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Modern design ideas for a small bedroom (30 photos)


From the architectural point of view, the layout in Khrushchev is not very practical and very uncomfortable. The main lack of living space in these houses is the lack of free space. In the Khrushchev low ceilings, disturbed geometry of living rooms, as well as bedrooms with a small square. Such a small bedroom in Khrushchev limits the possibilities of arrangement, creating a comfortable and cozy room. It is not enough to put only a bed in the sleeping room, it often requires a dressing table, storage systems or even a workplace. The presence of a bookcase, the ability to install a baby cot is very important to many residents.






If you live in a narrow one-room or two-room apartment, you cannot do without the idea of ​​combining functional areas. In the first case, a small bedroom in the Khruschevka will be combined with a hall. And for the second case, the bedroom is often combined with the game room, office and the like. In the most advantageous position are the owners of three-bedroom apartments. In the three-room Khrushchev is most convenient, because a small bedroom will only perform its function, since there is no need to clutter it with various pieces of furniture.




How to furnish a small bedroom

  1. First you need to decide on the compositional center. For a small bedroom, of course, it will be a bed. Placing furniture in the bedroom, you should leave space in the middle of the room so that it does not seem overloaded. It is advisable to place the furniture around the perimeter of the bedrooms, leaving no gaps between the walls. If a narrow bedroom requires bedside tables, then they should not be selected above the bed itself.
  2. It is not recommended to use bright and very contrasting tones in choosing colors for furniture and walls. It is important that the interior design includes two harmonious shades. It is recommended to use a light, but not white color. Light squat furniture in Khrushchev visually lifts the ceilings.
  3. For the interior of a narrow and small bedroom should use a minimum of decor. It is necessary to remove all cluttering and small space details. It is enough to create a bright accent in the room, but not in the middle. It is better to place it in the far corner of the bedrooms, to visually add perspective.
  4. If the accent element of the decor in a narrow and small room is more elongated, this will visually lift the ceilings.
  5. Furniture upholstery, including textiles with a large pattern for small rooms should not be chosen. It is better to stop on a monophonic variant, the small and non-contrast ornament will also be pertinent.




There are various ideas for using optical illusions, some of which do not even require repairs.




The use of special wallpaper

Wallpapers are often used to create the interior design of a narrow and small bedroom. Some of them allow you to deceive the perception of space. So as an idea you can use wallpaper with a pronounced perspective. Today, for the interior of a narrow and small bedroom there is a huge number of varieties of similar wallpaper. In most cases, they depict urban views or landscapes. However, it is necessary to occupy with wallpaper only one wall, which will be accent, which will allow to increase the space. In addition, you should not put such wallpaper on a narrow wall in a rectangular room.




Bedroom without windows

Often the bedroom in Khrushchev is without natural light, but there are several ways that will save the room from darkness and gloom.

  1. False window. A very new element, which is used for the design of rooms without windows, but quite effective. For this, a wooden frame is mounted on the wall, which imitates the present window in form. Filling can be different: photos, own drawings, stained glass, a mirror or wallpaper with elements of nature. You can also use the backlight to achieve greater likelihood.
  2. Glass partition. This element allows you to effectively share the space of the bedroom, but visually leave the room as a whole. The volumetric pattern on the glass refracts the light, and also hides the various objects behind it.