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Provence style living room (22 photos): beautiful furniture and decoration


The modern man, tired of the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, is increasingly turning his attention to the origins - nature. There is a need to plunge into the world of simplicity of village life. And wakes up the desire to create at least the illusion of this life in his apartment or in the country. Today’s popular rustic interior design styles help create this illusion. A variation of this style is the French Provence style. The decor in the Provencal style will turn your cottage or city apartment into a miniature village house (even if your apartment is an ordinary Khrushchev-style house).

Provence is an area in the south-east of France. Provence is the Alps, the Mediterranean, Cote d'Azur. Provence is lavender valleys, olive groves, golden vineyards, slightly faded green meadows. Provence is a reddish sun, a blue sky, azure waves, a blue smooth surface of the sea, and yellow coastal dunes. And this is a real paradise!

The main distinguishing features of the Provencal style:

  • Provence style is universal. It is appropriate in the living room of any size and any shape. And at the same time, using this style, there will be no need for any special alterations (height differences, bay windows, protruding parts of the walls). The simpler the room will be in its shape - the better. Everything will decide the interior decoration, decor and furniture.
  • The interior of the living room in Provence style is made mainly in light pastel colors. All interior trim - natural muted colors. The dosed “blotches” in the décor of orange, yellow, lavender, azure and aqua colors enliven the interior. Such a bright color accent can be, for example, a sofa, curtains or accessories.
  • Wooden tinted or patina-covered furniture, giving a slight touch of antiquity. Forged chandeliers. French Provence also provides iron painted furniture. The “business card” of the style is a small 2-seat, or 3-seat sofa in the living room with a wicker seat. Looks like three chairs joined together with armrests.
  • Wallpaper in the Provencal style is not used. Apply whitewashing for wall decor. And it may not necessarily be white or pastel shades.
  • Ceilings with wooden beams. These beams are usually natural in color. But they can also be painted or whitened.
  • The floor in the Provence style apartment is made of wooden plates, or from plates of baked red clay of rectangular, square, or hexagonal shape.
  • The sofa and the tables are covered with white bedspreads, or from a fabric with an unobtrusive pattern.
  • The design of the living room in Provence style involves the use of fabrics with a printed stylistic pattern in the form of poppy and lavender bouquets, olive tree branches, and lavender baskets.
  • When decorating the living room in the Provencal style, they use various cute things from clay, wicker and other natural materials, often made with their own hands.
  • French Provence prefers purely natural materials. When making a dining room, it is customary to use wood and ceramics, wicker and faience, forged products, stone, brick, natural fabrics.
  • The olive tree, lavender and sunflower are the symbols of Provencal style.




French Provence prefers dull, as if "faded" in the sun, natural colors. In his palette - all shades of white, saffron, pale indigo, lavender, olive, pistachio colors. As well as shades of red and ocher.

Most often, Provence decor consists of a basic white color (or its shades) with the addition of small, brighter inclusions - interior details, curtains, accessories. Light strokes of black color are possible - forged chandeliers, furniture decoration, various decorative elements.



Interior decoration of the living room in the Provencal style

All building materials used for interior decoration of the living room should be exclusively natural.

The walls in the Provencal style do not bear a certain load in the general style and are used, most often, as a background for the decor and furniture. Use wallpaper is not accepted. The only exceptions are wallpaper for painting or their “liquid” version. The walls are finished with textured or simple plaster, and deliberate negligence in the performance of this procedure is welcome. For the decoration of the walls is also permissible to use wood paneling, or masonry. Then the walls are covered with paint suitable for a particular interior, or they retain the natural color of the materials.

Furniture in the interior Provence, in addition to the functional, also plays a decorative role. All items must be made from natural materials. It should be antique, or purposely aged furniture. It should look a bit coarse - a matt surface painted in light shades that has no gloss.

If you wish, you can equip the living room fireplace. Designers, however, did not come to a common opinion - should it be present in the Provencal interior or not. But it is better to build on this issue from individual preferences and desires.

Decorating the living room in the style of Provence, you can use a variety of cute trinkets and objects made with your own hands. This porcelain figurines, homemade dolls, wicker baskets, frames with family photos, boxes and boxes.