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The ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen (20 photos): a unique decoration of the interior


Drywall is a modern finishing material that allows you to decorate a room in a beautiful and aesthetic way. This material is great for decorating ceilings in any room of the house, including the kitchen. After all, it is known that the kitchen is the room, the decoration of which requires a special approach. Kitchen surfaces should absorb odors, be resistant to yellowing, heat and steam. All these requirements meets the ceiling of plasterboard. And besides, the design with it also looks very aesthetically pleasing and can decorate any kitchen. Let us consider in more detail - how best to arrange the ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen.

Consider the main advantages that gives us the design of the kitchen ceiling using drywall:

  • Appearance is a definite plus of this material. From plasterboard, you can "cut" any pieces, even the most intricate, to realize different ideas of designers, to paint in any color. In this respect, the material is universal.
  • Drywall - moisture resistant material, which is important for the kitchen area.
  • Finishing this material allows you to perfectly mask all the flaws of construction, hides the wiring, communications, or ugly vents of the ventilation shaft. Particularly good in this regard, suspended and multi-level ceiling.
  • Illumination is easily built into the ceiling of the plasterboard, which allows you to beautifully decorate the kitchen ceiling and zone the room. Interesting ideas and options can be easily found on specialized resources.
  • The ceiling of plasterboard can be layered. This feature allows you to more stylishly decorate the kitchen space, to give it chic and even a luxurious look.
  • Drywall is simple and easy to install. It weighs little, so it is not difficult to cope with it, even one person.
  • The material is easy to paint in any color. It can be glued with wallpaper or decorated with fabric. This makes it possible to more creatively approach the arrangement of the kitchen space, to express your ideas and fantasies, embodying the design.
  • Plasterboard is environmentally friendly and safe from a health point of view. It is non-toxic, does not emit harmful fumes, does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, this material can be used in apartments with small children and sick people.
  • The material is able to protect against the appearance of fungus and mold - this scourge is too wet rooms.
  • Good soundproofing properties allow you to isolate the ceiling of the drywall from noisy neighbors above. Particularly good and effective in this regard is the multi-level ceiling.
  • If you correctly apply different levels and their options when making the ceiling, you can achieve the visual effect of expanding the space and increasing the height of the room.
  • The design of plasterboard gives a stylish look to any kitchen. This modern material is able to make the room fashionable, giving it originality and individuality.



Consider what types of plasterboard ceilings are suitable for the design of kitchen space.


This ceiling is the most common variation. Suspended ceiling looks good, perfectly masks flaws and bumps, gives the kitchen a stylish appearance.

Behind the suspended structure, all communications, numerous wires, and ventilation are perfectly concealed. This finish well emphasizes the stylish modern design.

A suspended ceiling allows you to mount any kind of lighting - any ideas are possible. Built-in spotlights and their different colors will help to adjust the kitchen space and help to zone the room.





Such a ceiling is a more capital construction than a suspended one. It is more durable and reliable than the previous one, but, however, it has less room for decoration.




Such a beautiful and stylish ceiling is also a common option, however, it requires a higher room. If the height of the walls is 2.5 m, then two levels of drywall will make the room even lower.

  • The two-tier version provides more possibilities for decorating and applying various design tricks and styles. So, it can have different geometric shapes, including complex ones. It can be fancifully bent by a snake or a spiral, have smooth or strict, accurate outlines. All this allows you to fully express your imagination and make just such a ceiling, which will most of all please its owner.
  • A two-level plasterboard ceiling is often combined with tension structures. Small kitchen in this case is not suitable.
  • Two-level compositions allow you to mount any lamps in them, their design provides tremendous opportunities for competent room zoning.





This option is usually designed for high and spacious kitchens. Its several steps-levels require enough space. But this is the most decorative option of all. Its color and shape may be different.



Useful tips

What you need to know every homeowner, who conceived repairs in his kitchen.

Deciding to make a ceiling of plasterboard, be sure to take note of the size of the room. In a too small kitchen, multilevel ideas and compositions, as well as the suspended version, will be inappropriate - such a finish will make the kitchen even lower and more squat.