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Curtains in the kitchen: types and features of choice (29 photos)


Modern design provides an unlimited choice of window decor, starting with concisely shaped canvases and ending with curtains with a complex cut and many details. The variety of options allows you to find the optimal solution for each room. How to choose the curtains in the kitchen so that they become interior decoration and have long maintained an attractive look?



Selection features

Studying the various ideas of curtains for the kitchen in order to find a suitable option, it is necessary to determine the features of the selection. The main factor that influences the design of the window is the purpose of the room. The kitchen is particularly specific, since cooking is accompanied by an increase in temperature and humidity, and the presence of products with a fat content and other components quickly contaminates textiles.



Window design options

Depending on the design features and mounting methods, there are several types of curtains. The most popular models are Roman, roll and classic.




They represent cloths of cloth with sewn-in stiff ribs, due to which spectacular draperies are formed. If you are going to hang Roman curtains in the kitchen, it is advisable to choose simple and functional models of pastel or bright colors, plain or with a small pattern. Roman curtains in the kitchen of a large area can be more solemn and monumental and are equipped to control the drive.




They are made from a piece of light or dark fabric, which, when opened, takes the form of a roll and is placed in a box of aluminum or plastic. Rolled curtains on the kitchen can be transparent or dense and fixed in the opening or on the window sash. The management of cloth canvases is carried out automatically or manually using a special mechanism.




This type of curtain design is usually popular in living rooms, bedrooms or offices. The standard version of the curtains is a design that combines lightweight tulle and curtains of thick materials in the form of straight sliding canvases. Classic curtains for the kitchen - an unusual way to decorate the window, because they are considered quite bulky. In addition, finding the tulle in the kitchen can create a dangerous situation and cause it to ignite.

How beautiful to hang curtains? Most models involve the use of a classic cornice of different shapes, which is made from natural wood, plastic or metal in the form of a rod. There are the following types of fasteners:

  • On the loops. In this case, loops are stitched to the curtains, matching in color or contrasting. For their manufacture using fabric, tapes, cords and other materials. The hinges can be blind or buttoned with buttons or decorative buttons. Bows, artificial flowers and other accessories serve as additional loops. One of the options for loops are the strings, the decor of which is selected in accordance with the design of the curtains.
  • Eyelets. Convenient and effective method of fixation, for which holes are made in fabric and reinforced with metal or plastic rings. Curtains to the kitchen on the grommets are usually sewn from dense and heavy materials, so their design is in the form of a single-colored or colored canvas. Organza curtains are not suitable for this attachment.
  • On the drawstring. Curtains on the drawstring are sewn from small cloths of fabric, making in the upper part a pocket-tunnel into which the cornice is inserted. In this way, it is convenient to fasten short curtains to the kitchen, since they often have to be opened. On the drawstring, it is customary to hang curtains of rich color with bright patterns or white linen with monochromatic embroidery, creating the atmosphere of a cafe or a country house.

Choosing fashionable curtains for the kitchen, in addition to functionality and practicality, you need to pay attention to their color, style and compliance with current trends in the field of design. Shades of curtains should be combined in color with the interior design or contrast with it.

A variety of materials offered by the trade for sewing curtains, it is difficult even for an experienced amateur to decorate their home. How to choose curtains to the kitchen so that they retain their original appearance for a long time and harmoniously combined with the decoration of the room? This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Use fabrics that are not crumpled during use and are easy to wash. Examples of such materials are tulle, organza and lace. You can hang curtains and threads in the kitchen, which are also easy to maintain and maintain.
  • Purchase curtains with a special coating. The fabric is impregnated with special compounds that protect it from moisture and provide a dirt-repellent effect.



However, when choosing curtains should not be guided only by practicality and functionality. To create a harmonious interior, there is also the texture of the material, which should be combined with the style of the room. Organza curtains are used to decorate the kitchen in a modern style and are usually supplemented with roller blinds.



Lovers of natural fabrics fit linen curtains in the kitchen, plain or printed. The special charm is different from unbleached linen, widely used for decorating windows of country-style rooms. Popular are knitted curtains in the kitchen, which can be made by hand.



Asking how to arrange the window in the kitchen, you need to decide on your own taste preferences. Different perception of styles and colors allows everyone to find original curtains for the kitchen, which will give the interior individuality and make it stylish and comfortable. If the green or orange curtains in the kitchen corresponds to the idea of ​​the perfect design of the window, then you should give preference to such shades.