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Comfortable cottage toilet: how to build with your own hands (22 photos)


On any land plot except for the house there are other buildings. One of these buildings is a toilet. It refers to the main buildings, especially in the suburban areas. You cannot do without it during the first construction time, and after the construction of the main house, it will help unload the toilet in the home especially in the summer. During the construction of the toilet, the question arises of how to equip a country toilet, because convenience and comfort of construction depend on it.



Features of the device and functioning

In relation to the desires and possibilities of the dacha owner can himself choose the appropriate toilet for him to give. You can purchase a ready-made version or make it yourself, equip an outdoor toilet.

A popular toilet belongs to the popular varieties. It can be placed on a specific site or transferred if necessary. At the core of his work is the process of recycling under the influence of a chemical or peat component.

A subtype of direct device is a bio-toilet. It is often used in the absence of sewage. Peat, acting on waste, turns them into fertilizers, which can later be poured on the beds. The design of such a toilet bowl contains the following parts:

  • Stool - is at the top;
  • Tank - located at the bottom, represents the tank, where the waste is received and where it is recycled.

Another option is a toilet fixed above the cesspool. In this case, the toilet can be made of different materials.

When arranging a toilet bowl for outdoor toilet, the following requirements are put forward:

  • Simplicity and ease of installation to do the installation work yourself.
  • Convenient design, which will be installed on a small area of ​​construction and on a non-reinforced base.
  • Cottage toilet should be of low cost, as for the winter you have to leave the site unattended.
  • Comfort for all family members, because not only adults, but also children will use it. It is necessary to provide a children's nozzle.
  • Resistance to different weather conditions, namely to temperature, wind, humidity.

Of course, many do not equip a toilet with a toilet, but simply make a hole in the floor of the building. However, personal hygiene is not respected. However, if you arrange a convenient floor construction, personal hygiene will be maintained and the comfort of staying at the cottage will increase.



Advantages and disadvantages

Country toilet has several advantages:

  • The ability to regularly receive free compost, which can be used to fertilize the garden plot.
  • In the summer season, with frequent work in the garden and when receiving guests, you do not need to enter the house, but rather visit the toilet built on the site.
  • Unloading of household toilet, which affects the reduction of the load on the septic tank or other type of tank for sewage.
  • You can diversify the landscape design of the site, having issued the building in an unusual way.

There are certain drawbacks with regard to various types of country toilet bowls. So plastic devices do not withstand low temperatures and can crack. Metal products and wooden structures with a seat are inconvenient when using in winter. Ceramic and porcelain designs require an investment of a certain amount of money.

The toilet for gardening, which is purchased in the store, can be made of various materials: ceramics, porcelain and plastic. Products made of porcelain and ceramics have a beautiful appearance and ease of maintenance, but a ceramic toilet can not be installed on a simple wooden structure. For its location it is necessary to make a concrete pad that will withstand the weight of the structure. Another disadvantage of this type is the cost. Toilet in the country with a ceramic toilet will cost the owner more expensive. Sometimes even the building itself will require less money.

Plastic toilet for a country toilet is considered an economical and functional version. The advantages of this type abound:

  • A variety of colors. You can pick up a brown toilet for a country toilet, which will be combined with wood or other finishing material.
  • Lightweight construction that does not require a solid foundation.
  • Comfort when using.
  • Durability and hygiene.
  • Low cost.

Plastic construction allows you to equip a comfortable and practical toilet, without spending a lot of money. You can choose a stationary type or portable design. The latter is a bucket with a seat.



Self-made designs imply the arrangement of a dacha toilet for an outdoor toilet with the use of scrap materials. A common design is a wooden counter that has a plastic seat. This option is characterized by quick installation and low cost.

Another option that can be made by hand is a metal construction. Usually used iron toilet, located in the toilet. Differs cheap and durability. For the manufacture, you can use materials that are found at any dacha. The appearance of such devices is no different beauty, but you do not need to spend money on the purchase of materials.

Installation process

How to make a toilet in the country - a question that interests many owners of cottages. Different designs have their own principles of installation.

Ceramic toilet bowl

If you want to install a ceramic toilet, you should take into account that in most cases there is no water supply, so you can pour water into the tank yourself or place a bucket (tank) with water next to the device. Then prepare the hose and connect it to the drain tank.

For mounting the structure itself, it is required to make a hole in a previously prepared solid base. The diameter of the hole corresponds to the diameter of the outlet pipe. After the device holes must mark the attachment points, and apply a sealant. After that you can fasten the plumbing.




Plastic toilet bowl

Plastic toilet to give a portable type does not require any manipulation. It is simply installed in the right place. If a stationary view is acquired, then it must be taken into account that difficulties may arise when connecting to a drum for draining. This is due to the different shape of the holes. Installation steps:

  1. From the prepared sheet of metal to make a cone.
  2. The lower part of the cone is inserted into the barrel, and the top is installed at floor level.
  3. Apply a layer of mastic to the joints.
  4. Removing some of the floor in the future location of the toilet, mark up the site installation structure.
  5. Make galvanized billet for the site where the device will be located.
  6. Fix the workpiece and install the toilet.
  7. Apply mastic on the inside of the bonding area.
  8. Equip the final floor covering.

Instead of mastic, you can use regular silicone.




Wooden shelf

How to build a simple toilet design without spending a lot of money? The answer to this question will be the location of the wooden shelf. This type of cottage toilet can be called non-freezing design. It looks like a stair. It is usually made of boards. Arrangement scheme:

  1. Cover half of the floor in the building.
  2. Center the cross beam at a height of 40 cm.
  3. The resulting distance between the beam and the floor to lay the boards.
  4. Upstairs also lay the boards.
  5. Cut a hole where to place the seat.

If such a structure is located above the cesspool, then you need to make a ventilation pipe to eliminate odor. The height of the pipe must be at least three meters.




If there is an equipped bathroom in the house, the outdoor toilet with toilet will not be superfluous, because in the summer it is faster to visit it than to run to the house. And also he will be the assistant if the functioning sewerage is not made. You can choose the options for your desires and available funds, and everyone can equip a comfortable outdoor toilet without making great efforts.