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Design of a dressing room in the bedroom: create a usable space (23 photos)


Every newcomer dreams of a careful storage of his personal belongings, this is especially true for members of the beautiful half of humanity. What only ideas are not harvested in the head before the realization of their dreams. After all, used before the dressers do not fit harmoniously into the modern interior space. In order to properly plan and then install a dressing room, it is necessary to take into account the size and place where it will be placed.

Many have problems with optimal placement of a dressing room. The whole family begins to express ideas about this. Installation of the structure is best done during the repair, because then you can provide a niche in the selected wall, which will be completed with the necessary components. Then the problem, how to make everything beautifully and rationally, is solved in stages. If the bedroom has a rectangular appearance, it is best to install a partition at the head of the bed. Thus, the room gets the right configuration.

When choosing a bedroom with built-in dressing room should pay special attention to color performance. In this situation, the use of light shades (white, beige, pale pastel) showed the best results. This case does not provide for the use of wallpaper that has an ornament. Using such a project, it is best to apply decorative plaster or glue liquid wallpaper.

With the right choice of a mirror, they create the illusion of roominess. Good impressions leave a mirror with an unusual shape.

A safe option would be the choice of curtains, having a translucent texture with folds. They also apply when moving from bedroom to bedroom, thereby creating a cozy atmosphere.



Special attention should be given to wall decor. It is not necessary to use the same coloring as the cabinets and shelves. Quite good results are shown by their contrast.

With a large supply of space for storing clothes and shoes, the problem of their safety is gone. What should be included in the internal content of the dressing room, everyone decides for himself, based on the size of the room, but there are still general recommendations that can be found in the dressing room:

  • pipes for hanging things;
  • several linen boxes;
  • shelf for luggage.



Looks good entrance to the dressing room, made in a transparent design. Such a design decision helps to maintain perfect order, prevents the creation of untidy space.




With very small sizes, a special bedroom layout is needed, consisting in the use of an open dressing room system. It includes, along with a mobile hanger, the use of various types of screens. Such a detail, in addition to its direct purpose, will serve as a unique decor.




At the present stage there are a lot of options for dressing rooms. All of them are made in full compliance with all existing standards. They differ in various design solutions, but all are good in their own way.