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Carpets in the interior of the apartment (50 photos): beautiful modern and classic designs


The tradition of home decoration has come to us from ancient times. For giving a home a cozy look, all sorts of improvised materials were used: multi-colored stones, ostrich egg shells, feathers of birds, skins and skeletons of wild animals, fragments of frozen volcanic rocks, dried plants and flowers.












Now carpets have a huge variety of types, are made from an incredible amount of various materials and textures, there are all possible and impossible shapes and colors. The choice of carpets is now huge and wondering if purchasing a carpet as an interior detail doesn’t represent what a difficult task it is to choose from an innumerable number of options that one would like especially.

According to the field of application, carpets are distinguished:

  1. floor - for warming the surface of the floor, as well as creating additional comfort;
  2. wall - designated primarily for interior design, creating a certain "highlight" of the decorated room.

Floor carpets, in turn, according to the type of appointment are divided into carpets for:

  • living rooms;
  • bathrooms;
  • stairs;
  • corridors;
  • bedside;
  • children's and playrooms;
  • halls of rooms;
  • for the hall;
  • offices and offices;
  • holding social events;
  • the kitchen.

By the type of material from which carpets are now made, the most popular are:

  • Wool carpets - made from wool threads, most often used as floor coverings;
  • silk - carpets of this material are particularly light, soft and highly skilled execution, so silk carpets are deservedly considered one of the most expensive;
  • cotton - distinguished by softness and high practicality;
  • viscose - such carpets have reasonable prices and are pleasant to the touch;
  • leather carpets - the cost of such carpets depends on what type of leather they are made of: genuine leather or leatherette (eco leather);
  • nylon - unpretentious in care, practical and inexpensive;
  • polyester - have easy care, there are a variety of colors and textures, as inexpensive;
  • polypropylene - can be used as a good imitation of wool carpet, practical and durable.










Carpets are the perfect complement for any interior design. Consider the most popular styles of interiors and the most appropriate types of carpets to them.

Classic interior styles

The classic style of the interior is characterized by versatility and rigor of forms. The classic interior is chosen by people conservative, restrained and serious. The most popular areas of classic style:

  • Classicism - is characterized by strict symmetry, the harmony of colors and shades, expensive finishing materials and fabrics.
  • Modernity has asymmetry, softness and curvature of lines, romanticism. Characteristic colors: all shades of wood, stone, there are elements of colored glass.
  • The Greek style is characterized by the bed tones of the walls, ceiling and floor. Furniture in the interior of the Greek style is made of carved wood, characterized by simplicity and ease. As a complement, accents of shades of blue, blue and green can be placed. Decorations of this style are all kinds of floor vases, sculptures and wall murals.
  • Baroque is distinguished by the presence of columns, volume, luxury of elements and textures, a combination of expensive materials: gold, bronze, various types of wood, as well as the presence of paintings in the style of the same era, mirrors, antiques.
  • Gothic - is the sharpness and elongation of forms, the presence of stained glass, decorative elements with a metallic antique finish.
  • Renaissance - distinguished by the abundance of marble, expensive furniture in antique style, soft and harmonious combination of colors.

In choosing a carpet for the interior in one of the classic styles, preference should be given to expensive Persian carpets. The color of the carpet should not pay too much attention to itself - it should harmoniously complement the interior. However, in modernism, the role of carpet can be performed by the skins of various wild animals.









Ethnic interior styles

Ethnic style is determined by the presence of a variety of elements characteristic of different cultures and nationalities. This design is chosen by people with a rich inner world and diverse personalities. One of the most common types of ethno style are:

  • Egyptian style is distinguished by the spirit of ancient Egypt - symbolic ornaments, gold combined with black color, all shades of sand and white colors, diluted with small accessories of blue and green.
  • African style is the basis taken from the modern style and its complement with the motives of African culture. The color palette of this style: various shades of wood, mostly dark brown, black leather, yellow, beige, a small presence of green, red, blue, sometimes blue, terracotta colors.
  • Japanese style is also an addition to the modern foundation with specific national motifs. Japanese style is characterized by a combination of white and black, the absence of chairs and armchairs, the presence of decorative elements with hieroglyphs, interspersed in red.
  • Indian style is characterized by simplicity of forms, saturation of all shades of red, brown and yellow.

For ethnic styles suitable for plain carpets, with medium or long nap, it is desirable to choose a coarser texture. For African style, the skin of wild animals: zebra, lion, panther or tiger can be an ideal solution as a carpet. The zebra skin can perfectly complement the bedroom, the skin of a lion or a tiger - the living room. In the Japanese style, place mats can replace decorative mats.








Modern interior styles

Appeared in the era of the development of modern technology, modern style is distinguished by restraint, conciseness, severity of forms, minimum brightness and details. This style is suitable for active and successful young people. Modern style is divided into types:

  • High-tech - this style is characterized by plain walls, a lot of gloss, metal, glass and plastic.
  • Art Deco is distinguished by an original combination of the incompatible: it is the geometry of hi-tech, the softness of the classics, and the originality of the ethnic style - everything is intertwined in a surprisingly harmonious way.
  • Pop art is distinguished by extravagance, extraordinary brightness of colors and textures, as well as amazing elements of decor.
  • Minimalism is best suited for large and spacious rooms, since its feature is the emphasis on the minimal presence of furniture and decorative elements.

For the interiors, made in modern styles most suitable carpets made of synthetic fibers. Most preferable monochrome carpets or carpets with a pattern of modern subjects. The color palette for carpets in a modern interior is not limited by anything.