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TV in the kitchen (50 photos): how to choose and where to hang


There are many opponents and fans of finding a TV in the kitchen, but today it is quite difficult to imagine modern kitchen without it. After all, the kitchen is the place where the family most often meets, spends time and receives guests. Therefore, choosing the right TV and arranging it in your kitchen, you can not only spend time with interest and benefit, but also create the coziest atmosphere and comfortable design.






Preparing to purchase a kitchen TV

To choose a TV in the kitchen is a rather difficult task, for the solution of which you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • TV model depends directly on the size of the room;
  • Arrange and attach the TV in the kitchen area is necessary so that it does not interfere with cooking and its reception. In addition, the protection against splashing water, hot steam and grease will have a great effect on its service life;
  • resistance to moisture and pollution, compactness and reliability.






Determine the size of the technique

The choice of the size and model of the TV directly depends on the area of ​​the kitchen room. For a small kitchen, according to experts, a 19-inch TV is optimal. The distance from the eyes to the screen with this screen should be at least one and a half meters. For large kitchen areas, it is better to choose a TV with a screen larger than 20 inches. It should be located at a distance of more than two and a half meters from the eyes, which will ensure a comfortable viewing. Choosing a small screen in a large room can lead to eye strain, from which the eyes will tire and a headache will appear.








Optimum installation height

Among the general rules of the location of the TV in the kitchen space, ophthalmologists recommend placing it at a height not exceeding the level of the human eye. Installation height depends on the position in which it is going to watch. If the mistress in the kitchen spends most of the time standing, then the TV should be hung high enough. In the case of watching programs, sitting at the dinner table, you need to consider options for mounting the TV on the wall or installing it on some kind of surface or shelf.







Features of placement of the TV: the choice of the best place and method of attachment

Where exactly to install a TV in most cases depends on the layout of the kitchen, as well as the design and components of the set of furniture located in it.

For example, the important point in determining the place for the TV is the location of the window. If you install the TV in front of him, then there is a possibility of screen glare, which will not allow to see the image clearly. The blinds or blinds will help to cope with this problem, but constantly raising and lowering them is not very convenient.










The location of the TV on the wall

The most convenient option, not taking up much space, is considered to hang the TV on the wall using a special mount or bracket. It is better to choose moving, rotating. This will give the opportunity to change the angle of inclination and rotation, if necessary. For example, choosing the type of LCD screen for the kitchen, which is optimal in terms of price and quality, without a rotating bracket, you will have to accept a small viewing angle. Wrong viewing angle will cause color distortion and loss of contrast. With LED screens you can forget about this problem. In addition to high-quality images, LED TVs also provide an opportunity to save electricity up to 40%.






When installing the TV on the wall is to ensure that the back panel does not fit close to the wall. This manipulation will promote good air passage for the ventilation of all mechanisms.

Whatever the TV in the kitchen (simple or high-tech), it is important that it matches the interior design. Alternatively, you can use the design of the case with different decorative elements, for example, made of leather, wood or stone. This will not only decorate an ordinary model, but will not let you be bored, having the opportunity to diversify the interior.

Do not ignore the built-in TV options. Modern design solutions offer a large selection of unusual TV layouts in the kitchen interior. Which one is better suited to kitchen design and does not empty the wallet - it's up to the hostess. They can be mounted in furniture (for example, the facade of a wall cabinet) or appliances (refrigerator, extractor hood), as well as placed in the same row as the built-in oven and microwave. Such a built-in TV in the kitchen should be very thin, and to install it is preferable to invite a specialist.




TV sets with kinescopes are no longer produced, but they can still be found in the kitchen. They take up a lot of space, so hanging them is quite difficult. The only way to place such TVs in the kitchen is to put it on a shelf, window sill or countertop. You can often find options for placing such equipment in the corner area of ​​the kitchen above the sink or in the corner on the countertop. The appearance of liquid crystal models helped solve this problem. Thin, small, neat, they easily fit on a shelf and do not occupy precious space on the work surface.



Tips for extending the life of your TV

Masters of repair services recommend vacuuming a TV located in the kitchen at least once a year. This procedure will allow cleaning it from dust and accumulated harmful substances, which will prevent breakage and damage.

If the TV is present in the kitchen, and it is actively used, then you should definitely take care of the control panel, wrapping it with plastic. This will protect it from penetration of fat and moisture, which will prevent damage.