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Plates on the wall in the interior (20 photos): examples of original decor


Even in the times of ancient Greece, the refined inhabitants of Rome classified plates into several categories: gift or souvenir, tableware, and decorative objects. In China at this time masters practiced in the production of high quality porcelain products, which were considered the original attributes of imperial power and omnipotence.

Beautiful pottery was not only on the holiday table or in the kitchen. Often, decorative plates on the wall were placed as a spectacular decoration, as well as showing their position and stating a certain solid status in society.

Today, the "plate" design is still relevant, and surprisingly wide possibilities will allow to place the main elements, fitting them into any format, always creating fresh unique compositions. Forming a stylish installation of wooden, clay and ceramic products, you should remember the following recommendations:

  1. The plates should be identical in color and style to the interior design of the kitchen, dining room or any other location where they will be placed;
  2. In order to correctly beat the space in the room and give the composition a certain dynamism, the plates are hung in a certain order of decrease (from smaller to larger and vice versa);
  3. For a rigorous design, underlined by a conservative spirit, designers advise to hang the plates strictly in a row;
  4. In the kitchen, this decor will always look appropriate and spectacular. In the dining room, living room, hallway and hall, appropriate organic installations are more difficult to make, but quite realistic. In the interior of the bedroom and children's room is usually not welcome abundance of such decor.



How best to place original jewelry

The easiest way to fix the "plate" decorations - hang them in one row. On the wall there is a central segment, where the installation will act as one of the main accents. A win-win situation is to hang several identical plates 5 to 15 inches above the finish line of the furniture along the wall.



Actual geometry

In modern interior designs are often seen bold experiments with geometry. Making a colorful figure with small ceramic or wooden elements is best on an empty wall. Squares, triangles and prisms look spectacular in large spacious rooms with large panoramic windows and "bare" walls.

This is the perfect design option for high-tech, art deco, loft and modern. In the Provence, vintage and Scandinavian style, huge installations are not welcome.



The arch is a wonderful Provence and universal modern

Decorate the arch of decorative tableware as easy as forming a single row or a primitive symmetry. Everyone will be able to give special refinement and rich gloss to any location in the room with his own hands.

In Provence style, it is permissible to form arches around windows. In classic interiors, exclusive dishes decorate the surface above the fireplace, near the bookshelves and the space above the doorways.

As soon as the design is thought out to the smallest detail, all the elements for decoration are assembled, it is time to choose the most appropriate option of mounting all the attributes on the wall. Fasteners, you can create your own hands or use the purchase analogues.

Almost every store offers comfortable Velcro. Usually they fix objects very securely and easily peel off. If necessary, the Velcro can always be removed, and the plate itself moved to another place.

Surprisingly, such small items can drastically alter the space. That is why it is extremely important to carefully consider all aspects of decoration.

If the wall covering is monotonous, or it is decorated in a very bright calm palette, the decor can be very bright, catchy. For example, for the style of Provence, you can choose decorative dishes pastel or neutral white, but with an abundance of floral ornaments. The floral print should “echo” with other elements in the interior (floral curtains, bright tablecloth, spectacular furniture upholstery).