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Bathroom wall design (19 photos): beautiful examples


Bathroom renovation is a responsible and rather tedious task. It is necessary to purchase materials, carry out work, make sure that everything is done with high quality and correctly. But before the work it is necessary to make the main thing - to choose the design in which the bathroom will be decorated. Without this solution, even the highest quality work will not bring the desired result.

Bathroom - room with high humidity. Therefore, it is necessary that all materials used for wall finishing have a moisture-proof coating. You can use tile, ceramic tile, mosaic and other materials. If you want a loft style bathroom, you can make a brick wall design.

Hygiene and ease of care. It is necessary that the wall covering can be easily washed and cleaned without difficulty. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a smooth material with a minimum of seams where dirt can get stuck. Brick wall or small tile coatings can be difficult in this regard.

Safety and environmental friendliness. Use for the walls only proven materials that have certificates of quality.

Wall covering must be resistant to various household chemicals and cleaning products, including aggressive ones.

Presentable appearance - a prerequisite. The bathroom should also provide aesthetic pleasure, so its design should be carefully considered.



Variants of materials

Ceramic tile

This material is inexpensive and practical. In addition, there are so many options for colors and textures of ceramic tiles that it is not difficult to choose a stylish option for any bathroom.

  • Tile - small and large - quite well cleaned, hygienic and waterproof.
  • Ceramic design will not "survive" too strong mechanical shocks. But even if a corner falls off the tile or it cracks, there is nothing terrible - it can be replaced with another, new one, without sacrificing the view of the wall.
  • With regard to prices, you can find ceramic tiles as an inexpensive cost, and use the tiles from the latest designer limited collections, which already cost a decent price. Choose a wall covering based on your wallet size.
  • Installation of ceramic tiles, although it causes some inconvenience for its long-term, but the result will hold on the walls for a long time.




  • Plastic panels - the most inexpensive option to make the design of bathroom walls beautiful and stylish.
  • The colors of such panels can be a huge amount - choose to your taste, taking into account the style of the bathroom.
  • The panels are simply mounted, they serve for a long time, they do not let water through and are very easy to maintain. To erase dirt and splashes from the surface, no abrasives will be needed - dirt from the plastic is easily “torn off” with the help of a usual wet sponge.



Self-adhesive film

This version of the wall covering is one of those methods that are called “cheap and cheerful”. Due to the diversity of the product range, ease of use and low cost, this finishing material, along with tile and painted walls, has received universal recognition and enviable popularity. Features:

  • Self-adhesive is available in such a wide range of colors that you can decorate the bathroom in any, even the most incredible color. However, stylists recommend to stay on the natural, natural range. This film will make the design of the room calm, cozy, contributing to rest and relaxation. A painting can add originality to the film.
  • The film is easily glued to any smooth surface. But she did not stick to the plaster. For the raw brick wall is also not suitable. The walls must be at least painted or from large tiles.
  • Just take care of the film - it is enough to wipe the surface of the walls with a damp sponge to bring cleanliness. It is much easier than looking after a brick wall in a loft style.
  • Of the minuses can be called not enough long life - the film can only be used as a temporary version of the coating to make an unusual design in the "gray days".
  • You can not call it a durable material. In addition, the film "cheapens" the type of room - so if you want to create a respectable image, then it definitely will not work. Even painted with ordinary paint walls look more "expensive".




  • This wall covering is one of the most popular due to the variety of colors, cheap cost and a rather beautiful and stylish look that gives.
  • Apply the paint only on carefully aligned walls - otherwise the paint with reliable accuracy will convey all their irregularities, bumps and flaws. The surface of the brick wall must first be plastered.
  • The paint can last for quite a long time, especially if you choose its type on a latex basis.
  • A bath painted with special acrylic paint will also have a second life.
  • Simple painting allows you to create a diverse design for any style. With the help of paint, you can decorate the bathroom walls with various paintings, ornaments, patterns, elegant painting. Even the bath can be painted.
  • Walls painted in different colors, you can make a pleasant variety in the interior of the home.

Modern designers are not too shy in choosing the means for finishing the room. Therefore, for the bathroom, you can come up with quite interesting original design options.

So, you can make one of the walls, for example, completely mirror. In addition to its obvious aesthetics, this technique also visually expands the room. But careful care of a smooth surface will be necessary. Due to stains and splashes on it, the whole bathroom will lose its appearance. As an option - you can arrange the walls of mirror tiles.