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How to paint the facade of the house


Painting the house completely transform its design. In comparison with other types of reconstruction, you can paint it in a short time and for little money. Paint will also protect the house from negative external influences. With proper painting, the coating can last for about fifteen years, subject to consistent work and the use of high-quality materials.

How to paint a wooden house? Before painting any exterior surface, it must be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove dirt, cracked paint, and get rid of mold. For these works, you can use a hose or garden sprayer and a brush. It should not be too tight. Use water to quickly remove dust.

Old paint may contain lead, so be careful when cleaning it: protect yourself and the environment from toxic dust. Before starting the cleaning work, be sure to put on a mask or respirator, lay a tarp or film in front of the house. Cover the nearby plants.

Grinding walls - an important stage of preparatory work

After the wall is cleared of peeling paint, it needs to be polished. The polishing process is the most time consuming of all the painting work on the house. For it should be used several types of sandpaper of different grain sizes. Cleaning the paint by hand is a grueling task; to speed up the process, you can use an industrial hairdryer to help soften the paint.

Experts spend it with the use of a grinding machine, which is mounted on disks of high density. High-quality polishing removes delaminated pieces of wood and makes the surface smooth, without any rough edges.

How to paint the facade of the house? Before painting it is necessary to process the walls with special compositions. There are several types of compositions:

  • penetrating - penetrate the wood structure;
  • surface - form a protective film;
  • thermal - change the properties of wood.

More popular penetrating treatment, it is carried out using compositions that are called impregnations. They protect the wood from moisture, mold, microorganisms and fire.

There is a decorative impregnation, after its application the wood can not be painted. It emphasizes the texture and gives a certain shade of wood. If you were going to paint a house from a bar, decorative impregnation would be enough for it.

Often, impregnations also act as primers, they improve adhesion and reduce the consumption of paint and varnish.

If the surface is well cleaned of paint, you can not primed the walls. To determine the strength of the paint remaining on the wall, stick transparent tape to it and tear it off the wall with a sharp movement. If the pieces of the remaining paint are not left on the adhesive tape, the wall is ready for painting.

You can prime the walls with primer, it protects the wood well, but this coating dries for a very long time. The best option for carrying out exterior work is to use a primer recommended by the manufacturer of facade paints. Therefore, first select the paint to repair the facade of the house.

How beautiful to paint a wooden house? For this you need to choose the right paint. Previously, wooden houses were mostly painted with oil paints. Now there are innovative tools for painting the house:

  • alkyd,
  • acrylic,
  • covering,
  • textural.


Alkyd compounds - resistant to weathering - are more suitable for exterior home decoration. They are in high demand due to low price. When they dry out, the thinnest film forms, but the coating is short-lived, since alkyd paint does not penetrate deep into the wood. Dries one layer for ten hours.


These paints protect the wood from moisture penetration, are not afraid of low temperatures, retain the "breathing" properties of wood. If they paint the house outside, the coating will be resistant to mechanical stress.

Polymer emulsion, on the basis of which acrylic enamel is made, does not oxidize in air, therefore it does not lose gloss for a long time. The house painted with acrylic paints looks like new for several years.


Ukryvnym paints are Finnish wood preservatives. They do not contain "heavy" chemistry, do not have an unpleasant smell, safe for health. Covering paints are uniformly applied, do not fade for a long time, allow the wood to breathe, emphasize its texture. They are resistant to climatic influences, well protect the tree. The paint dries quickly, so during the day you can apply several layers.


Texture paints are distinguished by a wide variety. They are not yet as popular as acrylic and alkyd, as they appeared only recently. These coatings give the surface any texture and texture. Texture paints are easily diluted by color schemes. They hide irregularities well and are easy to apply. Due to the affordable cost of colors and the convenience of working with them, it is easy to embody the original design ideas.

All packages contain information on paint consumption: the number of liters that will be spent on painting one square meter.

How to paint the facade of the house with your own hands? Experts recommend:

  • surfaces with old paint must be cleaned and sanded in order to give the entire treated area the same absorbency;
  • mix the coloring composition thoroughly to obtain a uniform color;
  • apply paint only on dry and clean primed surfaces;
  • check the color on a small surface area before painting. If it turned out too dark, you can add a little color scheme. The intensity of the shade depends on the quality of wood processing and the number of layers;
  • apply finishing coatings on the walls of the timber outside in two layers;
  • paint only in cloudy, warm and windless weather. It should not be painted under the scorching sun, or if weather forecasters promise precipitation.

The choice of tool for painting a house is determined by the consistency of paint, the surface to be painted and the qualifications of the workers.

Most professionals use spray guns, because with their help you can quickly paint a log house. But in inexperienced hands, a powerful nebulizer will leave strong drains and will paint not only the house, but all around: drain, roof, windows, bushes, walkways, cars.

If you have not yet acquired the skills of working with a spray gun, you can paint your house with a roller or a brush.

Painting the walls with a roller

Walls with a smooth surface are painted with a short-nap roller or brush. If you are painting an old wood house, it is better to use a roller to reduce paint consumption and speed up painting.

The roller absorbs a lot of excess paint. It is better to press on the grid, stretched over the frame.

Having begun work, bring the roller to a surface, and without special pressure you will conduct it on a wall. Drive the roller first in the vertical direction and then in the horizontal. During operation, the pressing force on the roller should be constant. Shade paint carefully and leave no gaps.

Paint the house with textured paints

If you paint with textured paints, you can buy a texture roller for them. With its help, various patterns or imitations of natural materials, such as bricks, are created on the wall. This allows you to completely change the design of the walls.

To get a pronounced texture, the roller should be moistened as much as possible. It is better not to leave the wall unfinished, after drying it will be visible seams and joints.

If you decide to paint the house with a brush, do not take a brush with long bristles, it is usually used when you want to paint a brick house. The walls of brick are very relief, so it is difficult to paint them with a roller.

To paint the facade with a brush at the height, you will have to install a construction platform.

It’s worthwhile to start painting your house with your own hands, if you have enough free time and patience. You can order the preparatory work from the professionals, and paint the walls yourself to get a high-quality design of the facade of the house.