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Curtains in the nursery (130 photos): light design options

The children's room is the most comfortable, bright, warm room in the house, filled with the love of adults and the indefatigable imagination of the inhabitants. It is easy and difficult to furnish it at the same time - to create a stylish interior that does not contradict the general background of an apartment or house, the age and sex of the child, his preferences. A very important element of the room is the window, and its bright accent is the curtains for the children's room.

Children grow up quickly, their preferences, tastes, fashion change. Curtains take on the multi-functional load. They not only protect the nursery from the rays of daylight, shade the room, create twilight at night, but shelter from prying eyes, decorate the interior, instill a sense of harmony. Therefore, it is very important to think over to the smallest detail the design of curtains for the nursery.

Fashion trends in the style of French art nouveau, chebbi-chic, rococo, asymmetrical canvases create an original conceptual idea that transforms personal space as the child grows older.

Some rules for choosing curtains

  1. As a rule, on the window aperture there are dense non-transparent curtains and translucent curtains from tulle, organza.
  2. Heavy, dark expensive fabrics for curtains are not desirable. They collect a lot of dust. Becoming a hidden screen, can be damaged or stained.
  3. Window accessories - curtain rods, hooks must be reliable, so as not to create a danger to the child's body.
  4. Thin daytime curtains translucent, bright colors are designed to create a positive indoor climate, easy to remove, move apart.
  5. In a sunny room, lightweight blinds or Roman blinds are appropriate.
  6. The best option for choosing a fabric by texture is natural linen, cotton.

It is great if, by design, they harmoniously fit into the surroundings, creating a complete picture of the overall style with color and pattern.

Fabrics should be selected from natural fibers - breathable, simple to wash, iron.

Curtains in the nursery for a boy

Traditionally, we bring up boys and girls differently. Some want to see strong, courageous with a strong character, others - gentle, slightly naughty hostesses, with a refined taste.

The design of the curtains for the boy’s children's room consists of drapery of a strict Roman or London curtain, reinforced on robust mechanisms, a panel of thick Chinese fabric, placed exactly according to the size of the window opening. During the day, they rise upwards, and by nighttime they completely block the access of light.

The choice of curtains in the boy's bedroom depends on the age, character, interests of the child, teenager. Portieres, probably, will be cream, green or blue-blue, curtains - yellow.

Drawings on them with a touch of mystery or expression - the starry sky, rockets, UFOs, Formula 1 cars. Plots with knights, warriors, cartoon characters will do.

Great opportunities have appeared in recent years in connection with the use of printing methods on products in 3D mode, capable of visualizing three-dimensional drawings.

Curtains for the girl's bedroom

Children's rooms for newborn girls and boys are not much different - only shades of pink and blue. The general rules fit into the harmonious combination of window decoration with the interior of the whole room and the nursery, the preferences of parents, reliable protection from drafts and the penetration of curious glances. As a girl grows and grows up, her own interest is shown in arranging personal space. And adults only gently have an aesthetic effect on the formation of the personality of the future woman.

It is difficult to determine the criteria for the right choice for all. But a few tips are pertinent.

  1. The most safe is the classic style of curtains made of material of any texture and all sorts of colors. You can easily find the finished curtains with all the accessories - bows, eyelets, garters, tassels, cords.
  2. The style is the same, but creatively-minded teenage girls can sew large, light pockets of large patches on the curtains and place their favorite toys, clothes for dolls, hairbrushes, and some girlish secrets in them.
  3. It is interesting to see the curtains in contrast to the color and texture of the fabric, which are combined with the dominant color of the furnishings, a smooth transition of shades, and a combination with the color of the canopy over the children's bed.

Roman curtains in the nursery - it's stylish

A relatively new trend in decorating windows is Roman blinds. While many unusual, but has undeniable advantages:

  • a wide range of length and width parameters;
  • the ability to manipulate the height of the closed part of the canvas
  • muted illumination, harmless to the eyes of a child;
  • simple installation and disassembly;
  • the convenience of sharing the room with a balcony.

Everything, taken together, makes it easy to change the surroundings of the room, its lighting, style and mood of the inhabitants. Try to connect bright pink roman blinds with contrasting pistachio or lilac tulle; the window in the nursery will “play”.

Choosing roller blinds

Since the widespread use of glass packs, consumer interest in roller blinds began to grow, not only in the kitchen and living room, but also in the children's bedroom.


  • Functionality is difficult to stain and easy to wash. Modern technologies allow to produce curtains with dirt-repellent impregnations.
  • Safety - when buying, you should look at quality certificates from well-known manufacturers in order not to risk the health of babies.
  • Ease of management - let the child himself cope with this exciting business.

Roller blinds are not bought for life. As they grow older, the pictures change - at first soft halftones, then with prints on hobbies, and later - quieter, neutral colors to enhance the psychological balance of the teenager.


  • For placement on plastic windows, make sure that when opening their curtains will not interfere with the sash.
  • It is most convenient to reinforce the rolls in width of the sash on each separately.
  • Then a wide window sill will become an extra place for a computer table or a shelf for toys or books.
  • Teenagers will enjoy the automatic roller blinds with remote control.

Blinds in the nursery

More than 20 years in homes, apartments, offices, institutions and shopping centers are popular vertical blinds, horizontal, roll, protective. They got to the children's rooms. Now manufacturers offer a rich assortment of bright, lightweight photo blinds, plisse, which can be assessed by looking in the catalogs on the websites of manufacturers and companies selling products.

It is enough to make a choice, call the measurer, use the calculator on the site and place an application for the specified contacts.