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Wall decoration in the nursery (21 photos): create joy and harmony


If the family has a baby, then it must have a separate room. Perhaps not immediately, but sooner or later most moms and dads manage to provide the child with a separate “living space”. And, of course, there is such a question as the design of the walls in the nursery. And, besides, you still need to take care of the furniture, decor and design of other surfaces in the room. It is important that the nursery conforms to the concepts of ergonomics, convenience and comfort, but at the same time it is necessary that the appearance of the room is beautiful and attractive - children are very sensitive to beauty and feel better in nice looking rooms. In the article we will consider the peculiarities of decorating children's rooms.

Consider the main points that need to be considered when making out a children's room:

  • The nursery should be comfortable for the child - furniture, decor, pictures and other trifles - everything should evoke the feeling of “at home”.
  • Of course, all materials that are used in the design of the room, must necessarily be safe. Therefore, when choosing furniture, coatings and decor, pay special attention to this, take a look at product quality certificates.
  • Without a doubt, the children's room should be beautifully decorated externally - a variety of delightful ideas can now be found on specialized sites. The child should be pleased to be in the bedroom, otherwise he will not perceive this room as a cozy "his" corner.



Consider how to correctly choose the color decoration of the children's room. After all, according to psychologists, the color greatly affects our mood and mental state. And if adults can cope with the manifestations of their nervous system and curb them, then children, due to the weak psyche, cannot do this. So, recommendations:

  • Do not use in the children's bedroom a lot of red. This bright shade promotes activity, and in excessive quantities it can cause nervous overexcitement in boys and girls.
  • Yellow color is useful for the development of intelligence. Therefore, the working area is well decorated mainly with this color, you can even do it yourself. In addition, the yellow tint helps concentration and promotes the development of perseverance in boys and girls.
  • Orange color is well suited for decoration of the playing area in the room of both the girl and the boy. The orange tint in the bedroom is an uplifting mood and contributes to the feeling of inner joy and happiness.
  • Blue or blue color will be appropriate in the recreation area and in the sleeping area - where the child is resting. This color is great for relaxing and relaxing. In addition, decorating with blue excites the imagination and pushes the child to the desire to open new horizons, suggests new ideas.
  • Green is a universal color for a child’s boy as well as a girl’s. Suitable as a base, and for registration of any of the zones in the room. This natural shade contributes to the good mood of the baby, supports its sound and healthy sleep.
  • Gentle pink tint of the room causes a feeling of coziness and comfort, reduces the level of child aggression. Especially suitable for the girl's room.

Consider what points need to be considered when making out the room of the young "gentleman".

For the design of the boy's room is better to use a neutral color scheme. The child will then be able to do his own hands to complement the interior with bright posters and portraits, stickers and stickers.



For girls

What ideas need to be considered when designing the room of a little princess.

All girls intuitively strive for beauty, therefore decorating the room of even a very small girl should meet high aesthetic standards. Gentle colors, elegant decor, charming jewelry - all this is fully able to appreciate the girls.

Consider what the requirements should meet the choice of finishing materials for the design of a child's room.

The first and foremost requirement is quality and safety. Without compliance with this condition, all further decor of the walls in the nursery is no longer important.

Recommendations for parents that will allow more competently to issue a child's room.

When choosing ideas for decorating walls and furniture for a boy’s or girl’s room — if they are already able to communicate and carry on a conscious dialogue — be sure to consider their opinion. If the child categorically does not like a certain decoration or image of some cartoon character, then you should not impose them on him. Otherwise, the child will experience uncomfortable feelings when he is in his room.