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Garden umbrella - the perfect solution for a comfortable stay (28 photos)


In the summer, when the sun's rays are forced to hide in the shade, a thick growth of trees can not always save. Garden umbrella - a great option, creating a reliable shelter from the merciless summer heat. However, in order for the design to be reliable, practical and convenient to use, you need to choose your favorite model with a special predilection.

Where to begin?

Thinking over the future purchase, potential buyers initially consider the nuances regarding the appearance of the future shelter from the heat of the sun. Garden umbrellas on modern trading platforms are presented in the widest range.




Any colors, textures, shapes and sizes are available to capricious customers. Moreover, many manufacturers are trying to decorate their products so that they look the most presentable and unique.

Initially, it is worth thinking about what the shape of the future umbrella for the dacha will be:

  • Round standard;
  • Square;
  • Rectangular;
  • Polygonal;
  • The original form (non-standard versions for the order).

Standard sizes of garden umbrellas that protect from the sun and rain are considered to be 1.5 by 4 meters. However, most buyers prefer not standard models, but folding options or umbrellas that fit into a certain setting.




Basic design features

The basic design feature of any umbrella can be considered a way of opening or opening it. In fact, there are only two possible options:

  1. Telescopic;
  2. Cantilevered.

Telescopic garden umbrellas are very common. They are loved for convenience, to disclose the design is very simple. Finger click on the shutter. Spokes and canvas rise up to the latch.

The main disadvantage of this design is that you can only open an umbrella where there is a lot of free space. By the way, beach umbrellas "work" on the same principle.



However, on the beach there can be no problems with the space where the construction is revealed, but in the garden, where there are a lot of trees or on a plot with a large number of buildings, this is not always possible.

The main advantage can be considered low cost and high mobility of the device. Light beach and garden models can be moved in space as you like, each time located on a new location.

The console mechanism is a structure consisting of a vertical holder and a special inclined console. The dome is located at the free end of this model. The main convenience of such structures is that the supporting vertical itself is, as it were, away from the protective dome.

The holder can be quite compactly placed where the usual telescopic umbrella can not fit. The cantilevered garden umbrella with side support does not block the passage, does not “steal” the free space and does not interfere with the free movement of the summer cottage.

The most notable drawback of such models is their substantial high cost. In addition, the technical characteristics, the degree of durability and reliability of the device directly depend on the price.

Materials for garden umbrellas

Beach or garden umbrellas are made from a variety of materials. In many ways, the choice of the main raw material determines the price of goods. Manufacturers often prefer durable materials that are resistant to moisture, are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, are well cleaned from dust or dirt. However, not only strength characteristics and reliability are important, but also an attractive appearance.





Polyester - the most popular material used for the production of country umbrellas. He also often complement the beach models. The canvas can be both glossy and matte, which is important for creating a perfect model design.

To polyester practice add various impurities. From them directly depends on how the fabric will be: shiny or matte, smooth or rough, dense or light. In fact, each parameter plays its important role. For example, it is better to always select suspended models from lightweight materials. A matte canvas is suitable for the beach, and an umbrella with thick, rough polyester will “stick” at the dacha.

Acrylic fabric

Recently, acrylic fabric has become particularly popular. Acrylic, as a material, has a solid list of advantages. It is easy to care for. Some canvases are even treated with an antibacterial coating, which allows the use of umbrellas with acrylic sheets for decorating children's playgrounds at the dacha.

It is believed that acrylic fabric is extremely resistant to any type of pollution. A special protective coating creates an optimal barrier effect, enhances water-repellent qualities, and dirt is not able to penetrate into the fabric structure. However, there are a number of specific pollutants that can cause significant harm to acrylic: acid rain, bird droppings, various abrasives.

Acrylic does not rot and does not collapse under ultraviolet rays. Expensive elite models are treated with ultramodern compositions that guarantee the preservation of high strength, as well as resistance to all sorts of deformations.



In addition to textiles, the material used to make the rack and other components also plays an important role. The most reliable are metal racks. They are quite massive, giving the structure extra weight. On the one hand, this makes the structure heavier and creates some difficulties in moving the umbrella. On the other hand, a large summer umbrella with a solid metal support will always be securely fixed on the plot.




Steel holders give the design not only reliability, but also significantly increase the life of the device. However, the cost of such an umbrella from the sun will be quite expensive.

Components made of aluminum are inferior to metal supports. They cost less, and the design will be much easier. Unfortunately, aluminum parts quickly corrode, lose aesthetics, gradually deforming and collapsing.

Natural wood charm

Racks of wood exude a special charm. Beige umbrella with a spectacular wooden base - the most versatile option that will fit into any landscape design.

Wood elements give a special beauty and natural design. Such an umbrella will decorate the site. Manufacturers often reduce the cost of their own products, using low-cost types of wood. It is a linden, spruce, fir, pine, ash, mountain ash.

To create luxurious exclusive designs expensive luxury rocks are selected. Most often it is oak, beech and eucalyptus. For lovers of true exotic, manufacturers have picked up a number of "alien" options: abachi, amaranth, wenge, ipe, iroko, paduk, rosewood, teak, limba.

Do-it-yourself umbrella can be made using the favorite types of wood. When choosing a natural material, it is necessary to remember the importance of careful processing of wooden surfaces. Wood is protected from decay, fungi and other "biological attacks", using special impregnation and varnish finish.




Plastic and cast iron: an interesting alternative

Plastic is used to make production as cheap as possible. High-quality raw material allows you to create relatively durable structures. Plastic coasters are pretty light all by themselves. The best way to weight the base is to pour water into special compartments or pour sand.

Cast iron base round and rectangular opposite very heavy. They are able to securely fix the structure. Even strong gusts of wind are not able to move the umbrella from its place. However, moving such devices from place to place will be difficult.




Where to place an umbrella?

It is possible to place an umbrella for giving anywhere. If the selection of the location itself, as a rule, does not cause any difficulties, then the preparation of the "foundation" plays an important role. Under umbrella floors can be natural:

  • Ordinary land;
  • Plot sandy;
  • The area covered with expanded clay;
  • Normal lawn.

As a platform for the installation of an umbrella and fit the yard, laid tile or asphalt pavement. In many ways, the choice of the base depends on the design features of the umbrella itself.




In general, an umbrella for giving should be useful, pleasing to the eye and not bring significant trouble during the operation. In any store consultants will be able to provide comprehensive information about your favorite model. It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with certificates of qualities and other documentation that should be available.