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Ceramic tile wood - natural textures in the interior (30 photos)


The use of ceramic tiles with a wood pattern in the interiors of modern houses and apartments is a trend not only popular, but trendy. Classical traditions in design are now solved with the help of new, innovative materials. Floor tiles under the tree is considered the most successful of all possible solutions for finishing the kitchen space.

It will help to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom, will be harmoniously combined with different styles of interiors in the living room, more than appropriate in the hallway.



Environmentally friendly and durable material with a traditional appearance can be used not only in home life, but also in the decoration of other rooms (for example, shops, offices).

Modern manufacturers make tile, almost perfectly imitating wood. Another advantage of working with wood imitation tiles is its wide possibilities, high versatility. It will perfectly fit into any interior: from classic and country style (country) to hi-tech or minimalism.



A smart solution would be to use such a tile in the decoration of the modern version of the living room, combined with the kitchen. In the working area, floor tiles can be laid under parquet, it will imitate the color of wood in the kitchen, which will be used in the recreation area. This may be a laminate that matches the tile in color. In this situation, kitchen tiles will complement the panels.



It is also worth mentioning porcelain stoneware for the floor. It has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • made from natural environmentally friendly components;
  • has a very high degree of strength;
  • serves for a long time;
  • not afraid of exposure to moisture.



Indeed, porcelain stoneware wood tiles are not afraid of mechanical damage and constant dampness. Another such floor is completely resistant to the possible effects of aggressive cleaning products. Therefore, it is advisable to use porcelain stoneware on the floor in the kitchen, in the hallway. Such a tile is available with any pattern, the layout of flowers imitating wood, in porcelain stoneware is very extensive.

Tiles under the tree and its traditional texture can be used to create a bath interior in the style of country. Ceramic imitation of a real wooden board will turn the bathroom into a kind of lively country bath. For the bathroom under the tree in the ethnic style should not only use the tile on the floor - you can revet the walls with brighter "tree", and the sink and bathtub to get "under the stone." A good decor will finally turn a simple bathroom into a cozy corner.



The massive use of wood imitation tiles on all walls and on the floor surface will make the room dark, especially in the corridor, where there is always not enough natural light. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the right color tiles, dilute the wood trim with light walls, original decor.



Beautiful decorative effect gives the floor tiles, the surface of which imitates aged wood. Tiles under an aged tree (better light color) will look great in the kitchen, which is decorated in rural styles: it can be country or Provence. Similar is the case of porcelain tiles, it is also good in rural styles.




The popularity of wood floors does not pass with time, as this is a classic interior design option. High-quality woodgrain tiles on the floor - this is a great alternative to wooden floor, it will make your home truly warm and cozy.