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Modern kitchen (20 photos): beautiful interior ideas


The kitchen room is more of a female training ground for homework, so the absolutely normal desire of the weak half of humanity to equip their “workplace” with maximum functionality and practicality, while not forgetting about the aesthetic side of the coin. Modern kitchens easily cope with all the tasks, because technological progress allows you to calculate everything to the smallest detail.

  • Minimalism. The basis of modern style is minimalism, no clutter of things, the less extra details, the better.
  • Functionalism. All furniture is selected only for the purpose of beneficial use. The facade should be made of both lightweight and durable material. The kitchen set-transformer is just an ideal construction from which you can squeeze out all the functions to the maximum, at the same time, so that it occupies the minimum of such useful space in the household.
  • Simplicity and clarity of lines. The shape of the facade may be different. But do not forget that bulky furniture, as well as dark-colored furniture, will make the small space much heavier, making it visually even smaller. Well, on the contrary, simple and bright furniture will make the kitchen optically larger. And for the kitchen of medium and large sizes in this regard, there are no restrictions.
  • Space. Modern kitchens are not pronouncedly divided into zones. Therefore, the kitchen room, smoothly flowing into the living room - this is a common phenomenon.
  • Conciseness. If the change of kitchen furniture is not included in the plans of the owners, you can try to “ease” it by adding shelves of open format and good lighting.




The many facets of modern style

In a modern kitchen, elements are combined, the union of which is absolutely unacceptable in other styles, the main thing is to keep it concise, clear and simple in lines and shapes. If you wish, you can add parts from other styles. The highlight of the modern style in its many faces, diversity and uniqueness. This style will require the owners to implement their ideas and ideas. By combining the most incredible components, the apartment owners will receive an absolutely exclusive and unique kitchen interior.



Modern style for small kitchen space

Given that the basis of modern style is minimalism, it is suitable for the kitchen of small and even the smallest dimensions.



Facing the modern kitchen room

Modern kitchen will require modern materials. It is good that technological progress can provide a fairly large selection of raw materials, such as glass, plastic, plaster, and of course wood and metal, which will never go out of fashion.

If we talk about the decoration of the walls and floor of the kitchen space, it is better to use high-quality materials of high strength. For facing of a floor and an apron the most actual tile or porcelain tile. Linoleum can be used for flooring. If we talk about the money side, in this case, high-quality linoleum can stand at the level of expensive tiles. Therefore, to choose only the owners, each material in its own way is good, as long as it is combined with the overall interior. The individuality of the room can be emphasized with modern wall-papers or spectacular lighting devices. But the ceilings in the kitchen in a modern style do not require much pretentiousness.