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How to wash the windows in the apartment without divorce


With the arrival of spring or before the onset of the holiday I want the house to sparkle with purity and brilliance. And first of all - so that the windows look great, because it is in them that the mischievous sunshine falls, in order to fill the room with warmth and joy. That's just to do it with a brilliant result can not always. Meanwhile, the hour of general cleaning is getting closer, and the glass, covered with dirt and dust, as if they themselves ask: how to effectively wash the windows on the balcony so that the soul sang and the heart rejoice?

First of all, we recall the classical method, which is also very popular. It would be best to deal with them when it is overcast, because the bright sun will dry the cleaning solution faster than required, and the glass will remain in treacherous divorces.

  • We stock up on a pair of large tanks, one of which is clean water, and the other is a cleaning solution. We add to them two sponges - a soft foam rubber and a hard one, as well as a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Before taking up the glass, wipe the frame. The sequence is as follows: if the vacuum cleaner comes first, then a dry rag, then a soap solution and finally a rag soaked in clean water.
  • If the loggia is cool, then it will be right to take care of warm clothes: the windows do not like being treated superficially and looked after without proper preparation. And so that the glass does not sweat right during the work - provide the inflow of warm air in the loggia.
  • We take a foam sponge, wet it with soapy water and wash the glass, also using a hard sponge in places where the surface is very dirty.
  • After that, you can wash off the surface with plenty of clean water to remove residual detergent and wipe dry.
  • To shine the windows on both sides, we use a microfibre cloth that perfectly absorbs moisture and leaves no streaks.

Completing the gloss at home normal newspaper or toilet paper. Just wipe her glass. This method, called "classics", was inherited from our grandmothers, it is better to invent something better.

Even the most patented "classic" happens to fail, for example, if you do not put enough effort to rub one side of the window with a newspaper. Therefore, there is a way to wash the windows in the apartment as if they had just been removed from their original packaging. And you will not have to make excessive efforts, and the brilliance is achieved quickly, almost playfully. The time-consuming process can be simplified with a scraper, screed, or screed. At the same time you can buy in the store a means that the glass does not sweat.

First, prepare the scraper and stock up with containers for detergent and water, as well as foam sponges and dry cotton rags. Next, you need a little more attention to properly move in a given direction. The sponge goes into the container with soapy water. For better cleaning, you can squeeze it to a state where water does not flow by itself.

These traditionally include loggias and balconies. In case you intend to give a mud fight, then you can purchase a special mop intended for this purpose. It has a set of two nozzles, one - soft, the other - rubber. The first is required in order to wash the glass with detergents, and the second - for cleaning residual moisture. Working in the loggia with a mop, you can rinse the rubber nozzle in clean water and not use detergents after each pass. Movement on the surface of the windows follow from the top down, it is not necessary to reach the frames, then this surface can be wiped dry using a dry cloth.

There are many ways to quickly and without cost on both sides to clean the surface of the windows from heavy pollution. Just dilute your detergent with liquid or any other alcohol. Properly wash the surface cleanly and without staining will also help the chalk solution at the rate of two tablespoons of crushed chalk per liter of water. But with vinegar undiluted it would be best to make a transparent matte surface. Any old stains from paint or bird droppings are easily removed with a normal dangerous razor blade. And if the windows are heavily sweated, they should be cleaned with a solution of 20 parts of glycerin and 1 part of alcohol.

If you decide to wash the sliding windows, then you should be ready to remove and disassemble the frames. This process is rather laborious if you intend to get to two sides, and it would be better to invite a specialist for this purpose.

Separately, you should talk about plastic windows and care for them at home.

  • It is believed that the apartment will be clean if you wash the windows every six months. But you can take care of the plastic surface and more often, excluding from the detergents aggressive and abrasive.
  • Plastic surfaces should not be exposed to gasoline and solvents, otherwise they will turn yellow over time. It will be better if knives, chisel screwdrivers and other sharp objects will not be used when removing dirt from plastic glass.
  • It is also not recommended to wash it with the above-mentioned ammonia or other alcohol. But a special spray and a soft cloth are excellent tools for the care of a plastic window on both sides.
  • If we are talking about small plastic windows, then a cotton cloth and a sponge will help to wash them quickly and easily, household gloves are desirable on their hands.
  • In the loggias are often found large panoramic windows. It is better to wash them with the help of special screeds equipped with a sponge.
  • Any plastic windows require more gentle care than ordinary glass. On both sides, it is most effective to wash them with a special solution commercially available. But if necessary, such a solution for washing a plastic window can be quickly prepared in the house. In one liter of water required to stir a tablespoon of starch.
  • There are other recipes, but it should be borne in mind that plastic glasses are very sensitive to the effects of an aggressive environment.
  • Usually, if you wash the glass from two sides, then, for example, in a loggia you should start with a clean wash of the window from the outside, and then move to the inner surface.