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African style in the interior (39 photos): ethno motifs and colors


African style is out of fashion and will always be relevant in the design of the premises, as the bright ethno-interior attracts many with its exoticism and originality. When you design an apartment, it is important to have a sense of proportion, since every detail of this design looks bright and attracts the eye.



Main features

African style includes features of home decoration throughout the "black continent". Since the mainland occupies a large area, many peoples live here and each has its own culture and traditions. First you need to choose the direction in which you want to arrange the house. Perhaps the maximum repetition of the main features of the internal arrangement of the home or the introduction of certain ethnic elements in the modern interior design.

The house in the African style looks dynamic, colorful, contrasting, energetic and original. At the same time, its main features are minimalism, rough textures, simple shapes, and primitive decor. Natural colors and materials are the distinctive features of ethno-style. To decorate an apartment, it is important to use such decor as natural furs and leather, prints of predatory animals, wooden masks.

If you decide to create an African style in the interior, you can use the following materials for decoration:

  • There is a mass of materials that are suitable for wall decoration. The main thing is that their texture and color fit into the ethno-interior. For example, you can use wallpaper with a predatory print. Another option is to paint the walls in warm shades of sand and coffee. Monochrome beige wallpapers are also suitable. As accents, you can use borders that adorn African motifs, imitation of cave paintings. A house with monochromatic walls can be decorated with painting on a large scale - in the form of silhouettes of animals, palm trees. Craqural varnish will help create a visually cracked surface reminiscent of arid African soil. Bathroom and kitchen should have a wall with a moisture-resistant coating, so here for decoration it is better to use tiles with ethno-print, washable vinyl wallpaper;
  • tile can be used to finish the floor, imitating the appearance of the stone. For example, large stoneware tiles. It is better to lay on the system "warm floor" to make your home more comfortable. The bathroom and kitchen should have a tiled floor, in other rooms the tile can be replaced with a matte parquet board with a rough texture. As a floor covering, you can also use materials that imitate bamboo;
  • the ceiling is best painted in white or some kind of warm shade. You can also create a drapery of fabric under the ceiling or use bamboo plates that are mounted on the batten.



Entrance hall

The wardrobe with a zebra, lion or elephant will perfectly fit into the ethnic interior of the modern hallway. If the furniture has an interesting ethnic design, it is better to glue plain wallpaper on the walls. To make the hallway look more conservative, use furniture with bamboo finish. On one of the walls hang a picture with African motifs. For a mirror, use an animal print frame. The interior can be supplemented with a palm tree or other ornamental plant characteristic of the African continent.

To emphasize belonging to the ethno-style, it is important to choose the right furniture in the house. The appearance of the armchairs and the sofa should be primitive, rough, reminiscent of the handicraft of the inhabitants of the “black continent”. A coffee table and rocking chair made of rattan or willow vine are a great choice for the interior. The African-style living room should be equipped with upholstered furniture that imitates the skin of exotic animals - zebra and giraffe. Room benches and couches that are decorated with ethnic print will also be appropriate. On the floor you can put the skin of a wild animal. For the walls pick up plain wallpaper, the design of which will not be annoying. Masks of shamans will make the interior of the living room more colorful. Chandeliers can be made of ferrous metal.

In this zone there should be a minimum amount of household appliances. It should be “hidden” behind different decorations, so that the African-style kitchen looks organic. The wall, next to which stands the furnace, traditionally laid out tiles with a print "leopard" or "zebra". Monochromatic tiles of beige and brown color will also suit. Headsets can also be selected in this palette. African style kitchens should be well lit. For lighting, choose a chandelier with round shades or another suitable shape. The dining table can be made of coarse, dark-colored solid wood, and the chairs can have rattan seats.

The bathroom can be decorated in different ways, but it is not advisable to put a shower here. In the extreme case, it should have a corresponding appearance. For example, the doors must be with ethno-print. A suitable bath is white or brown and the simplest form in minimalism style. The inhabitants of the "black continent" no pretentious interior. The bathtub and the sink should resemble the containers used in Africa for swimming. Try to implement this solution at home. African style in the interior of the bathroom will help you emphasize the tile with a leopard print, plants with straight leaves, various shelves made of wood, mysterious masks. The bathroom should be filled with a tropical street atmosphere, with an abundance of light, plants.




The center of the lounge is a large double bed with massive wooden legs. Byltsa must be absent or be wooden, a bit old-fashioned. An African-style bedroom can have a four-poster bed. African design motifs, curtains, pillows and other textile décor will help emphasize the design. On the floor you can place a rug or animal skin. A bedroom in an African style should have subdued lighting. It can provide a floor lamp with a leopard print or zebra print. For the bedroom, choose wallpaper calm, neutral shades - beige, light brown.




In the child's room, you can use cartoons of African animals. For example, wallpaper with heroes of the cartoon “Madagascar” will be suitable for wall decoration. Walls can also be decorated with photo murals with the nature of Africa. Suitable furniture for the nursery - light wood, colored with the image of animals. If the children's room is equipped, soft toys will help to give the interior the necessary design. The windows are traditionally used curtains blue, green, white. Chandeliers of bright shades are suitable for lighting. To make the nursery more comfortable, you can lay a green carpet on the floor that looks like grass.


African style involves the use of furniture made from natural materials. The wood should look coarse, minimalist. Some furniture parts can be made of rattan, bamboo. Suitable upholstery materials are rough leather, animal skins, natural textured textiles. Furniture in African style is massive, has geometric shapes. Suitable decor - ethnic motifs in the form of carving and painting.




To decorate the windows of an apartment, you can use curtains, they must be natural - from flax or cotton. Also suitable for bamboo curtains. Curtains in the African interior are traditionally decorated with ethnic motifs. Textiles should be natural shades - green, beige, brown. It is advisable to use light colors. Designers advise to use curtains from the combined fabrics - printed with monophonic.

Room lighting should be abundant, but not bright. Preferred diffused light. Therefore, in the room chandeliers are used in combination with lamps. You can use floor lamps, lamps on massive legs. Candelabra, candlesticks and even torches will emphasize the colorful design of the room.

Decorative items play a big role if you want to create an African apartment design. As complementary parts you can use:

  • masks - choose the house sculptures with a kind expression of "face". Masks can be from clay or wood, with a decor in the form of carving or painting;
  • floor skins - artificial imitations for zebra, giraffe, leopard will suit;
  • Vases - relevant for African-style floor vases with appropriate images. From the dishes fit the plates, which adorn ethnic motifs;
  • Paintings with wild animals, residents of the African continent fit perfectly into the interior. If you create an African style in the interior, instead of paintings, you can use all sorts of themed panels, stickers and other similar décor of a similar direction;
  • musical instruments characteristic of the tribes of the “black continent” will be able to decorate your home;
  • items such as statues of animals and people, totems are also permissible;
  • wicker chests and dishes can be used for storage and for decorative purposes.

The African interior is an opportunity to create a colorful corner in your own home. If you like the exotic “black continent”, use this design to design your home.




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