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Bedroom in minimalism style (21 photos): nuances and a beautiful combination of furniture, curtains and decor


Minimalism in the design of any object is always simplicity, conciseness and accuracy of objects that create a single conceptual style. The bedroom interior in the style of minimalism always meets the following criteria:

  1. Visual and actual space;
  2. The minimum amount of furniture;
  3. No sense of "cluttering up" the room;
  4. The lack of a palette of colors, all done in a single color scheme;
  5. Monochrome is possible;
  6. Practicality and convenience always prevail over decor and aesthetics.

Minimalism adheres to the above requirements, but has a certain kind, and as for the bedroom, the choice of minimalist style is quite large.

Minimalism can be:

  • Ethnic. When the designer takes the attributes and decor elements of a certain people, relishes all the brevity and simplicity, and then creates a specific style of minimalism. Most often, the Japanese or African style falls under such an object.
  • Scandinavian. Designers, due to their practicality and external aesthetics, single out the Scandinavian style separately. The Scandinavian style is a kind of interior, clothed, often in extremely light, or rather white palette. High ceilings, lack of curtains, white furniture, natural floor boards - all this is Scandinavian, minimalist style.
  • Urban. The growth of cities also includes the development of architecture, the architecture that is always executed in clear, geometric forms, external elegance and practicality of the structures themselves. This type of style was successfully extrapolated to the interior design of the house: from the kitchen to the bedroom.
  • High tech. High-tech, as a bedroom design in the style of minimalism, scares many, but it is he who represents clarity, conciseness, order. Furniture, wallpaper, windows, ceiling - everything appears in the same, "cold" colors.




Style "Minimalism" in the interior of the bedroom: the basis of style

The first association that flies into the brain with the word "minimalism" is the minimum. A minimum of things, a minimum of attributes, a minimum of limited space. The bedroom in the style of minimalism should solve the main problem - how to give the tenant a lot of space, do not clutter up the room and at the same time preserve comfort in it.

A person must choose an interior style that would remove all unnecessary and provide him with visual space. The most important part in this issue is the furniture - it is she who is able to hide all the trash that accumulates in the room. Just need to install a wardrobe, built-in wardrobe system, a bed with built-in drawers, etc.




Furniture in the bedroom of a minimalist style.

Furniture in the style of minimalism is furniture without unnecessary external details (painting, patterns, carvings, images). At the same time, the furniture in this style is, most often, small, which gives the room more space and conciseness of design.




The section of the wall located above the bed should not be empty, it must be filled with some design elements. It can be a picture, a panel, lamps, you can even build a niche, but only small in volume.

The bedroom in the style of minimalism should not be spotted with fabrics. The only fabrics here are bed linen, but even it should be monotonous, no patterns, no patterns — only monophonic classics. If you do not use the Scandinavian style, it is desirable to lay the fabric in black, it will create a contrast in the bedroom.