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Decor of pots with their own hands (20 photos)


Indoor flowers are the undying classics that are always appropriate. Greenery gives comfort, a feeling of comfort and a special "domestication" of the apartment. If the green itself is quite static in its aesthetic qualities, then with pots, where it usually grows, you can do absolutely amazing creative experiments.



Rustic style flower pots

Many artificial elements in the case of competent combination can create a completely natural, natural installation, radiating warmth and comfort. "Country" style is suitable for decorating pots with simple greens, grass or flowers resembling field plants.

The effect of the patina looks very colorful, giving the products a special charm and aristocratic chic. Working on the creation of a creative design of this format is very exciting.

First of all, the surface of the pot must be degreased. For this, any alcohol-containing liquid is suitable. Then the work surface is carefully treated with sandpaper (it is better to choose a grit 70).

The pot is chaotically covered with a non-uniform layer or single strokes of putty. Over putty put paint. Ideal color for the decor - swamp or shade "autumn grass".

When everything is dry, the surface is again treated with sandpaper. Especially pay attention to areas where the putty too much. Now the dishes are really artificially old and resembles an antique item found in the excavations of ancient Rome.

Maritime style is always relevant. In addition, to create a small masterpiece with his own hands is extremely simple. To do this, you need to find pebbles, colored glass, seashells of natural origin and other materials that correspond to marine motives (can be of artificial origin).

You will also need high-quality glue that can bond even the largest shells to the work surface. Adhesive substance is applied to the surface of the pot for grass or flowers, as well as process the inner side of the shells and other large decor. All elements quickly connect with each other.

The pot is thoroughly washed, degreased and coated with silver paint. When the painted surface is completely dry, the middle segment of the dish is covered several times with white paint.

On four sides draw hieroglyphs. It is not necessary to draw real characters. You can come up with absolutely any signs that imitate oriental inscriptions.

Decorating your own pot sisal grass pots

Sisal is a very good option for a spectacular decoration of home dishes and containers for herbs and herbs. The surface of the pot is richly lubricated with an adhesive. Then in a circle carefully lay sisal filaments. In principle, this is the whole decor. Looks stylish and concise.

However, the design can be made more complicated. For example, twist the thread with gaps. And to empty an empty place with artificial pearls or other similar materials. Another relevant element is a braid woven from sisal, which can be attached to the rim of a pot.

As the main decorative element for flowerpots and pots, you can take moss, cones, birch bark. These elements combine together or make monocomposite from one type of natural raw material. In any case, this decor will look luxurious and exclusive.