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How to mount a suspended ceiling with their own hands: installation instructions


Making the ceiling is a creative process, but it is quite difficult to put it in its proper form: uneven tile ceilings interfere, inconsistencies between corners, etc. Choosing from various types of suspended ceilings, you can quickly cope with the repair of the ceiling and create a beautiful interior with your own hands. Learn how to make a false ceiling with your own hands modern, attractive and functional.

How to make a suspended ceiling of plasterboard, the technology of its arrangement has many advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • low cost of materials;
  • minimum set of tools and materials.

The ceiling, made independently, also significantly reduce the cost.


Before you assemble your own suspended plasterboard ceiling, you first need to prepare and purchase a tool.

You will need:

  • household laser level, it will help replace the usual level and roulette and make an accurate marking of the places in which you will install guide profiles;
  • perforator for drilling holes in which the profile will be mounted;
  • drill or screwdriver for mounting profile and gypsum board;
  • hand saw or "grinder";
  • marking pencil;
  • scissors for metal;
  • A setter's knife for arrangement of an electrical wiring.

How to mount a false ceiling? First, mark the place of installation of the guide profile using a laser level and apply marks on it, departing from the ceiling at least ten centimeters. You will need this distance to install spotlights.

Having marked all the walls, use a perforator to drill the holes for the dowels and attach the guide profile to the wall.

Make a pencil using the level mark on the wall, which will help to establish a ceiling profile (spacing of 60 cm). For a single-level construction, markup is performed only on two opposite walls.

Fix the direct suspensions to the ceiling and then start installing the ceiling profile.

If the profile does not fit in length, dock it, having installed additional suspensions to the ceiling, and twist the longitudinal connectors with the screws.

Connect with the aid of a drill the joints between the ceiling profile and the guides, as well as suspensions with a C-shaped profile.

Make sure that the attached profile is free of deflection and sagging. Incorrectly mounted ceiling may turn out to be wavy and you will have to redo everything again.

After connecting the metal elements of the frame, check the level if there are any deviations. Correct if you find inaccuracies. Spend wiring to places of future fixtures. If the roof of the house is not sufficiently insulated, lay a heater on the profiles first, and only then proceed to the installation of sheets.

How to install a suspended ceiling of plasterboard. Lift the sheet to the profile and secure it with screws. Watch for the endings at the edges of the sheets, if they do not fit, you will have to file a little.

The heads of the screws should go slightly inside the gypsum board. This is done to facilitate the filler of the ceiling.

Cut a knife or a special nozzle for a punch in the places of installation of luminaires holes. After that you can begin to putty the surface.

How to putty the ceiling

In addition to the putty, you will need a special reinforced mesh that will help you gently process the joints. It needs to be pasted and putty. After the putty has completely dried at the joints, smooth the entire surface evenly.

Leave for a day or two to putty has time to dry. After that, sandpaper, level the surface. Check with a lamp for any irregularities. Correct them and proceed to decorating the ceiling.

Arrangement of a false ceiling in the bathroom

How to make a suspended ceiling in the bathroom? The installation of the profile is carried out, as in the room, only from moisture-resistant plasterboard, but since it is not easy to wash the ceiling even from a washable plasterboard, often in the bathroom a suspended plastic ceiling is made. It is washable, does not require special care. How to make a false ceiling of plastic panels? After arranging the profile to it with liquid nails or screws, the plastic plinth is fastened into which the panels are inserted. Since it is easy to install a suspended ceiling in any bathroom, it can be done with your own hands. To care for plastic panels use special tools.

The construction industry produces all kinds of decorative materials, so how to choose the decor for the ceiling to your liking, questions should not arise. Everyone can find the finish to your taste.

The ceiling of the PVC panels can not be decorated. These panels are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They can be mirror and matte.

How to make lighting

When everything is assembled, decorated, and you already know how to properly make a false ceiling, you can proceed to the installation of lighting. To do this, the wiring must be pre-laid, and holes for future fixtures are cut in the plasterboard. When constructing suspended ceilings, questions often arise about which lighting is best to choose.

Typically, in such ceilings embedded spotlights with metal or glass body. They are especially attractive due to special coatings. Halogen lamps can be inserted into lamps, they do not heat up, give a beautiful light and do not burn out for a long time.

When constructing spotlights with halogen lamps, the ceiling is lowered by no more than six centimeters, so it is more advantageous to use them in rooms with low ceilings. To protect the lamps from dust on the cover, you can install a protective glass.

Replacing halogen bulbs with protective glass

Usually in suspended ceilings install spotlights with halogen lamps. How to change a halogen bulb? Replacing them is a little more difficult than regular bulbs. When replacing batteries, be aware of how halogen lamps are attached. If they are threaded, they are replaced as normal. There are lamps with two pins. They are fixed after a characteristic click. How to unscrew the light bulb without damaging the panel? When replacing it, do not use force and unscrew, just in front of the ceiling, click on the lamp to unlock, turn it slightly and pull it out.

It is better not to touch the glass surface of the lamp with your bare hands, it may remain greasy spots, so take the lamp using a clean and dry cloth. Contaminated lamp rubbed with medical alcohol.

How to remove a false ceiling? Dismantling is carried out as follows:

  • Remove the lighting and insulate the wires;
  • To remove the fixed sheets, unscrew the screws and remove the gypsum board;
  • Remove the frame.

Since it is easy to disassemble the suspended ceiling, which you yourself have equipped, you can carefully carry out all the work, you can later install it elsewhere.