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Black and white living room (50 photos): modern interiors with bright accents


The combination of black and white - one of the most popular design techniques for interior design in a modern house. Everlasting classics, impeccable harmony, style, chic and modernity - all this is a black and white interior. In the article we will consider the design of the living room with these opposite, but so matching colors. So, what is so attractive black and white living room, and what features such a design.





The main advantages of the living room design in black and white:

  • The living room gets a stylish look. The “wall”, which is familiar to us, can also fit into such an interior, which is, of course, black or white.
  • Diluted with several bright colors, the living room can turn into a refined lounge, where the whole family and guests will be happy to gather. Stretch ceiling in white, black furniture, monochrome wallpaper or traditional wallpaper in tone look especially harmonious.
  • The predominance of white expands the space and turns the living room visually into a fairly large room. The living room with a white ceiling and walls, decorated with black elements, gives a feeling of weightlessness, but at the same time and thoroughness. The ceiling at the same time can be stretched or traditional, perhaps even with accents in the form of interesting lighting.
  • This interior is relaxing, does not create tension for the eyes, pacifies. Therefore, the design in black and white is suitable for creating an environment designed to relax.
  • The living room in a monochrome interior looks refined and sophisticated.
  • Contrasts created by two opposite colors, allow to emphasize interesting interior details. Furniture acquires a special sound, and wallpaper or wallpaper on the walls in black and white look always stylish.
  • The black and white gamma of the living room gives the interior, which does not have to be changed in accordance with the trends of fleeting fashion. Monochrome gamma in modern black and white will always be popular. Therefore, having decorated the living room in black and white, you can be sure that you are creating a fashionable design for many years.









Features of interior styles

What style of living room is best suited for black and white:

  • The ideal choice would be the interior in the style of minimalism. It is most well combined with a strict laconic range. Particularly stylish look white stretch ceiling, black furniture and black and white wallpaper or wallpaper.
  • A living room designed according to classical canons will also look great in black and white. Even the traditional wall in black will look attractive with a white ceiling, floor and walls.
  • The specific, but attractive interior in the style of boho is also well combined with the modern sound of a black and white gamut.
  • The laconic Scandinavian style is wonderfully combined with black and white. Simple strict lines look very good in this interior. Black furniture, stylish vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper in the corresponding colors are perfect for this interior, and the stretch white ceiling will add a sense of spaciousness.










Living room furniture

How to choose furniture for monochrome black and white living room:

  • Do not use pieces of furniture made in the same color - black or white. A white sofa with black armrests or a black wardrobe with white decorative details will look more harmonious and interesting. And the appropriate wallpaper or wallpaper will help the space to become one.
  • Looks good in this living room leather. It can be covered with sofas and chairs.
  • It is best to use natural wood, qualitatively dyed and processed. The interior will look really expensive and respectable.











As with the help of black and white gamma, you can give the living room a stylish look and relevant touches:

  • The same black and white carpets look great in a modern black and white living room interior. Stylish looks carpet, stylized zebra skin or with a graphic ornament. For the black and white gamma, simple lines and understood patterns are best suited.
  • Making the living room in black and white, it is better not to be limited to two colors. This also occurs, but in such an interior there is a feeling of cold and lifelessness. It will be much more interesting to use halftones, transitional colors between black and white. It can be both light gray and its darker version. They give the room depth, and the setting - a stylish look. For example, sofas from gray suede, light gray graphite curtains, steel-colored wall or dark gray furniture will look very harmonious in black and white space.
  • Use bright details in a small amount. Several spots of scarlet, yellow or emerald shades will decorate the living room, make the interior more bold and lively, dynamic. In addition, the monochrome design diluted with bright details will not be boring and excessively strict. At the same time it is desirable to leave the ceiling white, and to use bright details using wallpaper, photo wallpaper or decorative elements.
  • Black color helps to focus on some interesting details of the interior, and white gives a feeling of lightness. Therefore, choosing furniture, it is recommended to use more black, and buying wallpaper or wallpaper for walls - to focus on the white color.












Features of the choice of the prevailing color for the living room:

  • If you choose the predominant black color, it is worth noting that this interior is most suitable for single men leading an active lifestyle. In a stylish black and white interior, where white is optional and black is basic, a man will be comfortable to be, as the space becomes powerful, brutal and modern. It is desirable to use with a combination of glossy and matte surfaces, where black gloss will prevail. The shiny surface will make the room less gloomy - glossy can be household appliances, wall and other furniture. Tension or traditional ceiling while it should remain white.
  • You can experiment with the ceiling, sticking on it wallpaper with a beautiful modern picture or wallpaper in black and white, which is dominated by white.
  • It is not recommended to use the prevailing black color in small rooms, as it greatly reduces the space visually. Therefore, it can only be available to owners of modern open-plan housing. For a small room, a maximum can be put black and white furniture and stick wallpaper or wallpaper in the appropriate range.
  • The interior with white ceiling, furniture and walls makes the room spacious, free, alive and bright. Ideal for families, promotes harmony and tranquility in the house.
  • Be sure to consider how well the room is lit before choosing the predominant color. If there is only one window in the living room, and even that small one goes to the north, then it is better not to choose black as the main color, since the room will become completely gloomy. To make such a room lighter, use a stretch ceiling in pure white.
  • In a room with a predominance of black color, there must be more lighting devices, and at all levels - it is not recommended to limit it to just a ceiling lamp. Table lamps, a floor lamp and, possibly, additional point lighting with bright light bulbs to help zone the space should be required. Stretch ceiling will be the best assistant to create a good room lighting.
  • Even when choosing a basic black color, never black the ceiling - in any case, it should be in bright colors. Black ceiling in the interior has a depressing impression, which significantly affects the psyche and mood.