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Colored toilets: the possibilities of color in the bathroom (22 photos)


White color is most often used for the production of suspended and floor toilets. However, modern design of bathrooms requires bright colors and shades, so a wide range of toilet bowls can be found on the plumbing market, which will differ not only in design, shape and method of fixing, but also in color. In this case, you can create a more vivid and unusual design of the bathroom. However, when choosing color toilet bowls, it is necessary to carefully monitor the color range. Not all shades will look good in the bathroom. For example, when choosing a toilet for a large family, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all households. Before buying, you should consider the main types, models and features of the choice of colored toilet bowls.



The advantages of colored toilet bowls

Colored toilet bowls are not always products of the same color. Some models can be infused with different shades or contain unusual patterns. Modern technologies make it possible to put on the surface of the toilet almost any drawings, creating a durable and bright pattern.

The disadvantage of such toilets is the higher cost compared to their white counterparts. However, they have several significant advantages:

  • Brightness and individuality. Multi-colored plumbing looks more expressive, therefore, it is able to give the room individuality and a bright appearance.
  • A wide range of colors and patterns. Modern technologies allow you to put on the ceramic, plastic or faience toilet any patterns and ornaments. This can be used as a color coating, and dye, which is added directly to the raw materials in the production of toilet bowls.
  • The possibility of creating an unusual interior. If you put a toilet in the toilet, it can become the center and main focus of the room. In addition, you can order the plumbing is not only bright colors, but also an unusual design.

Thus, the advantages of colored toilets, primarily related to their appearance, so colored bathroom fixtures are popular with lovers of beautiful and unusual things.

Colored toilet bowls differ in design, connection type, design and other characteristics. However, the main difference is the technology of staining. It is this indicator that affects the service life, the resistance of paints to mechanical damage and fading, as well as decorative properties.




According to the method of coloring they are:

  • Products painted during production. In this case, the dye is added to the raw materials for the production of sanitary ware. In this case, there is no risk of cracking the coating; therefore, no special operating conditions are required. However, these toilets have frosted dull shades, and look good only in black or other dark shades.
  • Glazed toilet. Such toilet bowls are not made of colored materials, but are covered with enamel glaze of the desired shade. This allows you to create the most unusual, vibrant and rich colors. Modern technologies allow you to create acrylic coating of the highest quality, which retains brightness and does not crack. However, in order to prolong the life of a glazed toilet, it is necessary to follow the rules of operation, avoiding temperature changes and mechanical damage.

If we talk about the types of the toilet bowl, then first of all it is necessary to consider the classification by type of fasteners, shape and other standard characteristics.




Main types of toilet bowls:

  1. By type of installation. According to this criterion, floor and wall mounted toilet bowls differ. Floor constructions are standard constructions which are distinguished by lower cost, as well as by the availability of free space on the floor of the toilet for installation. Unlike floor toilets, suspended structures have an aesthetic appearance and compact size.
  2. By way of connection. Toilets with an oblique, bottom and direct release are available. The most popular are products with oblique releases because of the particular sewer laying.
  3. By way of assembly. On this basis, you can select a compact toilet, without a cistern with a separate cistern and toilet seats monoblocks. The latter look has an original design, but is impractical. In case of breakage of one element, you will have to change the product entirely.
  4. By the form of the bowl. They can be funnel-shaped, dish-shaped and visor. The latter option is the most popular due to the presence of sufficient slope for self-removal of defecation products, as well as the absence of a surge.
  5. According to the materials of manufacture. Colored toilet bowls can be porcelain, plastic, earthenware, ceramic and even stone. Color coated products are most often made of ceramics and porcelain.

Toilets are also divided by size and design, so when choosing color toilet bowls one should take into account many parameters, each of which is extremely important for comfortable operation.




The use of color toilets in the interior

The only reason for which you can give preference to a color toilet bowl, is the desire to create with its help a stylish design of the bathroom or toilet. The use of bright colors and unusual shapes allows owners to express their individuality when creating a bathroom design.

At the same time restrictions in terms of decor are practically absent. It is possible to apply any drawings and ornaments to a ceramic toilet bowl, to use a glazed covering of any color and brightness. Such a toilet can be made the center of the composition, having built the interior around it. In this case, the color of the toilet can pick up tiles, decorative items and even textiles. However, you can install a toilet and a contrasting color.



When choosing a colored toilet bowl, the same selection criteria should be taken into account as for standard products. However, the higher cost of such products should indicate its highest quality, so it is recommended to carefully evaluate the condition of the products, and examine the quality certificates.




Basic selection rules:

  1. You should ensure that there are no external defects, which may include cracks, chips, color irregularities, or poorly printed patterns. In the presence of defects it is better to refuse to purchase a specific model of the toilet. A reliable manufacturer will never launch a product with visual defects.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to the specifications of the toilet model. What is important is the type of connection, tank mounting method, bowl shape and dimensions. Without taking into account these characteristics, the toilet will poorly perform its functions or its connection will be impossible. It is worth carefully considering the mechanisms of the product. They should look reliable and durable. This will prevent the possibility of product breakage.
  3. It is recommended to ask the manufacturer of the selected model. You can search for information about it on the Internet, as well as ask the seller to provide a certificate of quality.
  4. When choosing a material it is best to give preference to porcelain. Such a toilet for a long time retains the original color, which is especially important when buying a color product.
  5. The toilet is the first thing that every person meets with in the morning. And to start the day well, the toilet should be comfortable, so do not be shy and choose a model only on the external characteristics, it will not be superfluous and try to sit on it.
  6. The majority of toilet bowls also includes a seat. As a rule, it is cheap plastic seats, which are recommended to be immediately changed to better and more comfortable ones. However, in a set of some expensive models of toilet bowls there is a colored toilet seat with a microlift, with which the lid closes on its own.

When choosing floor or hanging colored toilet bowls, you should consider the technical characteristics, design, size, cost and cost. To search for a color product that fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom, you have to spend more time, but the result is worth it - a color toilet bowl will turn the bathroom or toilet into a stylish and unusual room.