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Loft-style bed - industrial accent (24 photos)


Loft-style bedrooms are rooms with a special interior, surprising and striking with simplicity and freedom. In such rooms, elements of a coarse industrial style and soft, calm things of a recreation and relaxation area are miraculously combined. It is impossible to single out a single and permanent image of the interior in a loft style. Each designer has his own notion of "industrial" beauty and adds unique and unique accents to the atmosphere.




The layout of the room must be given maximum attention, as the loft requires a large amount of free space. You can arrange a sleeping place in different ways:

  • in a niche - at the same time the bed is closed from prying eyes by mobile or permanent partitions;
  • the bedroom in the attic (on the second level) is a good option for isolation in a spacious room;
  • A loft-style bed in the center of the room is the most common option for building the whole interior around it. In this case, the furniture can become a real art object that can be viewed from anywhere in the room. To create the appearance of isolation, a sliding screen can be installed near the bed. The fashionable element of the bedroom in the loft style was the construction of a false wall, which focuses attention on the bed in huge rooms.

The rest of the furnishings, as a rule, are arranged in a random order around the room.




Bed Types: Brief Descriptions

Not only owners of large apartments can afford to embody a non-standard and defiant style in the interior. The right choice of a bed completely allows the opportunity to equip a loft in a compact room.



By size and number of places

Manufacturers produce beds for adults and children. Different products in size. Models up to 160 cm in length are offered for preschoolers, and up to 190 cm in length for teenagers. A bed of 200 cm in length is typical of a full-fledged adult bed.

Based on the width of the furniture, the following bed options can be distinguished: single beds (from 80 to 100 cm) and double beds - from 150 cm. Models are usually made in 20 cm steps. Articles 140 and 160 cm wide can be considered as compact double beds in loft style.




By design

The rectangular shape can be considered traditional for the loft style. A wide range of models allows you to design the interior in different ways:

  • A bed with legs can be considered a classic model. For the manufacture of the base are used as wood and metal. The bed from the massif looks more warm and at home;
  • platform beds are built on special pedestals. The role of the platform can perform a frame of bars, sheathed with a cloth or leather. Especially stylish and original looks massive leather platform, which harmoniously complements the industrial interior of the room.

Wooden and metal beds can be decorated with decorative rivets that have a factory look. To increase functionality and save space, special drawers are built in the platforms in which you can store bedding or clothing.




Non-standard and industrial look coarse beds, mounted on a platform of wooden pallets. Moreover, such a base is not trimmed / decorated in any way, and some objects or things (shoes, bags) are also placed in it. Depending on the wishes of the owners, the height of such an improvised platform can be different - sometimes there are several rows of pallets:

  • bunk bed in loft style settles down mainly in the nursery. Such models are most often made of wood. It is possible to install a bunk metal bed in the teenage room, and the workplace will be perfectly located under the bed;
  • The sofa bed is suitable for compact rooms, owners who do not want to put up with a small area and try to bring space and freedom of loft style into the room by any means possible.

To facilitate the task, in one-bedroom apartments the kitchen is combined with the room and already in the studio you can put a sofa and miraculously realize the most daring projects.

Bed selection is individual. However, in order to preserve the mood of the style, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room.




By type of headboard

It can be integral with the base of the bed or be mounted. In the first case, the headboard is made of the same material as the bed base, and in the second case, the headboard can be soft (sheathed with fabric, leather) or hard (wooden).

Attached headboards are formed from special small drawers - storage systems, which are tightly attached to the sleeping place.

In the interior of the loft style pallets quite easily perform the function of the headboard. In order for the design to have an aesthetic appearance and to be safe, it is advisable to sand the boxes first, then prime and varnish them. The wooden structure and the rough look of cobbled pallets will organically fit into the industrial design.




How to build a loft bed with your own hands?

This style of interior completely admits some artistic carelessness in objects, therefore, it is not difficult to create things of the necessary style.

To assemble the bed, you will need: wooden pallets, varnish, paint, nails, hammer. The number of pallets is determined individually and depends on the size of the bed (single or double bed) and the wishes of the owners.

  1. Before assembling the design boxes need a little refine. All external surfaces of the pallets are sanded, treated with a primer and painted or varnished.
  2. The boxes are fastened together. A thick mattress with pillows and linen are covered up the design.
  3. You can also use pallets to design the headboard. If you do not want such a heap of pallets, then it is better to do without a headboard, putting only bedside tables for comfort.
  4. The function of bedside cabinets can be performed by small drawers painted with the same paint as the pallets.

Loft-style interior is unpredictable and dynamic. And the bedroom is no exception. A cozy resting place can be arranged in the center of the room or put a bed behind a false wall. Owners of modest rooms can also stylize the interiors of bedrooms under the loft style. For this, the presence of surfaces with brickwork (or its imitation), a large amount of light, free space and metal / wood in the setting is sufficient.