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Mirrors in the interior of the hallway (61 photos): how to hang and arrange


For the hallway a mirror is like a bed for a bedroom and other furniture is a necessary attribute. It is this that accompanies us and shows whether everything is in order with the outfit when we leave the house. And it also meets us, along with the entrance door, when we are tired we come home from work or from a walk. And if you arrange the mirror in the hallway correctly - combine it with a shelf or place lamps on the frame - it will be not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a stylish design. Even a small hallway, if there is a trellis in it, a wenge mirror in the frame, original mirrors with a shelf are hanging, stylish lamps look spacious and stylish.





It often happens that choosing the right mirror for the hallway is quite a difficult task. Why:

  • Most hallways have little free space. Therefore, it is very important to arrange it correctly.
  • Often due to the location of the front door is difficult to plan the design of the hallway.
  • In a limited space, it is necessary to fit another furniture: a wardrobe, hang hangers with a shelf for hats, cabinets for shoes, a padded stool or a banquette to sit. Sometimes it turns out complete chaos instead of a beautiful room.
  • Poor lighting. Because of what many types and options of mirrors do not look indoors: for example, trellis or oval mirrors, options with stand, outdoor.
  • Often in our apartments there is an extremely inconvenient layout of apartments in general and the design of hallways in particular. Sometimes it is difficult to find a place to hang a mirror.
  • There is not enough money to bring your ideas to life, what a beautiful hallway should look like. It would be desirable and expensive lamps, and a mirror in a frame from wenge, and excellent doors, and to decorate the interior with beautiful shelves.

In all these cases, a well-chosen wall mirror in a baguette or dressing table can solve the problem. It can be both inexpensive and stylish, visually expand the corridor, and inserted into the cabinet doors, for example, will not occupy any space at all. Therefore, the choice of a suitable mirror should be given a little attention. And, if you arrange the decor correctly - choose the right lighting, hang beautiful lamps, the decor of the front door of wenge, elegant trellis - it will please you with a renewed and stylish look of the hallway.









What is the mirror in the hallway for?

Consider what the main functional load carries a mirror located in the very first room of the apartment or house:

  • A full-length mirror opposite the front door provides a decent look to its owners, pointing out the disadvantages of the suit before leaving the house.
  • The mirror in the hallway in an elegant frame, for example from wenge or in a baguette, serves as a stylish element of the interior. The white hallway particularly benefits from this.
  • Options with a mirror help to expand the room, if the hallway is small, due to a visual increase in space twice.
  • The design with a mirror brings more light into the hall. The light-filled design is what comes out of this piece of furniture.









Sizes of mirrors

How to navigate the variety of mirrors offered by stores. Tips:

  • It is advisable to purchase a full-length mirror, mounted, wall-mounted or trellis, if it is extremely important for you to make sure that the selected ensemble of clothing is perfect before leaving the house. If the work provides for a strict dress code or just like to dress up, look stylish and harmonious, then you can not do without such a model. It should be large, have additional lighting, it is better to hang it in front of the front door. Ideas, where there is a stylish coat rack with shelves, elegant comfortable furniture, a full-length dressing table, lamps that illuminate the dark corridor, will also be useful to you.
  • If you hang the mirror in a frame of medium size (about 1.5 meters) and higher, it will be able to visually extend the room vertically, to make the ceiling taller. Looks nice if the hallway is white.
  • If you prefer stylish elegance, then choose a small hinged mirror for the hallway opposite the door, where you can see yourself about to the waist. As a rule, such models are beautifully decorated with various decorations; they are forged, wooden, and carved. They can be a wonderful element of the interior hallway, as well as an elegant hanger, and stylish lamps. Often they are also made with additional lighting, which makes the room cozy. Such a mirror in the hallway of Feng Shui will decorate any room.
  • If there is no desire to allocate a separate place for a mirror on a wall or floor, then design ideas suggest purchasing a cabinet with glass doors - in whole or in part. You can also put a pier with functional shelves.

Now in furniture stores you can choose a model of any size, type and price. There is a frame made of wenge, in a baguette, pier glass, trellis, additional lighting and any decor. You can choose wall, wall, floor or built-in options, and even swivel design. The latter are interesting in that they can be rotated at the angle that is needed at the moment.










Hallway design

In accordance with the style in which the entire hallway or corridor, what is the furniture, its layout, is sustained, and you need to choose the appropriate model. Hi-tech is a rococo or just a regular hall without complaints. In the latter case, it will look absurdly in a fancy large baroque dressing table with carved curlicues. A better fit simple white model without frills, concise version.

Mirror shape:

  • Round. It is well placed in a small hallway.
  • Oval. Looks great in a fairly spacious room. It can be very stylish and serve as an elegant element of the interior. Its sufficient height will expand the narrow corridor, especially if it is located opposite the entrance door.
  • A square wall or hanging mirror in a baguette is an amazingly minimalistic style, and if there is one man living in an apartment. In full growth, such options do not exist. Some ideas suggest decorating the corridor with two small square mirrors. The white entrance hall will be in perfect harmony with this form.
  • The rectangular shape is a classic. Suitable for any premises, looks great. In this case, the hanger, door decor and furniture should also be classic, for example, from wenge.
  • Carved trellises need to choose with caution. Great risk of not fitting into the surrounding background of the hallway. Therefore, if such a form is not provided for by your individual design, it is better not to take risks and stay at a simpler version. It requires special lighting.
  • There are models in the form of several strips - straight or wavy. Look good only in the spacious hallways. A small corridor and dim lighting is an inappropriate background. To the mirror you can pick up a beautiful frame or install without it.









  • The full-length model looks great in the corridor also because it will never “score” and will not weigh down the interior. Always ideas with mirrors expand the space, giving it lightness and airiness. The white entrance hall will become even lighter and clearer.
  • Properly selected wall mirror in a frame or baguette, installed opposite the door, can make the room stylish, add elegance and chic to it.
  • The mirror in the interior of the hallway can hide flaws and defects in the wall covering.
  • If a small narrow beam of light from a living room or kitchen falls on a mirror in the hallway and a wall nearby, then the corridor will be illuminated by another additional natural source of light, giving it softness and transparency.










If your corridor is dark or you just want to make it more comfortable, bright and large, choose a dressing table or a hanging mirror with a special light. What are the benefits:

  • Since most often our corridors are devoid of windows, they do without natural light. And one ceiling lamp is not able to solve the problem. Therefore, the built-in models, in which the full-length form with backlight can be a wonderful solution to the problem of darkness. Light furniture, an elegant hanger, proper lighting, the location opposite the door will also help.
  • Most often, these options have a very beautiful decor, and by themselves will become a stylish element of the interior.
  • In a sense, give fabulousness and magic space. Their impact can be compared with the influence of candles. The backlight has a very soft, warm, diffused glow.
  • In a small hallway, ideas with such lighting will make the corridor larger and more comfortable.