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Kitchen interior with a sofa (51 photos): a cozy island


The kitchen interior with a sofa acquires a special chic: the room becomes more comfortable, original and attractive. Soft sofas add relaxing notes, make the space harmonious. In addition, such a kitchen acquires the features of a dining room or living room: it has more space for gatherings, evening conversations and informal meetings. Here you can relax with a book or laptop while drinking fragrant freshly brewed tea.






For example, you can pick up a modern corner sofa in the kitchen of 14 square meters. m, it will allow her to look more stylish. But such a model is suitable if you need a sofa as a replacement for chairs.

It will look great folding sofa, which will also serve as an extra bed. Sofas with a drawer differ in special functionality, it is convenient to store kitchen towels and other useful utensils in them.

Kitchen sofas can be made using a variety of materials: leatherette, furniture fabric and wood (sofa-bench). But in this case, the practicality of the upholstery comes out on top! In the kitchen so easy to stain the fabric with food. Therefore, we must immediately focus on either dark shades, or a variant of upholstery that will be easy to clean using modern detergents.



Have you settled on choosing fabric upholstery? Then it is necessary to install the most powerful hood, so that all the soot and pollution do not settle on the beautiful fabric of the sofa.

Of course, the best option is natural leather. It looks great in the interior, it is easy to wash, it is durable.

The most common materials for the sofa in the kitchen:

  • natural wood (beech and oak);
  • laminated chipboard;
  • leather;
  • leatherette;
  • flock;
  • chenille;
  • jacquard.






Color solutions

A kitchen design project with a sofa requires a careful approach to the color of upholstered furniture. The sofa should be in perfect harmony with the dominant shades of the room. For example, the kitchen is 13 square meters. m or 14 square meters. m bright, eye-catching sofa will not look the best way. It is desirable that the color of the model was neutral: consider shades such as gray, brown, the color of coffee with milk.

For a classic black and white kitchen, you can pick up a black leatherette sofa, and for a room decorated in a classic style, it is more logical to buy a beige sofa.





If you have a kitchen of more than 13 square meters. m, you can choose a brighter model - it would be appropriate to look yellow or red sofa, but then the room will need to be supplemented with other accessories of these shades.

The modern solution is a dark-colored corner sofa, it looks calm and solid, does not disturb the harmony of the room.




Large kitchen - room for imagination

Owners of a spacious kitchen of 16 square meters. meters can afford a fairly massive model: a beautiful folding sofa made of leatherette or textured fabric. Some problem may arise with the placement of the bar: these two elements should belong to different zones, they should be placed away from each other.

A leather sofa in a large kitchen of 16 square meters will look gorgeous. m to 18 square meters. m. Place it in a recreation area, and with a reasonable zoning of the room it will not divert all attention to itself, remaining the center only of its zone.






If you have a narrow rectangular kitchen, it is better to stay on a miniature model, which should be put along a long wall. For the kitchen of 18 square meters. m, you can choose a red folding sofa, which will add chic and elegance throughout your apartment.

For a large kitchen, the option of designer furniture is relevant - so you will emphasize the unusual design and your great taste.




With the right approach to the project, a cute sofa can be placed in a small kitchen, for example, from 10 square meters. meters Small sofas will perfectly fit even in a small room and perfectly complement the interior. Here we must understand that in a small or medium-sized kitchen, roll-out or transforming sofas are unlikely to fit: there is simply no room for them. This is a simple bench bench.

However, on such an area, the sofa should not stand out much, its main role is to fit well into the interior. Not recommended for leather models. Massive, bright sofas will also attract too much attention and occupy useful space. If you have a kitchen of 10 square meters. m or 11 square meters. m, pay attention to the mini-sofa neutral color, for example, gray.



On an area of ​​11 square meters. m to 12 square meters. m, you can put a couch sofa - a lighter, elegant option. It is easier to move, change the layout, and if necessary it can play the role of a berth. In general, the sofa-couch does not look so heavy and gives the interior elegance. The kitchen is 12 square meters. There is a little more space, here you can consider the version of the classic soft sofa of a small size.

If the narrow kitchen is rectangular in shape, then there are fewer options, however, in this case, you can choose a mini-sofa and place it along the long wall of the room. Here a lot will depend on the art of the designer. But with such a thing about the bar counter, it’s not worth thinking about. Choose one thing: either a sofa or a small bar counter.






In any case, the following rules apply for a medium-sized kitchen:

  • marginal functionality;
  • use of zoning principle;
  • match the overall color scheme.






Option for one-room apartment

If you have odnushka, the kitchen sofa will be especially relevant. First of all, this is an extra bed. It is especially important that the sofa was equipped with drawers, this will help the hostess to place kitchen utensils in a small space.

Also in the one-room apartment sofa couch is relevant: extra bed never hurt! The couch is useful in case of arrival of guests, illness of a family member or a desire to slightly change the situation and spend the night in an unusual place. It is always pleasant to please unexpected guests or overstay friends with a cozy sleeping place.



Kitchen design with a sofa allows the use of Provence style. Your kitchen will be tender, and at the same time it will look relevant. Provence style will require you to choose a soft model of light shades, wooden sofas-benches will also suit you. The main condition is the absence of sharp, screaming shades and maximum “naturalness”.

Do you have a spacious kitchen? Get a classic beige sofa with legs. But he has one drawback - it is easy to dirty. A light yellow elegant sofa or upholstered furniture of milky color will look good. A wicker sofa that can be decorated with many pillows will suit the eco-style kitchen.



Choose a suitable model

For the kitchen any sofa is suitable - transformable or not. This will determine your personal settings and ideas about the interior. But in terms of the choice of the mechanism, there are no special preferences, the limitation is imposed by the size of the room, the interior style, the layout. However, if there is an opportunity to purchase a transforming model, why not take advantage of this idea? Always possible option with guests, relatives, friends late. It will be great if you can provide them with a comfortable single bed!