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Leather in the interior (19 photos): decor and design options for apartments


What is leather in the interior? This is without doubt the luxury and high status of the owner of the apartment. So it was and, most likely, will always be. Design with the inclusion of leather elements requires financial costs and it is worth remembering that the use of dermantine in this case is not desirable - the interior will be vulgar and cheap. Only genuine leather or its quality imitation!

The most traditional design with the use of leather in the interior of the apartment is the upholstery of various furniture items with this material. As a rule, these are seats of chairs, sofas, beds, padded stools, armchairs and stools. Such furniture is always very effectively complements the interior (such as expensive laminate) and gives it a special elegance, as well as nobility.

As you know, modern technology does not stand still and is constantly evolving. In full, this all applies to the skin. Currently, its use is not only as a furniture upholstery, but also for decorating table legs or table tops, decorating pedestals, dressers, doors, cabinets, chairs, as laminate flooring and even for bookshelves or refrigerators.

In this case, a prerequisite is the use of natural or high-quality material: crocodile, waxed, snake, patinated or artificial leather with the presence of a special impregnation that protects it from moisture. As an example, again, we can cite such a design: laminate or parquet, as well as other items for an apartment, partially decorated with leather or with full leather decoration.

To the note: leather in the interior is perfectly combined with a variety of materials such as chrome-plated metal, natural wood, glass, etc.




Wall and ceiling decoration

Another popular technique in the modern interior of the apartment is leather trimming, for example, a crocodile ceiling and walls. For this, there is even a decorative tile, laminate and wallpaper made of leather. Most often, such a design is used in the ethnic and classical style of the interior.





Here again it is necessary to remind that the skin (of course, not artificial) is “living material”. It is very easy to check - just walk on the leather floor (it can be tile, parquet, etc.) in order to fully feel its unique and amazing properties. Not for nothing that crocodile skin in the Renaissance was a privilege of kings. Yes, and numerous scientific experiments have confirmed that this material has a high level of wear resistance, special strength and water resistance. Simply put, the finish is absolutely reliable in all respects.

Modern leather accessories, as well as tiles or wallpaper, are striking in their diversity. These include decorative leather ceiling lamps, and leather baskets, and much more. In addition, genuine leather is often used as a decor for the handles of cabinets and doors, it is decorated with curtains, vases, blinds and ashtrays.

And, of course, today phones, computers and other household appliances are wrapped in leather.



  1. Do not buy any leather items, including furniture or laminate, only through the Internet. It is best to visit the salon and see everything, as they say, firsthand.
  2. You also need to touch the skin, carefully examine the design and quality of the material before placing an order.
  3. It will not be superfluous to smell the product. If, for example, a leather tile has an unpleasant, stagnant odor, this indicates that the technology was disturbed during storage or tanning of leather. The service life of such material will be short.
  4. In addition, the same high-quality leather tile quickly heats up: just put your hand to it. But polished material (of poorer quality) gives a feeling of coolness.
  5. Solid and world-famous manufacturing companies will not save on materials: the natural pattern should be 5 cm larger than the dimensions of the model or walls themselves. This is explained by the fact that the skin, as mentioned earlier, is a “living” material for the walls and not only and over time it dries out and “sits down”. Thus, if the leather trim is pulled like a drum, this is an undeniable minus.

Leather in the interior, whether crocodile or other, is very popular today. Here you can use a variety of design techniques, accessories and color performance. The main thing - do not forget that the design should be made with taste!