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Interior doors in the interior (21 photos): beautiful combinations


For some, interior doors are interior decor, and for someone a space divider. But whatever the door for you, the main indicator that will unite the desire of both is the quality. Once you put a solid construction, it can serve you if not for a lifetime, but 15 years so for sure. Therefore, it must be chosen very carefully. Let the choice of interior doors and does not occupy the first importance in the construction, but you know, the design will add the final touch to the overall picture of the design concept.

First of all, determine the model of interior doors. The market offers for today is great, so when choosing, be guided by the following criteria:

  • Technical features of the doorway.
  • A style that should match the overall design of the room.
  • The question of saving additional space, if this is relevant.

Sliding doors in the interior

Sliding interior doors or compartment doors, as they are also called, can become your wand as a wand, because they are very convenient to use and practically do not take up valuable free space. Cloths move along their guides and move into the wall niche.



Folding doors in the interior

Folding doors perfectly zoned premises. In essence, very much resemble sliding designs. Distinctive difference is the system of closing and opening. Sliding, for example, is rightly associated with a train or with a wardrobe. Here the door leaf movement system speaks for itself. But folding resemble a screen or an accordion. The main material for their manufacture is wood or plastic. Therefore, they more fit into the design of bedrooms or living rooms, but can serve as a partition in the dressing room. And even be in the role of a screen in the bathroom.



The door to fashion

After choosing the system for opening interior doors, they will have to figure out what role they play in the overall style concept of the apartment.

Wenge doors in the interior

Doors-wenge - one of the most popular models of classic style. Wenge is usually called all models of door leafs, which are made of dark wood. In botany, the so-called African black oak. Door leaf in this color has a rich chocolate color. The doors look noble and stylish in almost any style decision of the room, but the most harmonious look in the modern style of techno and hi-tech. Dark doors in the interior are perfectly combined with metal and mirror inserts.



White interior doors in the interior

From dark shades we move on to light, more classic models. Classic is always rigor, conciseness and proportionality of lines and curves. Door leafs in classic style are noble and sophisticated. At the same time, they are very practical in operation, besides almost always look favorably. Such doors are made either from natural material or decorated with an eco-strip.




It is also important to choose suitable and high-quality components for the doors. After all, the door is a design that will open and close a hundred times a day, so it is very important that the mechanism is strong and reliable. Each of us expects that the doors will serve and delight their masters for many years.

Most of us have standard doorways, so the height of the doors is standard. But increasingly, designers offer high interior doors. Firstly, they look very impressive, and secondly, they change the perception of the space of the room as a whole. With regard to technical characteristics, it is clear that through the high doors comes more light and air. The room visually seems more spacious.

All the parameters of the door leaf should be known in advance before the interior finishing works, so as not to make absolutely unnecessary dismantling.