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Loft-style tile: authentic interior and modern convenience (24 photos)


Loft style is a modern and fashionable trend in interior design. If you are the owner of a large room with high ceilings, it fits perfectly into your apartment. However, even with a small apartment, you can successfully arrange it in this style.

One of the most striking features of the loft style is the use of textured surfaces. Authenticly it looks brick, rough plaster, concrete walls and floors. To live in such an uncomfortable interior, not everyone will like it, but all these attributes of industrial workshops can be replaced by imitation. Ceramic tiles with success will replace any surface, and it will be much easier to clean.




Imitation of industrial textures

In the production of finishing materials, and in particular, ceramic tiles, for several years designers and manufacturers have been competing in the ability to mislead a customer and give ordinary finishing tiles to concrete, plastered, metal surface or brickwork. Being in a room decorated with such materials, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish authentic texture from skillful imitation.





It can be called a loft style symbol, and a brick wall is an indispensable attribute. Caring for such a surface is extremely difficult - you can brush off dust and cobwebs from the brickwork. Not for all this way of house cleaning is acceptable, but imitation of brickwork with the help of ceramics will solve all the problems.


The concrete surface is an excellent neutral background for many designer finds, and the tile that imitates this material is superior to its convenience and hygiene.

The choice of tiles for concrete is extensive: rectangular, square, in the form of hexagonal honeycombs. It is most often used for finishing the floor. Such a floor can be made warm by equipping a tile with water or electric heating.




Modern ceramic granite successfully imitates steel sheets, aged copper, brass, bronze. Such decoration adds brutality to the interior.


Tiles, stylized for different types of plaster, would be an excellent option for a neutral wall decoration in the style of a loft. In the store, you can choose any color and texture.

Imitation of natural materials

For an apartment in the loft style, finishing with natural materials - natural stone and wood will be appropriate. Accordingly, you can replace them with ceramic or plaster imitation.

A rock

Clinker tiles with imitation of natural stone are perfect for finishing in a loft style. Popular stylization of quartzite, sandstone, masonry.





Wooden surfaces significantly soften the harsh interior of this style. Where the use of natural wood is inconvenient, for example, in places of high humidity, you can get it by imitation. There is porcelain stoneware with a finely worked out texture of old wood - with scuffs, cracks and irregularities.

How to use the tile in the interior of the loft?

With such a consumer variety of tile options, it can be used quite widely, and the interior will not seem to be of the same type. Combining different colors, textures and sizes of tiles, you can achieve excellent results, and your apartment with all the brutality of the interior will remain cozy and clean, because this finishing material can be easily washed and retains its original appearance for decades.




Kitchen Tiles

Ceramic tiles - this is the first thing used to finish the kitchen. And the loft-style kitchen is no exception. In the kitchen area, tiles can be used to decorate walls, apron, and floor.

For the walls will be appropriate imitation of red and white bricks, natural stone. For flooring choose tiles that resemble the surface of concrete or metal.

If the kitchen provides for the functional division of zones into working and dining areas, they can be divided with the help of different finishes. The cooking zone will look stylish with brick or masonry and metal fittings, and in the dining room - wood imitation will add warmth and comfort. It is possible to divide zones by a bar counter or kitchen island. For their decoration also use a stylized tile under a brick or stone.



Ceramics in the decoration of the bathroom is used no less than in the kitchen. To achieve compliance with the loft style in the bathroom is not difficult with the help of several techniques:

  • minimum of furniture;
  • cool shades for wall decoration;
  • warm colors of accessories;
  • abundance of light;
  • the pipes laid over finishing materials;
  • the largest possible space.

It is better to hang mirrors without a frame, with polished edges. If the room of the bathroom is quite small, bright shades of decoration and a large mirror will help to visually enlarge it and fill it with air. Suitable colors are beige, gray and white. Tile is better to use clinker.




Tile for living room design

If the living room is large enough, you can combine different materials for wall decoration, since even the classic for the loft-style brickwork on all the walls will look monotonous and dark. For a change, you can use bleached masonry or light stone, and divide these materials with tiles that mimic metal sheets or plates.




Loft style bedroom design

For the bedroom area, materials are usually chosen that create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The combination of natural stone of cold shades and wood will give the bedroom the necessary atmosphere of solitude and peace. Textile items add a feeling of comfort and warmth.