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Bedside lamps for the bedroom (57 photos)


Of course, not all of us can boast of having a separate bedroom in the apartment. But with modern, spacious layouts of residential premises, with the development of individual construction of your own bedroom with a wide bed, no one will be surprised. In the classic interior of the bedroom there are both a bed and bedside tables on the sides of it, and of course, good lighting. Lighting for the bedroom is a very important point, because before going to bed, lying in bed, many people like to read, complete some kind of work for the day.









Bedside wall lamp is useful, and if you need to get up at night and go somewhere. You do not have to go in the dark to the switch, which is most often located at the front door to the bedroom. In this article we will consider the advantages that bedside lamps for the bedroom give us, what to look for when choosing them.









The advantages of bedside lamps

Why should you use additional hanging bedside lamps, despite the fact that there is already quite a bright and stylish ceiling center chandelier:

  • Bedside wall light does not take up much space, but it is quite capable of providing additional convenience.
  • With their help it is convenient to read, which will help to keep sight in order. For reading, the availability of additional lighting can be very important. In addition, if you are already wearing glasses or lenses, then in this case, normal lighting is a necessary parameter that you definitely need to equip your bedroom.
  • If there are bedside lamps, you can be sure that in the darkness of the bedroom you will not stumble onto any piece of furniture, and you will not drop anything. With everyone, incidents probably occurred when in the pitch darkness you wander to the kitchen for water, and in the dark you come across with a sweep at the corner of the nightstand or a sleeping cat. In either case, there is little pleasant and, as a rule, this occurrence significantly complicates the subsequent falling asleep.










Requirements for bedside lamp:

  • The lamp must meet all accepted safety standards. Including be fireproof, do not emit toxic substances. It is also advisable to use not incandescent lamps, which will soon become completely obsolete, but modern LED-lamps or LED. They serve much longer and safer much more. Although their price is much more expensive than incandescent bulbs, however, with their reliable uninterrupted service, they fully compensate for this one-time monetary investment.
  • Bedside pendant lamps, of course, must correctly fit into the surrounding interior. Do not combine incongruous. Incorrectly chosen lamp can "kill" any most competent interior. Conversely, if you choose the appropriate option, then it can give any bedroom comfort and make it more stylish and beautiful.
  • The height of the lamp should be optimal: so that the light does not blind the eyes, but gently scatters.
  • Best for the bedroom is suitable soft lighting. Do not use in the bedside lamps shades of blue or green. They give deathly pallor to the illumination and create a feeling of cold, not suitable for reading. The pink ceiling will make the room cozy and warm, but this color will not suit every interior. Transparent cover - universal option.
  • Bedside flexible modern lamps, first of all, should reliably and without fail to carry out its functionality. That is, the table and any other lamp should shine, not break, and fit the style.
  • The lamp, including LED, should please the eye. Do not use things, no matter how fashionable and expensive they are, if for some reason you don’t like them.
  • Bedside table lamp can not be too expensive, even if it is from a famous designer. This is not a thing worth spending a lot of money on. For example, a cabinet can spend much more money. Its purpose is a purely functional piece of furniture, so it only needs to be reliable and fit in style. That's all, in principle, what is required of him.









Consider the most popular types of bedside lighting sources:

  • Pendant lamps look great and very comfortable, they are mounted directly into the headboard. In this case, their height and degree of illumination can be tailored to individual requests. That is, on the one side of the bed, the lamp can be “fitted” in its own way, and on the other, on the other, depending on the requests of the owners of the respective sides of the bed.
  • Glass-metal lamps - the most popular option. They are remarkable in that they are suitable for any interior. Both glass and metal are capable of taking different forms, which makes these materials almost universal. From these natural materials, experienced designers create truly works of art. And if you do not wipe and do not pretend to such heights, then in the nearest store you will quickly pick up a beautiful and comfortable version of the lamp for your bedroom.
  • Choose glass ceiling. In this case, the light will be optimally diffused, which will provide the best conditions for reading. And in order to adjust the brightness of the light, you can choose a matte or transparent suspended ceiling. In addition, on the surface of the glass looks great patterns and designs, which allows you to choose a lamp in accordance with the interior in which the bedroom is decorated.
  • Expensive fixtures can cost quite well, but at the same time they give a stylish touch to any interior, and are able to make a fashionable and modern out of the unremarkable bedroom. Plastic models of lamps can not yet provide the feeling of luxury, which gives high-quality glass.
  • Interesting table bedside lamp, decorated with textiles. However, they are not suitable for every bedroom. In modern interiors, for example, in high-tech style, they will not look. They are more for cozy interiors in wooden and country style, in the style of Provence, Chebbi-chic, and so on. Where many different textiles are used. Very important in this case is compliance with fire regulations. Cloth lampshade should not be located too close to the light source. It is desirable that he was with refractory impregnation. It can be put on the cabinet next to the bed.
  • Lamps made of rice paper look very nice. Suitable for minimalist Japanese-style interiors. This interior is great for the bedroom, gives a feeling of relaxation and bliss. These lamps are easy to read, and their height can be adjusted.
  • Suspended lamps, trimmed with precious wood look thoroughly, elegant and respectable. Suitable for classic interiors. In addition, the correct processing of wood can provide you with an interesting exotic aroma in the bedroom, which will create essential oils released from wood when heated. Wooden lamps are able to create a chic stylish design. They are universal, and well-chosen, suitable for many other styles.










Tips for choosing

What points need to focus on when choosing bedside lamps for the bedroom:

  • Consider the style and size of the bedroom. For a small room and lamps do not need bulky. And if your bedroom is designed in a classic interior, then bedside lamps should be appropriate. But now, with the modern variety of lamps, lamps and other sources of lighting it is not difficult: in addition to shops, there is also the Internet and other ways of finding the right things.
  • Try to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. This means that the use of aggressive bright lighting is undesirable. Better calm, soothing light, which will contribute to relaxation and early sleep. Therefore, it is undesirable to choose white, cold light for the bedroom and bedside lamps, it is better to stop at a warm, soft, “alive”, if not so bright, illumination.
  • Choose bedside pendant lights with rounded, softened shapes. It is undesirable to use acute-angled, aggressive, angular forms, since they can disrupt the general harmony and tranquility of the interior. In addition, the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui warns against the use of sharp corners in the interior in principle. Since he believes that sharp corners are harmful to the energy shell of a person, destroying it and instilling anxiety, aggression and other negative into a person. When choosing bedside tables and other furniture, also consider this moment.
  • If paint is used in the design of a bedside lamp, then it is important that it does not contain toxic impurities. Since when heated, all such impurities tend to evaporate, get into the air and thus poison it. Be sure to make sure that in the children's bedroom bedside hanging bedside lamp does not contain harmful paint, read the documents on the product.
  • It is preferable to use the pushbuttons of the bedside lamp. Outdated cord switches are already a thing of the past. Find a cabinet in the dark, on her night light, cord, and on the cord - the switch - it is not very convenient, the buttons have advantages. Now these nightlights are also being introduced, the on / off function in which is based on the sensor. Such a lamp can be turned off with a simple touch. Their height is usually optimal for reading.
  • Pay attention to whether it is possible in the nightlight to adjust the brightness of the lighting. With this function, the device becomes much more convenient and functional. With this opportunity, you can always adjust the light to your liking. Towards evening, the eyes after the working day in general may no longer endure bright unnatural lighting. In this case, they will help soft, diffused light.
  • It is important that the switch be easy to find in the dark and just press with one hand. The principle of "one hand" - a prerequisite for the most recent and advanced models. It provides the greatest convenience in operation, making use of the thing comfortable and enjoyable. Pay attention to this circumstance when you get yourself a source of lighting for the bedroom.

Modern possibilities of lighting design allow us to choose the lighting that completely suits everyone in all respects.