is not only the imposition of lace on it, but also the color of furniture through the lace from the spray gun. Of course, the paint should be matched accordingly. So, for wood products there is paint for wood, and for glass - paint for glass surfaces. Fix lace best scotch. Lace stencil need to remove only after the complete drying of the paint.



In the lace bedroom will look great interior items such as lace paintings, panels, various openwork frames. Lace curtains have long been a classic in the design of a romantic bedroom. Also, like the curtains, in the design of the bedrooms are often used lace wallpaper.



Lace kitchen

Lace in the interior of the kitchen depends only on your imagination. So, lace in kitchen design can be used in the following styles:

  • baroque;
  • country music;
  • Victorian;
  • Provence;
  • modern;
  • Art Deco.

The most common way to decorate the kitchen openwork is the use of openwork curtains and curtains. Openwork tablecloth, napkins, chair covers - all this will bring a drop of romance and style into the kitchen.



For those who like to create, you can arrange furniture with openwork. However, try to avoid design of those places that can get dirty.



Lace in the kitchen you can cover everything your heart desires: a lamp shade, kitchen utensils, small furnishings, even dishes.

Salad bowls and bowls look especially good in an openwork frame.

You can even decorate a wall with an openwork - you just need to impose a tracery fragment on the wall. This allows you to select a zone, for example, a dining area.




In addition to the bedroom and kitchen lace, you can decorate almost everything that is in your home. Lace looks particularly good on flower pots. Also a great idea would be to arrange a photo frame in the form of lace. Openwork design can be done on anything: whether it is a small coffee table or a closet in the bedroom. Romance in the interior will add such delicate things like lamps or delicate wallpaper.




If you have a large multi-level apartment, then you can even make a lace staircase, decorate the door with lace, and also apply a tracery pattern in the design of the floor.