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Lawn on the plot (17 photos): simple creation and gardening


The lawn in the country is one of the essential elements of landscape design. Gardening the garden and the site in front of the house allows you to make them more attractive. With proper planting and proper care, it will look no less aesthetically pleasing than flower beds. If you make a beautiful lawn in the country, then you will not only complement its design with a bright element, but also provide yourself with plenty of fresh air. After all, only half a hectare of planted grass per year can absorb up to 40 tons of dust. In addition, the grass in front of the house helps to increase humidity, which will make it easier to transfer the heat. You can make a lawn in front of the house or on the territory of the garden on your own, without involving complicated equipment and specialists.

Before carrying out earthworks directly, you need to decide what type of lawn is right for you. There are various types of it, which are selected based on how you plan to use the grass pad. After all, the wear resistance of the lawn for the sports field and the patio area is significantly different.



How to choose the right place for sowing

When developing a landscape design in your garden plot, it should be taken into account that not every lawn mixture can grow well in the area that you assigned to it. Conceiving landscaping, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • Landscaping the site with an English lawn will require the selection of a fully open site that is protected from wind and shade;
  • There is no sense to sow grass directly in front of the house, since there are no conditions necessary for its normal growth;
  • If you decide to arrange a lawn in the area of ​​the orchard, then you should take into account that the grass will grow poorly within the crown radius. This is due to a lack of sunlight, as well as nutrients taken by the root system of the tree. If you don’t want to give up the idea of ​​garden design, you will have to cut the lower branches of the trees;
  • If your site is located in a lowland area, it is fraught with water stagnation, which is detrimental to the root system of the lawn. Therefore, before planting it is necessary to take care of quality drainage;
  • If you plan to install a lawn on the ground with elevation changes, then you will encounter leaching of the soil and its erosion. Therefore, you first need to smooth the slopes and reinforce them with a grid to prevent soil from sprinkling;
  • Landscaping the site with the help of a lawn is possible only in those places where there is no constant movement of cars and people. Even a sports lawn is not able to withstand such loads. As a result, the track will be rolled, and the grass in this place will die. A more rational solution is to make lawn paths from tiles or wooden planks.



The main stages of the formation of the lawn

Creating a lawn in the garden begins with a thorough soil preparation. After spending time, you will continue to spend a minimum of time on caring for him. This process involves several steps:

  1. Destruction of weeds, stumps, logs and debris. To remove weeds will need to use herbicides. But they should be used carefully so as not to damage the rest of the vegetation, especially if you plant a lawn in a garden, flower bed or flower garden area. It is recommended to carry out these works in the autumn so that the chemical compounds decompose in the ground over the winter;
  2. Soil fertilizer is produced;
  3. It is necessary to tamp the surface. This will save you from the appearance of bumps and hollows. In addition, after a rain, loose soil turns into dirt, which for young grass will be disastrous due to the rotting of the roots.




Artificial turf - the original alternative

If you plan on planting a plot in front of the house, but you don’t have time for sowing seeds and lawn care, an artificial option could be a good alternative. It is delivered in rolls and made of synthetic materials. Naturally, each of us seeks to design the design of his summer cottage with the most natural materials. But artificial turf differs maximum environmental friendliness, despite the use of plastic. In addition, to plant a real lawn and then care for it, it will take time. And this is difficult if you rarely appear at your summer cottage.