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Console table: design and functionality (36 photos)


The console table can be called a “returning” novelty in modern design. Many associate it with the secular salons of past eras. The roots of such tables go back to the Renaissance and the reign of the "Sun King" Louis XIV.



Then they could be found only in exquisite palaces. Today, designers offer us a wide range of simpler and more functional tables. Not many people want to turn their home into a museum, and now the console tables in the interior are more a classic basic design element than a luxury item.

The console table is a narrow table or stand of a long form. Often they are attached to the wall and have from 1 to 4 legs. But you can also find sustainable models that can function independently. Their height is between 70-110cm. High usually used for decorative purposes, but if you plan to sit behind them, you should choose lower.



For the manufacture of modern tables using a variety of materials: metal, wood, plastic, marble and even glass.



Pros tables console:

  • esthetics;
  • compactness;
  • multifunctionality;
  • small size;
  • dynamic in terms of styles;

The main advantage of such tables is their compactness. Tables of the console type can combine the functions of a dining, computer table and a table in the hallway. Often, for owners of small apartments the problem of free space becomes the main one.

Due to their versatility, they can be used in any part of the house. Depending on the room there are some nuances and recommendations that will help you choose the most successful option. Consider them below.



As decorative elements, you can arrange flowers, vases, candles or family photos. And also it can be added with a mirror, a beautiful desk lamp or wall sconces. This combination will create a charming and cozy atmosphere in the room and, of course, transform any nondescript corner.



A great idea would be to place the console table behind the sofa.

It will be very convenient to put a book on it or to put a cup of coffee without fear of spilling it on the sofa. In addition, since the room looks much more comfortable. Now you can choose a lot of options for vintage, luxurious, gilded and minimalistic tables.



Kitchen console table

In the kitchen, such a table can perfectly replace the bar counter. If one wall is empty and there is not enough space to install a cupboard or cabinet, the console table will be the perfect solution to the problem. It can be used as a decorative element, and as a mini-buffet.

Console tables are often used to fill empty space. Considering that the main advantage is compactness, it can be placed literally anywhere. For example, the console table looks great at the stairs, especially wooden handmade models. They can decorate a narrow corridor or a free wall.



In this way, the decorative element is the console itself and its framing. As a result, the table is no longer just an attribute of furniture, but a real art object. In addition, it can also be used to disguise heating radiators.




The console is perfect for decorating a TV area. On such a table it is not difficult to place a stereo system or any other electronics, and it will look very stylish and neat.



If the sofa is against the wall, a console table is placed between them. This creates additional space for books, lamps or family photos.



At first glance, the console table is a very simple and unobtrusive thing, but in fact the range of its use is much wider than we could expect. Combining aesthetic quality and functionality, the console table will be a great addition to the interior of any room.