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Tree in the interior (53 photos): beautiful textures and colors in the design of rooms


Apartment design offers a large selection of products for interior decoration. Today, the buyer can choose for the decoration of his house both artificial and natural materials, such as wood, stone, brick. Although progress does not stand still, a person wants to create a small island of wildlife in his house. Therefore, such natural components as wood in the interior, stone and brick are among the main fashion trends in the decor.






Wood of various species since ancient times was used in the decoration of housing, as well as the creation of furniture. Today, the tree in the interior again becomes a trend with the creation of a unique style and design of any house, apartment or room due to the huge palette of colors, shades and textures.

Modern wooden wallpaper and saws look very elegant. Interior items made of wood, various parts, colors, furniture can be perfectly combined with products from other materials - stone, metal, glass - can be successfully combined in the bathroom, nursery, bedroom, living room and hallway, creating a high-tech style.






How to correctly choose the material for finishing?

The tree is excellently combined with other types of finishing materials, such as a stone, a brick, metal, glass. All elements created from wood can be perfectly combined to create the interior of a house, apartment or room.

Material for decoration can be both natural and artificial. Natural, more valuable and expensive, include such types of wood as oak, walnut, maple, cedar, mahogany. The list of imitations is also wide: veneer, MDF and chipboard, laminate, cladding panels, wallpaper. All these materials are perfect for any kind of decor, wall decoration, ceiling, floor, doors, furniture in the bathroom, living room, children's room and hallway.








How best to use wood and stone trim?

There are several areas of use of wood and stone in the decor of the room:

  • Walls. When decorating the walls of the bathroom, kitchen, living room, child should consider the type of wood, its texture, the size of the tiles, their color. In the apartment you can use different cuts with the same texture on the walls. In the high-tech kitchen, combinations of small and large stones, brickwork and metal decor are perfect. As a decoration of the walls of the children's room, wallpaper of various colors and wooden tiles made of oak and larch with a smooth texture will do. From artificial materials suitable wallpaper with a pattern "under the tree." Bathroom walls will look good with wood products. Stonework can be used as wallpaper for the kitchen.
  • The floors. Wooden flooring is a classic of the genre. The color of the floor must match the color of the walls. The floor in the apartment spread with various materials: parquet, laminate, wood tile.
  • Ceiling. As finishing go wooden boards, timber. Natural materials from oak, alder, spruce wood are mainly used. For laying fit boards, tiles, beams, combined with the walls in texture and color. As a decor, metal in the form of pendants, chandeliers or mirror inserts can be used.
  • Furniture. The furniture is created from natural wood of valuable species: solid oak, pine, birch, mahogany, thereby creating an exquisite style. More budget furniture, as a rule, is created from chipboard, MDF, fiberboard panels. The cut can be used as a piece of furniture, for example as a coffee table. Look great in the room partition of the cuts.
  • Doors. Doors made of wood are considered the most durable than other, more modern materials. They are made for every taste and purse and combined with the finishing of metal and glass.
  • The decor. Wooden decor gives the house or apartment style and taste. Various statuettes, partitions, accessories can be used as parts, sawn cuts as a decor, lamps and other woodwork, masonry made of stone look great.








Room Design

Wood in the interior is the easiest and most practical way to create an original design. There are basic types of design: classic, elegant, modern, high-tech. If the classic consists of a large number of wooden products, then hi-tech is more versatile.

Classic design

The classic style suggests austerity, a minimum of decor, natural shades. A lot of white color is a never fading classic. The mahogany finish also belongs to the classic look. If white color gives lightness, then red gives refinement and shine. Style does not imply a large number of ornaments and artsy products.

When finishing a classic bathroom, remember that this room is wet. The material for finishing walls, floor and furniture is best suited MDF plate with water-repellent impregnation and uniform texture, as well as wallpaper "under the tree." It will look good partition of wood. Stone as a wall finish would also be a profitable option.




Wall decoration for a classic kitchen can be made of wooden wallpaper with a smooth texture, as a decor can be used cuts, metal products as decorations, aprons of small or large stone, a wall of tiles that mimic bricks. For smaller kitchens, it is better to use light wood, such as oak, as well as furniture with glass inlays. Color is best white.

For a classic interior living room, children's room, hallway, bedrooms are best suited products made of natural wood, better than oak. In the living room, parquet floor, the ceiling with the use of beams is well combined with forged metal chandelier; walls covered with natural wood wallpaper, strict furniture - all elements are made in shades of the same color. Well-thought-out details: a fireplace lined with natural stone and brick, picture and window frames. The entrance hall is very well matched with white details. The decor from the cut will look beautiful when creating an interior in a classic style for the rooms.



Elegant design

The design assumes the presence of refined products for decoration. Very stylishly aged wood of light or dark shades. The decoration uses only natural materials, such as oak.

The bathroom will luxuriously look aged wood in the decoration of the floor, walls, and furniture. As a decor, gold-plated handles and taps, wooden figures, lamps made of forged metal.






Beautiful interior kitchen create beams - ceilings on the ceiling, made of light wood. Parquet floor with a beautiful texture. In the children's room and the bedroom will look dressers and cabinets, antique or made under the old tree with carved arms and legs, including metal. In the nursery it is better to use light wood. The living room and hallway can be finished in dark oak or mahogany. In the living room is better to use mirrors in the style of "empire", candlesticks, figurines. Caisson ceilings complement the interior. The walls in the rooms do not need to upholster a tree. The elegant style is characterized by arches as doorways, window frames.

Appropriate elegant style in a country house. The design, made in white color will give the interior room lightness, will expand the space. The ideal setting - a fireplace that combines a laying of natural or artificial stone or brick.



Art Nouveau style

The modern style is characterized by smooth transitions, asymmetrical lines, and soft decor. The interior is most similar to the style of the early 20th century. Materials for the manufacture should be used from softwood. Colors for registration of pastel tones or simply white will look more favorable.








Parquet floors in the living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen and bathroom should not have clear geometric patterns. Great will look "old" floor in the kitchen, in the living room and hallway. In the nursery interior in Art Nouveau style will be beneficial to emphasize the ceiling with floral ornaments. As decorations in the living room, panels from the cuts of various wooden species are well suited. The masonry in the bathroom will create the feeling of an old, medieval dwelling.

For a country house, you can choose accessories and products from good, precious wood with a perfect texture. A coffee table with carved legs and a glass worktop, a fireplace decorated with artificial bricks, a section of a wall or the whole wall can look great in stone, partition walls of the saw cut in natural colors are the perfect combination for a living room. The combination of three elements - fire, water and stone - is a brilliant option for a house outside the city.






The floors are tiled in the bathroom hi-tech, combined with the walls, lined with masonry of stone. The use of wooden products in the design of the children's room will dilute the coldness of the hi-tech style. The floor and the walls for the kitchen are high-tech without a pronounced wooden texture, the wallpaper is best to use ordinary or with a blurred wood pattern. The bedroom in the high-tech style involves the interior with the use of partitions, wardrobes with glass inserts. The decoration of the living room and entrance hall will be high-tech laminate flooring or tiles of cold colors, metal accessories, walls lined with stone or brick.